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Pinterest was an early adopter of expanded search engine functionality, expanding its search algorithm and incorporating “guided searches.” Rumor has it that Facebook is already working on its own search engine, and Twitter is already being indexed by Google allowing Tweets to be seen on Twitter and throughout the web.
Stay tuned for next weeks prediction as we highlight the top four trends in Digital Marketing 2016. Mobile display continues to explode – IgnitionOne data reveals total mobile display business growth in Q1 YoY, with impressions up 85% and spend up 143%. Fidelity Internet Marketing is pleased to announce that it is now a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. For most advertisers, what really matters is how much the advertising will cost, and the quality of the traffic (the conversion ratio) they’re receiving. Fidelity Internet Marketing helps small- and mid-sized business owners understand what web marketing is all about & drive qualified visitors to their website that turn into customers.

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2016 will be the year we see expanded search capabilities in social networks opening up new avenues for information seekers, primarily consumers. So stay tuned, because all your customers comments, your business’s reviews, and all the information contained within your social media profiles are about to get whole lot more attention since that content will soon show up in social media searches. Digital marketing continues to grow and Google is growing with it,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. For the last 18 months, Fidelity has had its Google AdWords Certified Partner status, but Fidelity President, Steve Gould, didn’t want to settle for accreditation through just Google. Bing Network allows advertisers to use one platform to advertise conveniently with both search engines, so there’s no need to set up two separate programs or to choose search engine or the other.

IDM offers a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions including online inbound marketing, business strategy, website design and development, content generation, and more. BingAds now allows users to provide their AdWords login credentials and easily import a campaign in as little as 15 seconds. In general, one doesn’t like to see a website that has a very high rate (90%+) of their visitors being ‘new’ visitors because that would imply that users are not finding valuable content on the site and are rarely returning. However, when it comes to advertising, although repetition is important, it’s also critically important for businesses to broaden their overall reach to new audiences.

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