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The Evil Queen is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the DisneyWiki community.
The Evil Queen, also known as the Wicked Queen or just the Queen is the primary antagonist of Disney's 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the first Disney animated features canon villain. Her name was given as Queen Grimhilde in some old publicity material and comics, but the Walt Disney Company does not seem to acknowledge it as canon. In the early stages of design, the Queen was drawn as a fat, frumpy, comical character, in the style of the characters of the Silly Symphonies. Babbit based the Queen on "all of the women I've ever known", and noted that, while the animation of the Queen relied, to an extent, on live-action footage, he felt the need to 'caricature' and 'invent' in order to justify the medium of animation; the animation was not rotoscoped as the Prince's was. The Witch resembles hags in European illustrations of fairy tales, in particular Arthur Rackham's illustration for Hansel and Gretel; a similar character was used in the Silly Symphonies short Babes in the Woods. Live-action footage for the Witch was shot of actors Don Brodie and Moroni Olsen, who performed in drag. Lucille La Verne was first asked to provide only the voice of Vengeance in A Tale of Two Cities,[3] but read for both parts and was later offered the part of the Queen when no other actress was found. The Queen does not appear to be significantly involved in governing her kingdom (since she is solely focused on being the fairest in the land), though the skeletal remains of prisoners in her dungeon point to her being a cruel ruler.
The Witch, being an alternate form of the Queen, has some of her personality traits, most notably her vanity and unstable jealousy of Snow White, kept intact. In addition, the Serena Valentino novel Fairest of All paints her in a far more tragic light, that of an extremely broken woman who, due to emotional abuse from her father, was feeling extremely insecure about whether or not she truly was beautiful. In her witch disguise, the Queen's physical appearance changes from that of a youthfully beautiful queen with an unfeeling look on her face to that of an ugly, old peddler vividly displaying emotions. It was originally planned that, jealous of the Prince's affections for Snow White, the Queen would have him brought to her, and she would have him locked in her dungeon. However, comics released to promote the film include such scenes; the Witch locks up the Prince and tells him of her plans for Snow White, telling him that she will win his affections, while the Prince is defiant. A very short sequence involving the Witch stirring her cauldron was fully animated and completed, and was among the scenes cut from the film by Walt Disney at the last minute.
The original owner handed it off to me because their family didn’t have much use for it anymore (too many other machines in the house). As for connectivity, the motherboard has dual gigabit NICs (of 2 different chipsets for some reason) and onboard wireless 802.11g. One thing you have to watch out for when you get into retro-computing is fighting the urge to rant about the good old days of computing. 3 years ago, I released my Game Music Appreciation project, a website with a ludicrously uninspired title which allowed users a relatively frictionless method to experience a range of specialized music files related to old video games.
Along the way, I’ve learned a few things about using Emscripten that I thought might be useful to share with other people who wish to embark on a similar journey.
Do you want to cross-compile an entire desktop application, one that relies on an extensive GUI toolkit?
First, I needed to figure out the proper method for procedurally generating audio and making it available to output. The ScriptProcessorNode interface is fairly well documented and works across multiple browsers.
Note: As of the August 29 2014 Web Audio API spec publication, this feature has been marked as deprecated, and is soon to be replaced by Audio Workers. Despite being marked as deprecated for 8 months as of this writing, there exists no appreciable amount of documentation for the successor API, these so-called Audio Workers.
So I rolled my own visualization solution by maintaining a circular buffer of audio when samples were being generated.
What they did not seem to have in mind was what I am trying to do– synthesize audio in real time.
I eventually realized that I probably answered this question in this blog post from 4 years ago. One day, I’ll write a utility to take apart the split ISO-9660 filesystem offset from a weird sector.
However, there are other uses such as multimedia playback, system exploration, BIOS reprogramming, high-level programming, and probably a few other things I haven’t figured out yet. Burn the CDI to a CD-R in the normal way you would burn a bootable Dreamcast disc from a CDI image.
