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Send out press releases to announce any of your company’s achievements or special events (such as open houses or celebrity appearances). Sponsor a youth sports team, a community theater production, or other non-profit organization. Offer a free sample of your product or service to someone influential in the community and ask that person to spread the word if they’re satisfied with your work.
The cost of these forms of advertising, like those of the more expensive types, varies from location to location. Although marketing experts recommend owners to spend from 2 to 5 percent of their gross sales on advertising, if you are still growing your business, you probably can’t afford investing that much, or you would rather focus on other areas. One interior decorator in our area drives a pink Volkswagen Beetle with her company’s name painted on the side.
As you get to know your community, you will be able to judge whether the results will be worth the expense. Television ads, radio ads and Internet campaigns are often expensive and require a sizable investment. Nevertheless, there are many free advertising methods you can use to reach potential customers.

Use the power of the internet to draw attention to your business by creating a free web page or blog. Setting up a Twitter account, Facebook page or LinkedIn account is free and it allows you to interact with other businesses, customers and potential customers.
A great free advertising method for your small business is to submit your site to every specialty listing, directory, yellow pages and industry organization you find.
Pitch news ideas to your local television stations, local newspapers, Web news site and radio stations.
Another great free advertising method is to host educational events such as workshops and seminars. Another free advertising method is to put your URL on everything, from your company‚Äôs letterhead, email signature and business cards to the office door. A web page can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of consumers, and it is a great free advertising space. Use your company’s logo as an avatar or profile picture and start add your friends, family and acquaintances by email address. Many business and associations allow you to list your services on their site and there are many online directories such as Yahoo!

If you own a space that can accommodate a few people, host an event that focuses on familiarizing people with your service or product.
Using keywords can place your business name at the top of your customer’s search results.
Promote your business and activity in your tweets and posts, but make sure you keep it fun so you engage users. For example, a craft store can host workshops on crafting techniques and a wine shop can host a wine tasting. Many newspapers will be thrilled to print special coverage of charity endeavors, especially around the holidays. You can use it to post special offers and information about your business, and if any negative review arises, respond by contacting the Yelp user directly or posting a reply offering to fix the problem.
Dost a small event during which you accept canned food and other donations to give to your local assistance organization or shelters.

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