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Simple Resx Editor is a lightweight piece of software that can help you translate multiple resource files at a time, between different languages.
Simple Resx Editor is designed to be an accessible tool for users of all levels of experience and for this reason, its graphic user interface is created to be as close to self explanatory as possible. Once you load the files you need, Simple Resx Editor allows you to view the data strings in table structures and easily edit their content. From a top panel, the application provides quick access to tools that allow you to highlight differences and coincidences between multiple loaded files, show or hide keys, filter text, export data to .docx format or import from it. Simple Resx Editor features drag and drop support which allows you to load files for editing in a second and immediately get started with them. The application also comes with a built-in translator that you can use to instantly convert text between a very large number of languages. To wrap it up, if you’re looking to edit resource files with the help of a highly comprehensive tool, then you should definitely try Simple Resx Editor.

Though I never used ftp uploading of pages from Kompozer directly, but this feature makes it easy to upload pages to your web site. Amaya also has simple graphical user interface and built in css editor and makes it easy to create web pages.
I installed and used it for few days while I was testing html editors that meet my requirements. Other features of PSPad are syntax highlighting according to file type, full HEX editor, integrated TiDy library, integrated css editor etc. Other features like editing already created pages, absolute positioning of HTML elements, color highlighted HTML Editor are very useful for you.
With this tool you can effortlessly translate large resx files as well as edit the data they contain.
Each cell you click can be edited and its information changed to that which is needed without any hassle.

A simple right click enables you to modify the value of any available string and the application provides comment support as well.
Once you've translated a portion of text and are satisfied with it, the result can be copied to Clipboard and inserted into the resource file. Basically you will see a graphical user interface and by clicking on different menu buttons, you will place your web page elements.
One more feature I like in Amaya is, you can create math equations very easily, which is not possible other editors I listed out here. PSPad also is a free html editor that supports many file formats like php, html, xhtml etc.

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