Plug the SD card into the DC SD adapter and plug the adapter in the link cable port on the back of the Dreamcast. First, there’s the PowerPC-based Mac Mini I procured thanks to a Craigslist ad in late 2006. After FATE operation transitioned away from me, I still kept the machine in service as an edge server and automated backup machine.
The belligerents in this war tried for years to effectively penetrate new territory, namely, the living room where the television lived. In fact, pure computer science has precious little to do with typing (as is joked in CS circles, computer science is about computers in the same way that astronomy is about telescopes). One way to get a grip on a large C codebase is to instrument it for profiling and extract details from the profiler. GNU software development tools have a reputation for being rather powerful and flexible, but also extremely raw. How can this call tree data be represented in a more instructive manner that is easier to navigate? I learned of Gephi a few years ago and recalled it when I developed an interest in gaining better perspective on a large base of alien C code. I have been absent from FFmpeg development for a long time, which is a pity because a lot of interesting development has occurred over the last 2-3 years after a troubling period of stagnation. Vedanti Systems Limited (VSL) and Max Sound Coporation filed a lawsuit against Google recently. Despite Google’s well-publicized Code of Conduct — “Don’t be Evil” — which it explains is “about doing the right thing,” “following the law,” and “acting honorably,” Google, in fact, has an established pattern of conduct which is the exact opposite of its claimed piety. The tipping point occurred a few months ago when my game music search engine kept breaking regardless of what technology I was using. Ironically, just before I finished this entire move operation, I noticed that my SQLite-based FTS solution was working again on the old shared host. These days, VPSs are a much more affordable option (easily competitive with shared web hosting). If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Determined to remain the fairest of all, the Queen becomes insanely jealous of Snow White, the only one whose beauty surpasses her own. She is sometimes referred to as the Wicked Queen, while theme parks sometimes refer to her as the Snow Queen (Not to be confused with Elsa the Snow Queen). The Fleisher Betty Boop short Snow White, which, like much of Fleisher's work, had probably been studied by Disney's animators, also has a fat, ugly Queen.
Disney may also have been influenced by stage traditions, such as transformation scenes in which the hag is transformed into a beautiful fairy that were later used for Beauty and the Beast in 1991.
Ferguson's animation was also partially influenced by Lionel Barrymore's drag performance in The Devil Doll. Some at the studio felt that her voice was too deep, but David Hand argued that she "knew how to deliver lines," particularly when adding ingredients to the potion.
However, due in part to the transformation, she has also become more outwardly maniacal and sadistic, constantly cackling insanely as well as once trying to play an extremely cruel joke on her pet raven by making it seem as though she wanted it to eat the poisoned apple. She also, according to her explanation, made Snow White a servant in her castle to keep her stepdaughter from being lazy (The Queen also tells Snow White to do chores everyday because it's a "good exercise" - this is proven in one scene from the book where Snow White eats some cake, only for The Queen to snatch it away from her stepdaughter, telling her not to eat sweets because she is "still in growth & needs to diet[10]"). It also showed that she did initially genuinely care for Snow White as if she were her own daughter before the king's untimely demise. She has pale skin, long raven black hair, green eyes, red lips and seemingly penciled-on eyebrows.

She has long, tangled white hair, thick eyebrows, green eyes and dark rings around her eyes.
As the Witch, she would have made the skeletons in the dungeon (one of whom would have been identified as 'Prince Oswald') rise up and dance. Later, as the animators became more experienced at animating human characters, a similar concept was used in Sleeping Beauty, in which Maleficent has Prince Phillip captured and taken to the Forbidden Mountains, where she shows him visions of the future she has planned for him. I have a really good yet slightly dated and discarded computer that seemed like a good candidate for dedicating to this task. It’s also possible to download and install all the updates published up until support ended. I couldn’t make the latter work and this project was taking place a significant distance from my wired network. Most long-time computer users have a good understanding of the frustration that computers keep getting faster by orders of magnitude and yet using them somehow feels slower and slower over successive software generations. That might be difficult (though I believe there is a path for porting qt code directly with Emscripten). Or perhaps you need to force JavaScript into a low level C lens, especially if you want to write native JS code that will interact with Emscripten-compiled code.
