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The revenue from customer purchases is just another of many metrics you contend with on a daily basis, along with things like website hits, marketing dollars spent, conversion rates observed, social media followers added… when managing an ecommerce business, the prices that lead to generating this revenue can get lost in the fold. Take my advice though, price is possibly the most important metric you’ll deal with – so give it the attention it deserves. The relationship between the price of a product and the subsequent demand for it is called price elasticity of demand. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, be sure to read into it – your ecommerce success might just hinge on your understanding of how this works. I’ve seen businesses go under for charging too little; I’ve also seen businesses go under for charging too much. A couple of years ago I found a label supplier charging half the price of my existing supplier. Exact same story: when the bags arrived, half of them were missing a sticky flap, half of them had no seal on the bottom (so items went in the top and fell straight out the other end), and the rest were really weak. I believe low prices are wrong because they undermine the essence of the retail exchange and lead to mutual disappointment on both ends.
Yep, people like cheap stuff. Just because you and I realize being the cheapest leads to long term disappointment (for both parties), the fact is, the masses of customers out there love cheap goods. Sure, they’ll probably regret buying cheap when it turns out what they’ve purchased is trash, but initially, people love buying low priced products. The majority of people make buying decisions based on price, as evidenced by the price elasticity of demand theory. There are various strategies out there you can use in order to determine how you price your goods. My favorite pricing strategy – it’s basically where you start selling an item really cheap, then as popularity and sales grow, you gradually crank up the price. An unfortunate (though effective) pricing strategy employed by ecommerce business owners is to undercut everyone else. Remember to look at the bigger picture when setting prices – you might be making one or two dollars gross profit per sale, but how much are you actually making when you’ve factored in fixed costs, and variables like PPC advertising? If you take a look at the ecommerce site in my bio, you’ll see we stock eyelashes from $2 per box right up to $40 per box.
For better insight into pricing a spectrum of goods, make sure you read up on price anchoring!
I know people who pour tens of thousands of dollars into PPC advertising on a monthly basis.
You can tweak landing pages and layouts, you can tweak ad copies and keyword bids (more on this very soon in a future post), but if your prices aren’t right, it’ll all be in vain. That reduction in price lead to a 30% increase in sales, and a 25% increase in average check. The little margin I sacrificed to implement the price decrease was more than made up in the increased sales volume, and gross sales figures, that resulted. Instead of focusing purely on driving more traffic to your website, ensure you’ve laid the foundations for success first by optimizing your ecommerce pricing strategy.
I really love your service, it’s allowed my business to expand with little time required. The best golf GPS for under $200 shows yardage and calculates how far a ball is hit without the need of a colour display.
The introduction of a product into the market at a high initial price and the gradual price lowering after the product has been on sale for quite a time is what is referred to as a skimming price strategy. The need for additional revenue for the manufacture of an item for the mass market is the time that the skimming strategy proves to be useful. In effect, the early purchasers of the product subsidize the future purchasers in the skimming pricing strategy. The purchase of a status symbol is the primary reason why the early adopters pick up on the skimming price strategy.

