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March 8, 2016 by Ron Dod Leave a Comment SEO and PPC have always been very conflicting ideologies. We can have our PPC team pull—page by page—the keywords that convert highest for each category page and optimize pages based on targeted traffic. Generally, a good SEO team can become pretty crafty with a good search engine optimization strategy.
A retargeting campaign that targets all site-wide visitors is not as effective as a targeted retargeting campaign.
In addition to retargeting, you can also use your ad groups to target these specific pages. On his time off you will find him in the park with his golden retriever, Patriot, or playing sports with friends. When talking about search optimization for mobile apps, the first thing that comes up is App Store Optimization or ASO. Having a presence on the Web is the starting point in leveraging the traffic flowing to your app. The more visibility you build for your landing page, or the more it shows up in relevant search results pertaining to your app’s category or keywords, the more traffic and downloads your app would receive. So here are some of the best actionable SEO tips from the most well known experts that can increase visibility for your mobile app on search engines and thus help boost downloads. On-page optimization with the relevant set of keywords of your landing page or the microsite is crucial for Google or other search engines to know what keywords to rank your webpage for. While the norm is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool to discover the right set of keywords (those that constitute popular searches) that relate to your product, LSI keywords play a big role in smart detection of your landing page in Google’s search results. LSI keywords are synonyms and closely related words and they help Google understand what your page is all about. When you enter the keyword in Google search window, the drop down of associated keywords are LSI keywords.
Right at the bottom of the search results page, Google showcases additional keywords that are ‘searches related to your keyword’, such as ‘how to sleep better’, ‘narcolepsy’, insomnia, etc.
When incorporating keywords in your landing page or the microsite, ensure it’s not about the density or repetition of the main keyword, but that it also includes the LSI keywords. Building backlinks to your landing page or the mobile app’s microsite is an essential SEO strategy to increase the search ranking. This one strategy, by Neil Patel, would help you identify the relevant authority websites and blogs and also help you build those backlinks quickly for your app’s landing page.
The first step is to identify your competitors that have great amount of traction and are popular in the app store charts. Now, you have to sift through the relevant websites or blogs that list the competitor app and write to the author to consider including a link to your app.
Google’s algorithm tracks one important aspect of every webpage that affects its ranking – bounce rate and the time spent by a visitor on the page.
The higher the time spent by people on a webpage, the better its chances of ranking higher in searches. Once you’ve established these two, then begin to talk about how your app solves the problem in detail. This strategy helps to increase stickiness for your mobile app’s landing page or the microsite and Google sees it as a relevant result for the searches performed, thus placing it higher in ranking. Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea LLC, America's premier mobile app consultancy helping startups in mobile product strategy and development.
By Robert Dempsey on September 26, 2011 The lead nurturing diagram below fills in a crucial piece of the online marketing puzzle, namely what to do once you capture leads on your website. If you aren’t familiar with what lead nurturing is, click the link a few words back and read that first.

