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Our chart above summarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success (and thanks to Column Five Media, for the infographic design).
The Search Engine Land Guide To SEO explains factors in more depth, with tips and a tutorial on implementing them.
Get the code to embed the infographic on your site – a variety of sizes are available. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Includes keyword analysis , code insertion of keywords , installation and configuration of specialized plug-ins for SEO . Search Engine rankings fluctuate frequently, however, if your site is properly maintained by search engine specialists month to month then it is likely that the movement will be confined to within the top10 positions. My website is pretty new, why didn't it just automatically go to the Top of the Search Engines, when it was originally designed? Virtually all website designers haven't learned the importance of search engine friendly design. Page cloaking is a BIG one, which basically consists of using server side scripts to determine whether the visitor is a search engine or a human and serving up different pages depending.
Duplicate content can keep a page from getting indexed, and some people have even reported trouble with entire websites being duplicated by unethical webmasters, causing problems with their rankings.
Spamming keywords, in meta tags, title tags, or in your page's content is a black hat SEO trick that used to work well back in the 90's. Much like the well known fact that 80% of the new businesses on the Main Street in your town will fail within a year, the sandbox is Google's proving ground that your business must be around awhile before Google will take it seriously. How can I be sure about the company or person I hire to perfom my SEO, when everyone claims to be an expert.
In order for a website to be found on search engines your site and all of its pages and posts should be optimized and registered on search engines. On-page optimization encompasses several elements that make up a web page including the page title tag, page meta tags, the inclusion of header tags and page styles within a page’s body content, link optimization, image optimization and the appropriate targeting and implementation of keywords and keyword phrases. Creative Developments can analyze every page on your site, making sure that each page is written to be SEO friendly; tweaking your copy text, labeling all of your images with alt tags and title text, renaming your links and page names to be SEO relevant.

Once all of your pages have been optimized we can then register your website on major search engines and as well as create and register a sitemap for it. Note: the initial results of registering an optimized website and its sitemap may appear within 2-4 weeks but it may take 4-16 weeks to show marked improvement on search engine result pages.
Once your website has been developed, optimized and registered and your business listed in local business directories we suggest considering a comprehensive social media marketing campaign. Its main benefit is the ability to attract visitors to your website to travez of results in search engines. In general terms you can say that it means to make a web site more visible and make it look important in the eyes of search engines. As businesses, each search tool has found ways to make its service slightly different from other search tools. In almost every caseI've ever encountered, the site designer is a highly skilled and creative artistic person whose job is to put your ideas on the web. The script would serve up a keyword rich, totally souped up page to search robots, while giving humans an entirely different page. Linkfarms are basically sites which consist of masses of links, for the purpose of getting rankings in search engines and turning a profit (often from affiliate program advertisements on the website).
You will need to continuously update your knowledge of how the various search engines work and any changes made in the way they work. A sitemap is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or spider bots and site visitors. This includes but is not limited to engaging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ for business and Pinterest. When videos are not only uploaded but their pages optimized as well, the results are swift when it comes to being found on Google’s search engine. View all of the endeavors that we support and learn how your cause can earn a 10-30% charity discount on all of our services.
Being unfamiliar with SEO procedures and not utilizing them can make a huge difference in terms of visitors to your web site. More often than not, the designers have not received any training in search engine optimization and don't think about it while pursuing a cool looking design. A clearly defined site map may increase the chances that your site will be indexed by search engines.

With time and patience, akin to a prize garden, the results of our labors should produce a sustaining presence on search engines and result in a positive return on investment.
Social Media Optimization is a form of marketing that focuses on generating traffic and buzz via participation on various social media outlets. We are located in Tempe, AZ, servicing Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, the entire valley, Arizona and beyond. You can then check how long the company has been around, and what is has been doing over the years. The sitemap should reflect the full navigational framework of your website so that spider-bots may find and index all of your content.
Social networks allow you to build large lists of contacts and supporters that may help spread the word about your business and website.
As with any web page or post, every YouTube video uploaded should have it’s viewing page optimized to be found on search engines and treated with the same care. Traditionally, it initally impresses YOU, but the potential customers just never are impressed because they never come there. At Creative Developments we can set up your YouTube Channel, upload your videos, tag each video with keywords and create your video write-ups so that they show up via search engine queries. Be aware that if you make a mistake in optimization and submission, it can take months to find the mistake and fix it, resubmit the site and obtain the search engine ranking you desired.
At Creative Developments we offer several Social Media Management packages, each one tailored to the needs of budget of the particular client. In addition we can label each video with your domain name and contact info so they may in turn lead viewers to your website and result in calls to your place of business.
Web Site Design is a full time profession, and Search Engine Optimization is a full time profession. I would never be able to be an effective Search Engine Optimizer if I went back to designing web sites.
But if I ever DID design a new website, it would be incredibly Search Engine friendly, having been in the business of SEO these last seven years.

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