The best golf GPS for under $200 assists the golfer in hitting more greens consistently that is actually the key to lowering his score. The selection of the best portable GPS under $200 that has this feature will allow the golfer to circumnavigate the annual subscription that is required to download previously mapped courses with the benefit of keeping overall costs to the barest minimum. The best golf GPS for under $200 uses a high sensitivity GPS receiver that measures individual shot distances and shows the exact yardages to fairways, hazards and greens.
The GolfBuddy Tour GPS is the best golf irons under $200 as it can be used straight out of the box as preloaded courses exist in the device with a capacity to hold up to 20,000 worldwide courses.
The SkyCaddie SG5 is a top 10 golf GPS under $200 that provides a bright and easy to read colour screen offering easy navigation and a high level of user customization. Once a price has been set, consumers will often show a great deal of resistance to any attempts to change it. Price is the marketing mix variable for which a competitive response can be most quickly implemented.
Changing the quality of a product.A  Firms may cut back on services or dilute products more, possibly reducing or cutting out expensive ingredients. Since consumers differ in how much they are willing to pay for a product, it is possible to make large margins on the price inelastic segment.A  For example, Intel tends to charge high prices for its most recent chips, gradually lowering prices as a new generation is introduced. Whether you can produce products at a cost low enough to compete effectively against market existing market prices should help determine whether to enter (or exit) a given market.
Research shows that both experience (prices previously paid) and the sale context (prices of competing brands) influence a consumer's internal reference price. Consumers tend to experience two sources of value for a product.A  Acquisition utility refers to the utility of obtaining a product, while transaction utility refers to the difference between a subject's reference price and the featured price.
Manufacturers may resent having their products used as loss-leaders (possibly damaging their brand image). Economists such as John Kenneth Galbraith have traditionally held that advertising serves to create artificial differentiation among products where few real differences exist and thus allows the firm to charge higher prices.A  This effect can be observed on whole-sale prices, where heavily advertised products tend to sell for higher prices. Pricing can make a business, it can break a business, and it can also drive business owners insane.
Put simply, price is the best way in which you can manipulate and control demand for the products or services that your business sells.
If you want to be successful in ecommerce, you’ve got to understand ecommerce pricing strategy sooner rather than later. When they compare your item to an item from another ecommerce store, all things being roughly equal, they’ll almost always buy the cheaper of the two.
Let’s look at a few of my favorites, as well as some that you may or may not have experimented with in the past. This particular strategy is ideal for launching new product lines or new websites – it’s also good for use on platforms like Amazon and eBay, by selling lots of items cheap initially you can rise right up the best match search listings.
That just means to change the price of your products over a fixed period (ideally to an equal number of visitors) so that you can determine which price point yields the best result.
As I’ve already mentioned, however, there is always someone out there willing to go lower than you are – it’s a race to the bottom, and nobody wants to see a fire sale. On all of my websites, I like to give users as much choice as possible in terms of style, sizes, colors and so on.
I’ve done this for a reason: to offer price sensitive customers an option they can afford, as well as to cater to my customers looking for top end, premium items. You may find you can use the perceived value of your high-end products to drive significant views and sales to your mid- and low-tier items. They think that the more cash they throw at driving traffic, the better odds of finding that tipping point for profitability.
You can execute the very best marketing campaign in the world, but there’s every chance you could make zero sales as a result, purely because your prices are set too high.

I thought everyone would adhere to manufacturer MSRP, and I also thought I could say “well, this item cost me $4 to buy, so I’d like to sell it at $8 for a 100% markup”. He sold his first item online at the age of 10 and now runs an ecommerce cosmetics business and a monthly ecommerce subscription service.
It is a nice basic golf GPS rangefinder whose price drops along with the increase in technology and the popularity gained by these GPS units. Wanting the product immediately is the primary reason why initial purchasers and early adopters are willing to pay a high price for the product. A user wanting the latest game or word processing program would most often be willing to shell out for the premium to get a powerful computer, as a new computer usually has much better graphics and calculation capability than an older model.
Items that were very expensive when they were first introduced become affordable to consumers when the company lowers the product price at the tail end of a skimming price strategy.
The owner shows off his acquisition of a product initially unaffordable to most buyers because of its high purchase price. It is best to select a GPS system that will allow the mapping of courses on the assumption that the golfer would be willing to map the courses by himself.
It is enhanced with innovative statistic tracking software for the recording of putts per round, fairways hit and greens in regulation and for club distance averages. I can cite 10 or more examples where I’ve found products for less money, bought them, and they’ve turned out to be garbage. From day one I had nothing but problems – the adhesive on the cheaper labels was weak, most of the labels fell off in the mail, meaning lots of customers never even received their packages! I decided to go with another supplier, because they were 50% cheaper than our existing supplier. By the time you put your prices up, the idea is to be near the pinnacle of those listings – selling lots of items for top dollar.
So for example 10 people hitting your website might see the price of a product at $9, 10 more people might see the price at $5. Someone will always go lower than you – you simply can’t win (unless your name is Jeff Bezos or Sam Walton). This isn’t a product pricing strategy as much as a merchandising strategy, and I would encourage you to push both ends of the pricing spectrum, particularly the high end.
To make the production cost lower for future items, the company reinvests its income from the sales at high prices. Because an owner may want to purchase a new product year in and year out from the same company again for the same purpose of showing off, the business gains repeating customers in its use of the strategy. It offers the option for target customization to find the exact lay-up area and pin position yardages.
It also allows score and statistic recording, offers overhead hole graphic views as well as major green contours and false fronts.
I can also cite examples where the product quality was decent, but the overall service provided by the seller was poor. The last thing I wanted to do was lower my price, but in the end I bit the bullet and reduced prices by around 10% across the board. Re-visit your ecommerce pricing strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re not leaving profit on the table. Since day one as a business owner, I’ve struggled like crazy to identify the ecommerce pricing strategy that consistently works for me. You might ship 20% less items at the $9 price point, but you might be making 100% more profit – in which case it makes business sense to charge the higher price.

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