So I hunted through the rather flexible Web Audio API for a method that allowed something like approach #2. The Web Audio API provides the AnalyzerNode API for accessing both time and frequency domain data from a running audio stream (and fetching the data as both unsigned bytes or floating-point numbers, depending on what the application needs). Thus, audio output is technically still occurring, it’s just that the audio is pure silence. The read speed from the outside of an optical disc is higher than the inside of the same disc.
Undoubtedly, the primary use is for backing up (ripping) the contents of GD-ROMs (the custom optical format used for the DC) and playing those backed up (ripped) copies. This marked my third lifetime delivery from China and curiously, all 3 of the shipments have pertained to the Sega Dreamcast. This is open-ended and left as an exercise to the reader, since there are many procedures depending on platform. I had plans to develop automated FFmpeg building and testing and was already looking ahead toward testing multiple CPU architectures.
Many were to be found, but all asked more than the price of even a new Mac Mini Intel, always because the seller was leaving all of last year’s applications and perhaps including a monitor, neither of which I needed. This had been slowgoing for years due to various user interface and content issues, but steadily improved. That was when it suddenly crystallized for me that the multimedia ecosystem has radically shifted. However, people who study computer science often pursue careers as programmers, or to put it in fancier professional language, software engineers. The output gives you a list of functions sorted by the amount of processing time spent in each. To understand what this codebase is doing for a particular use case, instrument it with gprof, gather execution data, and then study the code paths. I know that 2 big video codec developments have been HEVC (next in the line of MPEG codecs) and VP9 (heir to VP8’s throne).
So I got the latest FFmpeg code from git and built it using the options "--extra-cflags=-pg --extra-ldflags=-pg".
Using Gephi, however, can be a bit challenging if one is not versed in any data exploration jargon. BTW, that beefy arrow running from mid-top to lower-right is the call from decode_coeffs_b -> iwht_iwht_4x4_add_c.
In short, I now have no one to blame but myself for any server problems I experience from here on out. First, I had an admittedly odd C-based CGI solution which broke due to mysterious binary compatibility issues, the sort that are bound to occur when trying to make a Linux binary run on heterogeneous distributions. For the past 10 years, I felt that administering a website’s underlying software is something that I would rather pay someone else to worry about. I also realized I know exactly how to install and configure all the software that runs the main components of the various sites, having done it on local setups just to ensure that my automated backups would actually be useful in the event of catastrophe. She eventually uses dark magic in the form of an aging potion to transform herself into an old woman, in a final attempt to do away with her only, unknowing rival. However, when Albert Hurter introduced a more realistic style of character design to the Disney animators, it was ultimately decided that the Queen should be more beautiful, regal, cold and sinister, creating a much scarier character than had ever been attempted in animation before.
Many of the artists at the studio tried designs for the Queen's Witch form; Joe Grant's pastel designs for the character were ultimately approved and used as the model for the animators to follow. As a result, the Witch possesses certain masculine qualities that make her seem more aggressive and dangerous.
Despite her insanity, she was also extremely intelligent and calculating, wanting to ensure that she not overlook anything in order to make her plans an absolute success.
Also, according to The Queen, she never asks the Magic Mirror who is the fairest in the land. Her nose becomes long and crooked with a large wart, and she only has one visible tooth on her bottom jaw. She would have left the Prince in the dungeon, and he was to escape in the manner of Errol Flynn, enabling him to reach Snow White and break the spell.[12] The idea was abandoned when it was realized how difficult it was to animate the Prince convincingly, and the character only appeared when he needed to further the story, which centered primarily around the relationship between Snow White and the Queen.
She pauses to see that the smoke rising from the brew is shaped like skulls, and adds a drop of an unknown ingredient to the concoction.
So the question is: Can Windows XP still be installed from scratch on a computer, activated, and used in 2016? The motherboard is an Asus P5N32-SLI Premium with a Core 2 Duo X6800 2.93 GHz CPU on board.
