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When a user is editing a node in the polygon by dragging it around on the screen, how do you handle the case when they drop it on an existing node? This entry was posted in Education and tagged algorithms, C++, cpp, Polygon, Polygon Editor, programming, Software.
The Rich Text Editor is a UI control that replaces a standard HTML textarea; it allows for the rich formatting of text content, including common structural treatments like lists, formatting treatments like bold and italic text, and drag-and-drop inclusion and sizing of images. Choose the right combination of features in your Editor and Toolbar to get the right tradeoff between size and richness for your application.
In this 36 minute video, YUI Rich Text Editor author Dav Glass takes you on a guided tour of the component, including both how to use and how to extend the base functionality. Instead of copying and pasting the filepaths above, try letting the YUI dependency Configurator determine the optimal file list for your desired components; the Configurator uses YUI Loader to write out the full HTML for including the precise files you need for your implementation. Where these files come from: The files included using the text above will be served from Yahoo! With this markup in place, the JavaScript to instantiate the Rich Text Editor involves a simple constructor to which is passed a configuration object. The full list of configuration options that you can pass in your constructor can be found in the API documentation.
You render the SimpleEditor Control the same as the Editor Control, only you call the SimpleEditor constructor instead.
Setting the handleSubmit configuration option, the Editor will attempt to attach itself to its parent form's submit event. The default toolbar included with the editor makes every currently supported feature available by default. Note: To use the advanced button type you will need to make sure you include the Menu and Button Controls.

Spin: The Spin button is a hybrid of a Push button that adds a pair of up and down arrows to the side of the button.
The Rich Text Editor and the Toolbar are both loaded with Custom Events to which you can subscribe as you customize the editor's behavior to suit the specific needs of your application. Dynamic Events are special CustomEvent's that are dynamically created based on the value of a button in the Toolbar. For example, if you had a button called "bold" you will be able to listen for the "boldClick" event or if you had a button called "foo", you would be able to listen for the "fooClick" event. Please refer to the API documentation for a full list of Custom Events that are available for the Rich Text Editor.
The Rich Text Editor's toolbar has a flexible plugin architecture that allows you to customize the editor's behavior for the purposes of your own application. Scribe is a rich text editor framework for the web platform, with patches for browser inconsistencies and sensible defaults. These virtual tours provide you with multiple image style options that will help you make the sale! More than a 360° view, our Slideshow Tour has Flash built behind each frame so your still pictures move like video. Make the right impression every time with these high-end standard and jumbo sized postcards. Style and quality are important to your brand and to your ability to stand out from the rest. The “lengths” of the two lists are defined as follows.  For the head section, it’s the number of nodes up to, but not including the source. Most of the editing features found in the main Editor Control exist in the SimpleEditor version.

The first way is to let the Editor do it for you by setting the handleSubmit configuration option.
You can override this config before the editor is rendered by passing in an object literal of a new toolbar to the constructor. The separator bar is also given a unique classname so you can use it to style the toolbar as needed. You can also see a few examples of using the different button types in the Editor's example section.
It will return an array telling the execCommand method whether it should or should not execute the document.execCommand method. It is inspired by Medium Editor.It is built on top of an internal model for an article that clients can translate to and from JSON and HTML. You can use fontawesome icons on buttons area and also can upload and insert image on editor. Like all of our premier marketing solutions, each flyer is fully customizable with agency-quality impact. Selecting one of the buttons causes the value to "spin" up and down the range of possible values.

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