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How many times has it happened that you shot a video of your favorite moment and later realized that the camera was oriented wrong and the picture that comes up is actually oriented horizontally ? We have a better solution for roatating movies shot by iPhone, one that works on Windows 2000 and prior as well, not just Windows XP and above as Windows Movie Maker was not included prior to Windows XP.
This is a common mistake first time users do, its also a very common thing to happen in videos that are shot using smaller hand held devices such as Cell Phones and Digital Cameras.

Just follow our step by step tutorial on how to do this and you will have your video fixed in no time at all ! Now you don't have to turn your sideways to view your movie properly and you don't have to be sorry as why you shot it wrong ;-).
If you want to share your ideas, any other software of the similar kind that you use, your experience with another software or simply want to provide feedback, you can always contact us by leaving us a comment here or by using the  Contact Us form.

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