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The Jobs FestĀ is an online jobs fair advertising job opportunities to students running for this term. Welcome to KBS Employability!This blog aims to provide all KBS students, graduates and postgraduates with useful resources and information about getting work experience, employment, starting a business or further study, up to 3 years after graduation. Simon Guilliard is a 36 year old entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in sales and marketing. Simon believes that everyone has the ability to succeed with the right amount of determination and positive thinking. Online entrepreneurs often fail through lack of education, and this is something that Simon seeks to address.
If you’ve been running an offline business you find opening an online one almost too easy. Wasn’t the internet supposed to be the land of opportunity with millions of people waiting to be sold to?
This is one of the biggest advantages of some offline businesses over their online sisters – the magic stream of ever-hungry customers. Running an offline business has its disadvantages as well, obviously, and many additional costs that need to be taken care of. You see, online people are not walking around visiting different places like they would in a real mall.

If, for some reason, you can focus on just one thing when it comes to running your online business focus on traffic generation.
Main expenses (excluding the products themselves): Design, website maintenance, copywriting, traffic generation, advertising, marketing in general.
Main expenses (excluding the products themselves): rent, employees, furniture, all the having-a-physical-space related expenses. There’ve been thousands of blogs written on that topic alone, and I have my share in the pot too. However, if you don’t have the time to go through this massive list let me just sum it up quickly. This experience has provided Simon with some valuable insight into sales and marketing techniques and their application in the online world. With the right education, all that is required is the application of that knowledge and some determination to succeed. This is the kind of knowledge many marketers and online gurus don’t want you to know.
It happens when someone wants to start an online business having only the experience from running an offline one, and trusting this experience too much. The if-you-build-it-they-will-come approach works great in big malls, works sometimes if you have a good city center location, but doesn’t work at all on the internet.

On the internet what they are really doing is teleporting themselves from one place to the other having no idea what else is out there. Check out my post on 9,200,000+ Traffic Sources for Your Blog or Website to get some in-depth information. Was there something you didn’t expect to become a problem which turned out to be extremely tough to deal with later on? Simon's success places him in a good position to provide coaching and mentoring to others looking to succeed with their online business.
Sounds easy, like finding a hooker in a red light district!” So you hire a design company, get a website built, launch the business and wait. If you build your store in the middle of nowhere then don’t expect myriads off people to appear all of a sudden. What’s the point of having a cure for cancer if you’re sitting in a locked basement buried in the middle of a desert? People who can provide exceptional service making the whole sale process pleasant to the customer.

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