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If yow own a small business, marketing dollars are most likely scarce and carefully allocated.
According to a recent article by Meredith Munger in the Phoenix Business Journal, the Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends that small businesses (under $5 million annual revenue) should allocate 7-8 percent of its budget to marketing. Most businesses advertise in multiple places—let’s say for example, a billboard, an online ad, and on delivery trucks. Since phone numbers are extremely inexpensive to obtain with Phonebooth at just $1 each, you can use a different phone number for each campaign. Furthermore, when a potential customer does call in after seeing your ad, your sales person will know where it came from. At Phonebooth, we know the value of campaign tracking because we use it with our own marketing program. If you’re a Phonebooth customer and not taking advantage of this great feature, why not give it a try in 2013? I am interested in using internet marketing for small business in Malaysia (that hopefully will allow me to work from home eventually) to generate sales. The Internet has made it possible to do business any where, you are not restricted to your own country.The Internet can make a small business look big. NetProfitQuest provides SMEs and other corporations with innovative marketing technologies, to increase profits without increasing marketing budgets.
I’ve come to understand that one of the most important things we, as business owners, can do is maintain our current customer base. I know that you at times, much like me, feel overwhelmed and don’t need another thing added to your ever growing “To Do” list. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that getting new business in the door is the hardest thing we do as business owners.
Like any relationship, each business relationship you have needs to be nurtured and built over time in order to keep it in good standing and active.
After spending lots of creative time on ideas and money to put together the ideal marketing ad to WOW everyone and getting it mailed out – your phone finally rings… AWESOME!
Your receptionist or phone person quickly answers the phone with so much enthusiasm, professionalism and politeness that her smile was felt right through the phone… GREAT! This week Panera Bread launched its largest campaign to date, which includes an increase in digital spending of just under 100%.
Please explain how the campaign is not focused on driving near-term transactions but rather building deeper relationships.
The campaign features advertising in several channels — national cable and local television, digital video and digital display and social — with national print to follow next month.
Much the same way that our menu has evolved from an initial commitment to fresh bread, Panera’s efforts to combat local hunger and help fix a broken food system have grown out of our original commitment to donate bread and baked goods each night from our bakery-cafes. Chris Erb: EA SPORTS is always looking for opportunities to enhance the gaming experience for our fans.
After a two-year exploration with the team at Monster to discover the best way to develop a gaming headphone from the ground up, EA SPORTS and Monster created the EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster®, an all-new gaming headphone that will fuse superior design with maximum comfort and performance, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in their favorite EA SPORTS titles without the need for multiple speakers and separate processors. The EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster® is the world’s first headphone to feature Monster® HDHS (High Definition Headphone Surround), which delivers the most realistic sound experience for gaming, music and movies. We believe the EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster® fills a gap in the existing headphone market. You’ve developed and led some highly successful partnerships between EA SPORTS and other leading brands. Be strategic. Determine the categories and brands where a partnership would create greater value for consumers of both brands. In 2009 The Coca-Cola Company, along with its bottling partners, outlined their 2020 Vision – a single document that holds a shared ambition with specific goals for the business through the year 2020. Last week I convened our global marketing and commercial leaders in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.
This year, The Coca-Cola Company is fortunate to be recognized by the Cannes Festival of Creativity as their Creative Marketer of the Year. With thousands of brand ideas, experiences, messages and apps flooding consumers daily it is critical that the best brands bring focus to their efforts, energy and investment in order to create marketplace impact. Our journey to 2020 promises incredible opportunities, massive learning and, of course, some challenges along the way.
Chase Community Giving is the largest brand initiative in social media in terms of size (dollar give) and scale (level of engagement). Jorge Fontanez: Since its inception in 2009, Chase Community Giving has been exclusively marketed via social media, and for that matter, primarily through Facebook. Our ability to create a scaled program with efficiency was well planned, but the response was almost unimaginable. The truth is that an initiative like ours does not elicit a positive ROI, but that has never been the intent. For a second year in a row, Chase has been the title sponsor of the American Giving Awards, a television show created as a “Celebrity Tribute to Community Heroes.” We have recognized the limitations of running a program solely online, and so we turned to traditional mass market channels to help raise awareness for Chase Community Giving. Jorge, you’ve accomplished great successes in your career having worked on multiple leading brands at Colgate-Palmolive.
