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All the resources on this website are the website users upload or linked from other websites! Thus, he painted walls in gold and matched them with ornately carved gilt furniture by Muebles Italiano that cost millions.
In 2011, the agency in Moscow, Rosjur Consulting, sent him profiles of potential surrogate mothers. Before Cruz went to Moscow to get his children, he practiced how to carry babies, using a doll.
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He recalls that on seeing the rooms overlooking the Jumeirah River, Cruz realized that his unit offered a view of Manila Bay. Unlike in other countries which have laws that allowed only married couples for surrogate parenthood, Cruz learned that Russia was liberal with singletons.
He says the anatomy and child psychology courses he took in pre-med school at the University of Santo Tomas proved useful.

After delivery, she was  moved to a more affordable hospital to take care of the twins while waiting for their father. If he keeps a slew of auditors to watch the bottom line, he has “The Entourage”—composed of a nurse, three nannies, a bodyguard, a security guard and driver just for the twins. In case the nanny is remiss in her duties or sleeping on the job and the baby wakes up, the guard would inform them.
I don’t want them to complain that they cried for 30 minutes because they weren’t given milk,” says Cruz. Days after her birth, Princess Synne contacted urinary tract infection and had to prolong her stay at the hospital. If resources have violated your copyright, please through feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you or your companys rights! He then consulted a Singaporean doctor in a fertility clinic for the possibilities of  in vitro fertilization.
Then there were more procedures such as checkups, and the pairing of the mature egg with the sperms for the embryo to grow and medication.

Nurses and nannies underwent careful screening by the human resources manager and the general manager of Aficionado before they were hired. Cruz expressed his gratitude to Lilia for going through the risks of labor for him and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout her pregnancy.
They wear the caregiver’s uniform and face masks to protect the twins from their sniffles and coughs.
The doctor advised him to let her skin breathe instead of bundling her up and giving some medicine.

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