The noisy culprit was the stock blue fan that came packaged with the Intel processor (seen in the photo) whining at around 65 dB. Instead, I connected a USB 802.11ac dongle and antenna which is advertised to work in both Windows XP and Linux. Ever since that initial release, my #1 most requested feature has been for a pure JavaScript version of the music player. I recently quietly launched a new site with what I hope is a catchier title, meant to evoke a cloud-based retro-music-as-a-service product: Cirrus Retro.
Your better wager might be to abstract out the core logic and processes of the program and then create a new web UI to access them. This often means somehow allocating chunks of memory via JS and passing them to the Emscripten-compiled functions. Perhaps I will be able to expand the reach of my Game Music site when I can drop the odd Native Client plugin. A program registers a callback which is passed configurable chunks of audio for processing. More often, however, the data track is split between the first track and the last track in the region and there are 1 or more audio tracks in between.
I checked up on a lot of those audio tracks that divide the GD data and they’re legitimate music tracks. When I inspect the outer data tracks of some of these discs, sure enough, there seem to be timing-sensitive multimedia FMV files living on the outer stretches. When I was playing around with Dreamcast hacking early last year, I became aware that there is such a thing as an SD card adapter for the DC that plugs into the port normally reserved for the odd DC link cable. Searching for these topics tends to turn up results from various forums where people are trying to cargo-cult their way to solutions.
That’s what tipped me off that they must have just cannibalized some old USB SD card readers and packaging in order to create these.
Thus, when it was finally time to recycle the computer, I felt it necessary to disassemble the machine and remove the hard drive for possible salvage and then for destruction.

A few brave contenders held the line for open source and also for the power users who desired one application that could handle everything (my original motivation for wanting to get into multimedia hacking). And surely, these are probably just services available in the United States; I know other geographical regions have their own fiefdoms.
But that’s probably just my perspective because I have spent way too long focusing on a few areas of multimedia technology such as audio and video coding. After running the executable, there will be a gmon.out file which is post-processed using the gprof command.
Annoyingly, I also needed to specify "--disable-asm" because gcc complains of some register allocation snafus when compiling inline ASM in profiling mode (and this is on x86_64). I was considering a cron-based solution to check if the server is running and restart it if not. The biggest spike that ever saw was when Steve Jobs linked to this WebM post. For the past 4 months or so, whenever I think of doing some other project, I always remembered that this server move took priority over everything else.
Depicted in early designs as a fat character, her appearance eventually evolved into a much more sinister, stately beauty.
Rather than a comical villain, she became a femme fatale, a type of character with which the Disney artists would have been familiar, through the silent screen; at the same time she is a figure from ancient Europe, viewed by American audiences in the 1930s as a symbol of not only charm and elegance, but also decadence and self-destruction.
Norman Ferguson was thought to have been cast as animator of the Witch because of his skill at creating a lifelike effect while not actually being able to animate a living creature. John Lounsbury was Ferguson's assistant in animating the Witch, and animated the scene in which the Witch disappears underneath a trapdoor, cackling that Snow White will be "buried alive". Her vanity and jealousy of Snow White's superior beauty and the Prince's affections eventually drove her to murderous insanity. This trait was especially evident in her stopping herself while gloating about how the poisoned apple will ensure Snow White's eventual demise in order to look up whether there was a cure to the effects of the poisoned apple that would be able to cause her plans to fail. But the Magic Mirror keeps complimenting on how beautiful The Queen is[11] (in its opinion). The Queen is seen wearing a purple gown with long sleeves and a red rope belt tied around her waist.
Right now, it’s basically the same as the old site, but without the wonky Chrome-specific technology. And you wouldn’t believe the type of gymnastics you need to execute to get native JS and Emscripten-compiled JS to cooperate. This JS-based player works great on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari across desktop operating systems. I subverted this by simply overwriting the input buffers with the audio generated by the Emscripten-compiled library. I have a strange feeling that this post might become the unofficial English-language documentation on the matter. Also fortunate was the fact that it was far easier to install Linux on it than the first PowerPC machine I owned.
