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ALT TagsALT tags represent an HTML field that provides search engines more information about the image. The alt attribute is meant to be used as an alternative text if the image is not available and it is another location search engines to read your keywords.  It is bad practice to stuff keywords, however, so use this content area wisely.
Most blog owners upload an image and insert it into their post without giving it a second thought.  Unless you have investigated the advanced options available in the popup for adding images to your WordPress posts and understand how these options help you SEO Optimize your WordPress images, you are missing opportunities for keyword placement on your posts and pages. With search engines demanding relevant content, it has become increasingly important to SEO Optimize all the elements possible in your posts and pages.  As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. This short video tutorial will walk you through the process of assigning a name to your image that is related to the topic of your post as well as how to use the advanced features of WordPress to SEO Optimize your newly uploaded image for better on-page SEO.
There are a lot of nuances to WordPress that many people don’t take the time to understand or use. PS Last question… how come under the CAPTCHA I see my last post title linked and a check in a check box? When the image goes out to Google Image search, the link goes back to your blog post and not back to the image attachment.
That is the url if the link underlying the image and is covered by linking the image back to your post which, of course, will have your keyword in it. Oh, and the optional link to include in your comment comes from a plugin called Comment Luv.
I’ve got many things to do for the Holidays, like most folks, but I’ll work up another tutorial for you soon! I normally only have one image within a post so what you’ve observed about the search engines possibly viewing overuse of the alt tag for keywords could be an issue. I’ll experiment with your ideas, of course, and if my findings reveal that another tutorial needs to be made, I will do so. After reading your tips I noticed that I had left my images linking to the image attachment page, which I wouldn’t have chose to do my choice, I will be fixing it asap. I’m working up other WordPress SEO tutorials in between everything else that is on my plate so stay tuned!
Now if you blog have already jQuery plugin then remove red colored line from the above code.
So finally save your template and now your blog is optimized with automatic external links No-Following option, automatic image titling and alt tagging and opening all external links in new tab. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Optimization techniques for internet marketers have led to a diversification beyond content and this is where image optimization makes the cut. The size of the images ultimately affects the loading time for the images and the site at large.
The image file type affects the site loading time and consequently the loading time for the images.

Naming of the images is an optimization technique that is sure to reap massive benefits in search engine rankings. Optimizing images cannot have a successful orientation if not accompanied by use of image site maps. In optimizing images for search engines, creation of thumbnail image orientations is perfect. The dimensions and product angles are quite significant when it comes to image optimization. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde. The ALT tag was primarily intended to improve accessibility, but marketers have found that ALT tags are a requirement for maximizing the SEOh impact of images.While every other point in this article can impact how your images are found, the ALT tag field is directly correlated with telling search engines more information about the image. It is commonly understood that on-page SEO can be optimized through the proper use of image attributes for placing keywords, appropriate keyword density, the use of H1 and H2 tags, and decoration of keywords within your post content. When images are added to a post, the software creates different sized images for use on your pages automatically.
Don’t overlook these words by failing to utilize the full power of WordPress and image tags. I knew about alt text but was not sure if title, description or link made any difference to seo. I was told that you should only optimize one of the images in your post if you have a few of them as google looks on this as over use of a key word. When images are uploaded for a particular post, that image is visible in that particular post only but it is not visible in the home page. Image optimization not only aids in attracting the attention of shoppers perusing the internet but also reduces the loading time for a site while facilitating a platform for customizing ecommerce strategy. Or linking the image to somewhere relevant to improve sales or list building or just more relevant content. So I added my key word phrase to all my alt image tags and it helped improve the keyword density with out going into the red (still green). I always use link to attachment page for my image and my images named with related keyword to main post. With images, immediate attention is sought which is transformative in terms of ensuring ranking is achieved not to mention a conspicuous nature when it comes to search engines. From an SEO perspective, this is far less desirable than having that image link to your actual post. Another tips is spread the keyword around the image and link this spread keyword to the post. They provide search engines with contextual clues that provide insight into the message or information you are trying to convey and this, in turn, can have a dramatic impact on your SEO.CaptionsWhen Google finds an image without a descriptive file name or an ALT tag, it will attempt to understand the contents of an image by crawling the surrounding copy.

Captions are one of the first locations search engines crawl to determine more information about an image.Captions are tricky because they don’t look very appealing. On WordPress in particular, you can always notice a caption by the “lovely” gray or tan box that appears around your entire image when a caption is added. Before you add a caption, make sure it is relevant to your image, adds value, and won’t become a distraction.
ALT tags and Titles hold far more weight and have the added benefit of not being visible to your website visitors on the front end.File SizeThese days, SEO is all about speed.
As a society, we’ve become accustomed to getting the information we need quickly and as a result, are less willing to wait for a website or web page to load. Search engines know this and are looking to deliver the best possible experience to the people who use them to find information. As a result, your site’s search engine rankings can be harmed if it takes too long for pages to load. One of the biggest factors that influences page speed is image size.Images to be used on the web should always be 72 dpi (dots per inch).
The quality required of an image to be used on the web is drastically different from one suited for print quality.
In fact, Google (and other search engines, consider lots of different factors, from those trusty keywords, to page load time, domain maturity and more when they determine where to rank your site in search engine results pages (SERPs).
Always make sure your images are “saved down” to accommodate page speed.In addition to image size, the image file type can also play a significant role. To learn more about image types, check out this article.ContextImages can be amazing visual differentiators for a website, but make sure the images you are using are relevant. It may seem super appealing to follow the large image trend, but if your image isn’t aligned with your site’s aesthetic or content, then why go to the trouble?Make sure that the contents of the image are relevant to your on page copy.
Every image won’t have or doesn’t need a caption, so pay careful attention to the copy surrounding your image.
Pretty nifty, huh?What does Google know?Google knows all, which is why you can’t trick them.
Optimizing your sites images isn’t going to take you from the tenth page of Google to the first, but it will help Google to understand your site better and will improve your rankings.If you haven’t ever paid attention to your image titles and ALT tags, start reviewing what assets you already have and identify a strategy to use these tactics moving forward.
Use a relevant description where the words are separated by hyphens (remember, Google reads hyphens to assume where spaces between words should be placed) not underscores.Keep it simple.

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