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Sales Analysis and Forecast spreadsheet is a complete and ready to use tool to keep track, analyze and forecast your company’s sales. You just need to keep a log of the sales data in the Input section or copy and paste it from already existing data record.
The data is automatically picked up by the tool and populates various analyses and updates colorful graphs. 2.Trend Analysis worksheet predicts future sales along a linear trend based on existing values (your companies historical sales).
3.Benchmark worksheet allows you to analyze actual sales versus your established Benchmark.
Your company’s snapshot of the actual performance is conveniently located at the top of the worksheet to give you quick reference of vital data. Trend Analysis worksheet automatically predicts future sales values based on your companies historical sales trends. Benchmark Analysis worksheet allows you to compare your actual sales data as it comes in against your established benchmark or goal. Monthly Actual Analysis worksheet analyzes monthly performance for each year, provides averages and percentage growth data.

Product DescriptionSales Analysis and Forecast spreadsheet is a complete and ready to use tool to keep track, analyze and forecast your company’s sales.
Excel dashboard analysis with vital analytical data that provides visibility to critical business activities and provides complete view of your company sales activities with easy-to-read interface.
The dashboard will not only analyze business total monthly performance, but will also give critical information about your top 5 customers. This dashboard is setup to analyze current year sales activities of a business in total and by customer. The spreadsheet is also has a forecast worksheet that will allow you to develop forecast and compare it to actual data.
The analysis is pre-set to automatically highlight the highest and the lowest value type in a year. 5.Top 5 Customer Sales Analysis provides Summary and Detail (monthly) Analysis of the company’s top 5 customers.
The Sales Analysis module allows the user to display and print information on the results of the sales activities.
Sales Commission reports may be printed for salespersons, drivers, helpers and supervisors.

Non-serviced customer reporting allows management to review customers with no sales in a time period. Top Customer of the Month Analysis gives you the name and critical information about this customer. The study demonstrates that while the amount Ohioans spend on retail goods has changed little over time, especially relative to income, where they spend their money has changed considerably.
Counties at the core of a region have experienced declines in sales tax revenue as new malls in neighboring counties outperform older retail centers. Meanwhile, counties with large, new retail centers enjoy increases in sales tax collection.
Implications for land-use and taxation policy are raised by highlighting the increasingly regional nature of retail spending patterns in Ohio between 1992 and 2009.

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