Now I realize that I have the same problem 10-15 years later: there are multiple competing ecosystems. It’s interesting that all these services probably leverage the same limited number of codecs.
After thinking about it for long enough, I like to say that a software engineer’s trade is managing complexity.
Right now, the edge thicknesses correlate to number of calls between the nodes, which I’m not sure is the best representation. I’m curious to know how coding technology patents might hold up in a real court case.
Though I would have been a full-time Linux user for 5 years at that point, I was still the type to build all of my own packages from source (I may have still been running Linux From Scratch 10 years ago) which might not be the most tractable solution for server stability.
People who edit the MultimediaWiki report that changes get saved in less than the 10 or so seconds required on the old server.
She is generally one of Disney's most iconic and menacing first villains, once being voted the 10th greatest movie villain of all time.
The Queen's costume is rumored to be based on that worn by Helen Gahagan in the 1935 film She, though animator Art Babbit and other Disney artists have denied this. He initially found difficulty in animating the Witch, as her illustration-influenced design was not thought to lend itself perfectly to animation, and there was concern that the witch would amuse, rather than intimidate, the audience. In story meetings concerning the transformation sequence, and the sequence at the cauldron, Walt Disney made reference to Dr. Asking herself to be excused, La Verne left the room; upon returning a few moments later, her voice was exactly what Cottrell and Grant wanted.
She transformed herself into a hideous hag and conjured a poison named 'The Sleeping Death' to achieve this end as a sign of her determination and desperation. In the scene where Snow White first meets The Prince and flirts with him, The Queen watches them from her window with a worried look on her face, concerned about Snow White's safety with an older boy (whereas in the film, she watches them with anger and jealousy of Snow White's beauty). This sequence would have occurred immediately after the scene of the Seven Dwarfs going to sleep in their cottage; the sequence would have been followed by the scene in which the Witch dips the apple into the brew to make it poisonous. Meanwhile, making the adapter work under Linux provided a retro-computing adventure in which I had to modify C code to make the driver work. I might subscribe to fiefdoms X and Y, but am frustrated to learn that something I’d like to watch is only available through fiefdom Z.
Their differentiation comes from the catalog of content that each is able to license for streaming.
However, the cPanel interface found on many shared hosts don’t give you a great deal of data for debugging performance problems. At a meeting on October 30, 1934, Disney suggested that the papier mache masks by Art Deco illustrator Vladislav Theodor Benda (an influence on Joe Grant's work) be used as inspiration for the Queen's face.
However, Ferguson animated the Witch with respect to acting and personality rather than inner emotions.
Rotwang Rotwang's laboratory in Fritz Lang's Metropolis and the scene in Macbeth in which the three witches brew their potion.
Then I leveraged the Web Audio API to output audio and visualize the audio using an HTML5 canvas.
But when I wired up a prototype to fetch and visualize the time-domain wave, all I got were center-point samples (an array of values that were all 128). Although they are technically the same character, official materials such as the 1993 Disney Classics card set have depicted them as being different entities. Her 'Hollywood mask' of a face may also draw inspiration from Joan Crawford, particularly in the lips and eyes.
He set part of the Witch's phrases to the melody of a popular song of the time and animated to this rhythm, singing to himself as he drew. The Queen's costume and general silhouette may have been inspired by a column statue at Naumburg Cathedral depicting Uta, wife of the Margrave of Meissen. Notably, the Witch is the only character who occasionally looks directly into the camera and appear to address the audience; it is likely that this is because Ferguson's approach was inspired by vaudeville performers. There are also facial similarities to George de Feure's La Femme au chapeau noir (1898-1900). Joe Grant noticed La Verne's changing attitude and posture when voicing the Queen and Witch, and sketched these poses down for animation reference. The sequence in which the Witch rows a boat from the catacombs underneath the castle suggests the influence of an illustration of Charon by Gustave Dore for Dante's Inferno. To top off her royal appearance, the Evil Queen wears a golden crown atop her head with 5 spikes on the front and a jewel on the tip of the middle and tallest spike.

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