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We are rapidly approaching peak of “real estate season” and there is still time to make the most of it with proven, real estate promotional products from ReaMark.
EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is a great real estate marketing tool for Realtors to generate new leads.
EDDM is an easy to use service that allows you to select target neighborhoods and reach all of the residents.
As with any marketing effort, you want to be sure that you are getting a return on your investment.
Free Home Value Analysis – Create a call to action on your mailer to get a free market analysis with a unique link to your website. Ask for Referrals – Using a call to action for referrals is another great way to generate leads from postcards. Telephone Tracking – Another way to track how many leads are generated is with a call-tracking phone number. If you are working on your real estate marketing plan for 2016, now is a great time to consider your options from ReaMark.
Based on some of our experience with thousands of realtors and brokers for 15 years, here is a sample 2016 real estate marketing plan that can work for you. April – Fuel the emerging real estate season with a “Just Sold” postcard campaign into your farm. June – Order your 4th of July postcards and have them ready to go by the end of the month. July – This is the perfect time to send a delicious summer recipe postcard that may include a barbecue recipe.
August – Time to order back to school magnets that include important dates, phone numbers, and a school calendar.
October – Remind prospects of the upcoming fall time-change keeping your name and brand top of mind. November – It is time, once again, for holiday greeting cards and your quarterly newsletter.
December – Make sure you are delivering your 2017 calendars from ReaMark that stay on the wall or refrigerator all year! Contact ReaMark today to take advantage of end of year savings, tax advantages and to better propel you to your 2016 goals! Now through January 22nd, 2016, when you purchase $175 or more in marketing materials, you have your choice of $30 or free shipping! Setting goals and resolutions for the New Year are fine, but taking action on those resolutions is even more critical. At ReaMark, we specialize only in real estate marketing and promotional specialty products. We are pleased to be celebrating 15 years serving thousands of real estate agents and brokers with their real estate marketing products.
Now is the time to plan your marketing for the New Year and ReaMark’s arsenal of promotional and marketing products can help ensure your success. See why more and more agents and brokers count on ReaMark for real estate marketing tools that work. At ReaMark, we have the recipe for success in 2016 with our just released recipe postcards featuring brand new recipes! Many of our clients will send out recipe postcards once per month to build top of mind awareness.
Created in vibrant, attractive colors, prospects tend to keep these cards for future reference.
Right now is the best time to set yourself up for success in the coming year with our recipe postcards and save at the same time.
Our recipe postcards are just one of hundreds of tried and true marketing ideas available at ReaMark.
Our football schedules come in several styles such as our full magnet schedules that stay on your prospects refrigerator all season! Agents and brokers get the most our of these football schedules by mailing them into their local areas or even making them available at local restaurants.
Right now, you can save up to 30% off of your football schedule order AND get free shipping until September 30, 2015.