Let’s look at how to set up an automated lead nurturing system that can help you turn your ideal customers into paying customers. I’ve also seen a number of businesses promote upcoming events or free trial offers of their products on the thank you page. Now lead nurturing is not possible if you don’t have an automated email delivery system.
An autoresponder system allows you to create an email list and then create, in advance, a series of emails to be delivered on a pre-scheduled basis. If you’re ready for something more advanced the only choice in my opinion is Infusionsoft. Regardless of what system you use, the point is that you need an autoresponder system that allows you to create a defined sequence of emails like you see in the lead nurturing diagram above. As in the diagram above you want to keep your offer emails spaced well apart, focusing instead on delivering value. If you need any help (though the trainers are good) I can definitely help you out if you sign up Steven. Hi Christina – the answers to your questions depend on the capability of the software you are using for this. The way we have it is that I have multiple months-long sequences set up for each major category of content we write on. This book is intended for data analysts, managers, and executives with a basic knowledge of Python, who now want to use Python for their BI tasks. On one hand, you have a precise profession where every cent counts (PPC), and, on the flip side (SEO), more is better with no regard to logic. Why try to rank a page for a keyword that converts at 5% and has 1,000 monthly searches, when I can rank it for a keyword that has 2.5% conversion rate but has 10,000 monthly searches? We fight over our targeted keyword rankings and, once we achieve these rankings, we want that traffic to pay off. Generally, we work in e-commerce and use category pages as landing pages to rank for phrases, but, when we work in lead generation, we create landing pages interlinked together, which are ranking for specific phrases we choose to target. Therefore, because there are specific landing pages created for SEO value, you can retarget these individual pages with different messages, which gives the consumer a more targeted message! How simple would it be to alter your meta information to include the targeted keywords that perform on PPC? Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to my official commenting policy. But did you know that you can also use Search Engine Optimization or SEO to boost downloads of your mobile app? When users are searching for the word ‘Cars’, Google should know whether your search is about the movie ‘Cars’ or the vehicle. Let’s assume your app is a solution to people’s sleeping problems and your main keyword is ‘Sleep Problems’.
So if you scan the results, you will see words such as ‘sleep disorders’ that are LSI keywords. The more authoritative websites link to your app’s landing page, the higher it would rank in search listings. Once you’ve identified those, use one of the backlinking tools such as ahrefs or Cognitive SEO to look for all the pages that link back to the competitor app. So the tricky bit here is how do you increase a visitor’s time spent on your landing page when it’s a product information page? These are opt-in form of various natures that offer something of value in return for an email address or more information. The idea here is that if some has already signed up they are more likely to continue acting.

We’ve been using AWeber for more than 3 years and have always had fantastic success with them, meaning our emails are delivered and we have a ton of metrics we can dig into. At $300 a month Infusionsoft combines customer relationship management, e-commerce, and email marketing into a highly flexible package. Using a sequence of emails you can automatically deliver valuable content to your leads in combination with additional opt-in offers. Now you might be asking why I colored the landing paged red in the above lead nurturing diagram. You have the 5 parts that fit together to automatically send valuable content and offers to your leads. At this point, I am doing a persona project and trying to identify the user, influencer and decision-maker within our target companies.
As an example, AWeber is very linear so everyone would either go onto different lists or into one big one. So if someone fills out another form and becomes a full fledged lead then we pause the sequence they are in and create an opportunity for them. If you have a good knowledge and understanding of BI applications and have a “working” system in place, this book will enhance your toolbox.
But, now, we can ditch our AdWords keyword tool, SEMRush, or whichever SEO tool you use to do keyword research. Being that the SEO team is creating high quality content that should convert, we can focus our PPC efforts on these pages as well. How easy would it be for some simple on-page optimization to give your targeted landing pages a higher quality score? Him and his team of Evil SEO and PPC Geniuses work day and night for their clients to achieve higher ROI from search marketing campaigns.
And Google can tell from the webpage’s LSI keywords whether it relates to one or the other. Not all would respond or be convinced, but once they do, you will start to notice the results – traffic to your webpage, downloads of your app and a higher ranking for your keywords.
They don’t want people clicking on a webpage in their search result and then hitting the back button quickly to go back to another result. It could be a free consultation, another free report or other information, or it could be to purchase your product. It’s amazing how few companies do this today, given how important it is to stay in front of customers and be prepared when they are ready to buy. From there, I am organizing the content that we have that speaks to each (so I can see where the holes are essentially). With the right SEO team, you can improve your quality score and improve ROI on almost any PPC campaign. Then, hook the user by describing the fact that it can be solved and showcase the numbers (benefit in days, percentage, or any other quantifiable metric) or at a high-level, how the problem can be solved.
But, at last, there is a way we can work together to achieve higher ROI for clients and ourselves. We can now show the value of our organic search traffic and help get some of this hard-fought traffic back to the site to convert when they are ready. That is by working together to integrate our campaigns and achieve a higher understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

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