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In most of the cases, it’s actually some other guy who is going to ‘recommend’ the service.
Some of the best sales guys I have interacted with tend to figure out the decision maker’s KRA, i.e. Essentially the idea is to figure out the ‘pain’ and ‘joy’ of the decision maker and see how you can use that to your benefit? I recently met a startup who wanted big companies to give their content feed to him, so that he can market that and do a rev share with big companies (his product does lot more, but this is the crux of it).
Answer this – if you have to buy a house, will you buy from a branded developer or somebody who is just starting up? In the heart of a successful salesperson is the drive to succeed and the refusal to take no for an answer. As the year winds down sales people are focused on meeting or exceed their year-end quotas.
Demand Generation and Lead Management – Fill the funnel with minimal effort with these two categories. Inbound Marketing – focuses on developing quality content that attracts people to your product and company. Outbound Marketing – focuses on buying ads, email lists, paying for leads or data and using an outbound sales as a service company. With the right mix of sales strategy elements you will enable your team achieve another great year of record breaking sales.
An accomplished sales and marketing operations executive in demand generation, client services and technical support industries. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If yes, then how shall I position my product so that his X becomes 2X (show him that vision!). Companies tend to buy each and every piece of software and if you are the one who is making an enterprise sale, do find out the last mile solution. The result is that every big company looks into the product demo and says ‘we will get back to you’. But do you give them the tools to plan how those targets translate to tactical plans at the account level? This free business document can also be used by individuals to prepare a Sales Strategy presentation for a new startup or venture. It reduces the pressure to meet the numbers and should keep your sales engine humming. Turn sales enablement into sales acceleration with these tactics. It provides them with the tools they need to do the research on their own so that they can be an informed buyer.
Some would argue that this is low-value however there is tremendous value in this role if used correctly.
What would you add to this list of sales strategies? Use the comments below or follow the conversation on Twitter. Is it really worth it (given that startup was too small and was projecting smaller revenue numbers in the near future). Inbound marketing helps your content become more relevant to the people who have an interest but is not interruptive. Based on some of the results from outbound marketing, you should be able to move some of these people into your inbound marketing engine.
Social prospecting leverages your customer advocates (those who follow you and sing your praises) to spread the good word or positive reviews about your company and product.

If you aren’t using a sales support service they will become bogged down with these tasks keeping them from selling. He is recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction and retention. Social prospecting also leverages your employee advocates to spread your message to their network of trusted fans and followers. The person functioning in the sales support role works in tandem with the sales rep to nurture leads along the buying process until they are fully ready to buy.
Task your Sales Operations leader to review your sales processes and streamline them as much as possible. Beyond that, social prospecting is about listening to what people are saying, identifying them as a potential buyer and then engaging them with your outbound marketing content. Conduct a review of the technical systems that have been put in place and their design to ensure they are as efficient as possible. Typically this will be the guy who will be asking you lots of questions, during the meeting. They keep your lead management tool updated providing you with accurate forecast and probability to close reports. The technical systems and documented processes should act as a sales enabler not a sales prohibitor.

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