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Relation between proposal site and surrounding, The proposed area is located on the working Zone of Erbil city 1.5 km from Erbil citadel its on the 60m ring , the location allocated near "Sami Abdulrahman Park" from the southern side , Iraqi trade Bank is located on Northern west side , Its 6,3 KM far from Ainkawa , It has a flat topography. The best enter to the site is the northern as it shown in the figure below because it produces safety and privacy .. The proposed area is located on the Commercial Zone of erbil city 4.15 km from Erbil citadel its on the 100m ring , the location allocated near Ainkawa, there is baharka in the north side.
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2.You have to choose ONE residence that has LAWN area, and a BASE PLAN (consists of house plan + lawn area). 3.If the base plan is not supplied by the owner, you have to measure everything and produce the base plan in scale.
3.Individual design interpretation and decision making, therefore it should be different from others. 1.A3 booklet of Site Inventory and Analysis (for group) and Site Synthesis (for individual), with a cover page and title block.

You may use butter paper as progress to be shown during tutorial but it is not to be the final submission.

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