Magnetic football schedules are just a few of the choices of marketing materials for Realtors offered by ReaMark. For magnetic football schedules and throughout the year, count on ReaMark to help build your real estate business. Not To Bad If I Say So Myself, But You Are Missing Something *NEW* That You Can Add To Your Arsenal. Nothing Last Forever, However This Real Estate Marketing Sales Letter Package Always Will. All You Have To Do Is Open These Letters In Microsoft Word, Modify The Name, Address, Date, & Add Your Contact Info. This Package Displays That You Are Serious About Your Business, Well Equipped, And Will Always Have A Solid And Guaranteed Way To Be Able To Obtain New Business. Our real estate door hangers come in full-color and are guaranteed to get noticed by prospects as they return home.
Browse our thousands of Realtor marketing and promotional products from calendars and real estate postcards to cookbooks and imprinted pens. With spring arriving early in many parts of the country, now is the time to get those promotional materials into mailboxes and start getting new leads. Our team of professionals will help you select the best marketing piece for your needs and the U.S.
You can use free services like to track how many visitors visit your page from this particular mailer. By buying your marketing materials now, like postcards for realtors, just sold post cards and real estate newsletters, you can take advantage of 2015 write-offs. Make sure you highlight the recent sales in the area (yours or not) and give tips on home improvement ideas to get houses ready to sell. Prospects and clients alike appreciate the reminder that could end up on their refrigerator.
This is a good time to show all the homes for sale in the area to give people an idea of their own home’s value. It’s a good time to express gratitude and keep prospects updated on home prices in the neighborhood.
The first reason is that if you buy your marketing materials before the New Year from ReaMark, your purchases qualify as a deduction on your 2015 business taxes.
Contact one of our professional customer services and marketing experts today to help you make the most out of your 2016 budget, right now in 2015. They are just one of our real estate marketing items like refrigerator magnets, postcard recipe cards, sports schedules, memo pads and more. Start by being first in home this season with Thanksgiving cards in your choice of designs. Our recipe postcards are a time-proven marketing tool for real estate professionals in search of a cost-effective marketing tool to farm specific neighborhoods. They develop a following for their recipes and homeowners look forward to receiving them in the mail. We specialize in marketing and promotional materials for real estate agents and brokers that bring in leads that turn into prospects and listings. ReaMark has free professional custom design services and we work to deliver a fast turn-around.
Football season is just heating up and our bright, colorful, schedules come in a variety of styles and your choice of teams. Other styles include our business card magnetic schedules that you instantly customize by attaching your business card or the Magna-Card football schedule that has your business card printed right on it. There are still plenty of games left and the excitement will grow as the season progresses.
Here are three attention-getting real estate marketing products to increase your leads and listings this spring. The “Thank You” seed packet is a great way to says thanks to previous clients, or even to thank prospects for an initial meeting. You can also take advantage of our end-of-year savings where you can get $30 off your purchase of $175 or more or choose free shipping. It is also a good time to highlight a local business, outdoor activity, community event, or give tips on landscaping.

The second reason is that right now, we are offering significant savings, which we’ve detailed for you below. Use these savings on monthly recipe postcards for your farm that contain unique and delicious recipes that will go right on the fridge. These are products designed to increase your prospects, your listings, your sales and ultimately your income. While they will be waiting around to send their holiday greeting cards in December, you will be top of mind and first in the home this season.
Our team of marketing professionals can help show you how to better reach into your target neighborhoods. Many of these prospects will not only try these easy to make recipes but they will share them with family and friends. Our new, fun, tasty recipes come in designs like “Stress Free Cooking”, “Delightful Desserts”, “Simply Delicious Recipes” and “Cook Like a Pro”. If you are making plans for your most successful year ever, consider a monthly recipe postcard campaign with the help of ReaMark. We understand that even with technology, real estate is still a very personal, one-on-one business.
We also have stock door hangers that can ship exceptionally quickly and start as low as 12 cents each.
Choose from a selection of styles including full-color notepads, peel and stick your business card upon notepads or have your business card imprinted on a magnet with a notepad. Our “Where Memories Grow” seed packets are a wildflower seed mix and are a nice way to remind clients and prospects of your services.
Energize your marketing efforts this spring with our wide-range of real estate promotional products from ReaMark. The third reason is that it solidifies at least a portion of your marketing goals for 2016 and you’ll be off to a great start for the New Year. Our quarterly newsletters or door hangers are also great choices and proven marketing tools.
They can show you the power of consistent drip marketing that positions you as the neighborhood real state expert. These jumbo postcards come with free UV coating on the front and with free blank envelopes.
That’s why we still offer a printed catalogue and have live operators to answer your calls.
Be sure to ask about our two sizes of door hanger bags to add additional “goodies” to hang on doors.
Forget-me-not seeds are placed in our “Where Memories Grow” seed packets and are a nice way to welcome spring. These are savings you can put right in your pocket or reinvest in additional marketing materials.
Sending your calendar with your Thanksgiving card ensures it too, will be first in the home and increase its opportunity for use. Thanksgiving cards can be ordered in 100 card minimums but be sure to see the significant savings when you order more. We will beat any competitor’s prices and most importantly, we back our products with a 100% guarantee. Find out why so many real estate professionals turn to ReaMark to help build their business. We offer free design services to customize your marketing materials and have lots of great marketing ideas to share with our customers. Our “Put Down Roots With Us” seed packets are proving to be a popular way to market to your farm.
These are also a perfect promotional handout for open houses, home-shows or to handout at the corner coffee shop.

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