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Action Tracker app lets you assign tasks to other users in the site and track the status of  the assigned tasks. In the down section you have the navigation pane which lets you navigate through different pages. The strong point about this grid view is that it works instantaneously when you navigate through pages or edit an item.
The next app is the “Sticky Notes”. This simple but useful app brings sticky notes to your SharePoint Site. That was a brief intro on our new FREE apps, please check them out in the SharePoint Store  and as always, we would love to hear your feedback!
You may complain about the pinching Microsoft, but have you ever thought about the reason why Microsoft closes door to other platforms except on its Surface tablet Windows RT as well as the Windows Phone? Firstly, confronted with the depressing market sales of Windows Phones and the endangered Windows RT OS, it’s an easy choice for Microsoft to protect its own products and boost sales in this way. Secondly, we may say, it’s also a smart measure for the out-of-date phone giant to avoid being knocked out in the fierce smart phone and tablet competition arena.
Last but not the least, with little cross-platform integration, Microsoft is providing an opportunity for consumers to have a more smooth experience of a complete mobile workflow.
Since this PowerPoint to Android program has good compatibility with Office 2013, it make users get easier access to PowerPoint 2013 files.
If you want to know about more methods to view Powerpoint on any Android devices, Moyea PowerPoint Converter won’t let you down. You can refer to the PowerPoint 2013 to video tips and guides for specific instructions and graphic illustrations.
All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software. I followed the steps and enabled the room reservation - Everything works fine but only events created by me are showing in the calendar view - But in All Items view i can see all events. I tried to deactivate the Calendar Resources from both Site Features and the Solutions package.

Using a combination of the Design Manager and Microsoft Expression Web 4 (other html editing packages are available) I will be converting this design into a usable SharePoint Site template. The the Design Manager option is accessible directly from the site settings flyout menu, or from the site settings page.  The Design Manager itself provides a nice friendly wizard style interface, guiding you through the process of creating a custom solution in SharePoint. Mapping the masterpage library through webdav makes it very easy to manipulate your html files and save directly back to SharePoint – we’ll be doing quite a lot! Of course, it’s not quite that simple… if you click on your newly created master page you’ll notice the content isn’t actually in the page currently, it’s sitting underneath.
That’s ok, in Part 3 of this series we’ll get dirty with Snippets and get the design more usable.
In our SharePoint 2013 projects, we heavily rely on the new app architecture to deliver functionality that target end users. The app was implemented using Twitter Bootstrap and Backbone.js, and uses SharePoint REST APIs.
On the left pane you see Tasks Assigned to You, My Action Items which is the tasks that you have created, and also Items that are due today. Only Surface tablet Windows RT as well as the Windows Phones users can get access to a complete suite of mobile apps including Microsoft Office 2013. But it is speculated that Microsoft could impose technical or licensing restrictions on Office used on the iOS platform to limit the competition. Although the “Windows First” strategy does not work for Android and iOS platforms, Microsoft is not so mean in Microsoft Office design. What’s more, the 2013 PowerPoint to Android software offers a flexible setting options as well as layouts to suit different screen needs, for example, adjusting video and audio parameters, like video and audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, sample rate, aspect ratio, etc. It enables organization of meetings in useful interface that allows to select multiple resources such as meeting rooms, projector and other facilities and required participants, and next the time frame that is free for all participants and facilities in the calendar view.
However, when I do so, the calendar still shows my name and when I go to add a new appointment the Resources selector still shows up. In this post I’ll be taking that a stage further, looking at the Design Manager and what this awesome piece of functionality can do.

It allows you to really take control of the branding of your site by helping you develop your own master pages for SharePoint. This is a really neat feature that ensures your page will work by adding in all the placeholders and script tags required for SharePoint to function. This app was created using the same architecture as “Action Tracker”, so the user experience is pretty the same. Most Android enthusiasts find a way to convert PowerPoint 2013 to Android, which is bound to be the wisest method to play 2013 PowerPoint presentations on Android. By these multiple and humanized alternatives, the converted PowerPoint 2013 presentations on Android will certainly present a brand-new look.
The conversion process itself is fully automated, all you have to do is tell SharePoint which file you want to convert. From the radial menus to touch mode, enlarging icons, and cloud-integrated searching function. At the sight of the frustrated online editing apps, many Apple and Android users have to shrink back and resort to other third party software to view 2013 PowerPoint presentations on Android or iOS devices. Then you just need to create a site based on this template and you will get the calendar of resources. SharePoint 2013 Online in Office 365 Perfect, now we can use free SharePoint booking system based on the standard calendar.
After some research I developed a sandbox solution that enables hidden 'Group Work Lists' feature and adds calendar with resource reservation and member scheduling features.
Great, now you have Group Calendar with an ability to book resources and schedule meetings. This solution works for SharePoint 2013 on-premise as well, so you can use it instead of WEBTEMP.XML file modification.

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