I left Colgate-Palmoliveat a time when digital and social media plans were the envy of brand marketers, and although they can still be deemed as sexy, it is becoming more important for these channels to prove their value. What is your advice to fellow brand marketers looking to build or dramatically scale their own community platform initiative?
Identify champions amongst your senior leadership that value what social media platforms offer.  You must be willing to experiment and be agile, particularly in a fast changing environment where technology advances quickly and impacts how consumers behave.
We asked CMOs of 10 Fortune 500 companies to predict how digital media and technology will impact brand marketing in 2013. Mobile life is one in which questions are easily answered, where we watch over our family from afar, and where we share everyday moments with friends and family across geographic and generational boundaries. Coughlin explains that the ‘so what?’ for marketers is we have to think ‘mobile first’ as we drive and define our products and services — and the experiences and communications that surround them.
Jim Farley, EVP of Global Marketing, Sales and Service and Lincoln at Ford Motor Company is predicting that consumers will develop the most effective content for the brand via mobile and social platforms. Lesya Lysyj, Chief Marketing Officer of Heineken USA is also stressing consumer engagement via compelling content. Lysyj explained that in the case of the beer category, for example, while the category has high engagement potential, some of their brands’ strategies and campaigns have inherently much higher engagement potential than others. According to Alfredo Gangotena, CMO of MasterCard Worldwide, 2013 will be a year where we will continue to see accelerated consumer change with raising expectations in terms of products and services.
Based on the steady shift towards more digital commerce, MasterCard has been continuously pushing innovation to meet the changing habits of the consumer.
Gangotena urges his fellow CMOs to continue exploring new communication channels and technologies and to apply analytic rigor and discipline to capitalize on these consumer trends.
Jacopo D’Alessandris, CMO of Philips Consumer Lifestyle North America, echoes Gangotena in that new mobile technologies and social media platforms have altered the way consumers engage with brands and products. This new “pull” media model implies that all media touch points need to be seamlessly integrated with each other, their content coherent and their sequencing even more precise than in the past. D’Alessandris predicts that campaigns triggering the multi-media connection around a brand or a product, and initiate this do-it-yourself (DIY) consumer journey will be the winners. Diane Scott, EVP & Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Western Union, believes that content will still reign as King of mobile and online…but will become much more finely tuned.
Western Union serves customers around the world who “double belong” to two worlds: their home country, and where they live now. To back up how MillerCoors is committed to Latino Digital, Coors Light is bringing its sponsorship of Liga MX to Latino soccer fans through its Fanaticos del Frio platform. Brandon Gutman: Since Poppin’s official launch last September, has consumer response and demand been in line with your expectations? Randy Nicolau: Yes, we are excited to have successfully driven demand in two distinct markets, both consumer and corporate. Randy Nicolau: One of the competitive advantages Poppin has is that we design what we sell, rather than being strictly a re-seller, which allows us to provide our customers with consistent style and quality across all of our product categories.
Randy Nicolau: Yes, we are very pleased with our repeat purchase rates just three months out of the gate from launch.

What was one of the biggest challenges from a Marketing standpoint and what was the result? Kevin Ranford: One of the biggest challenges we faced in Marketing was in creating Holiday gifting demand in a category previously lacking.
And if you’re just getting started, there’s probably very little wiggle room for wasteful spending when you’re just getting a business off the ground. If you’re a Phonebooth customer, you can use your VoIP phone system to help track marketing campaigns and measure ROI—all while incurring virtually no additional cost to your bottom line. It’s a great benefit for our sales folks to know where the calls are coming from—whether someone read a whitepaper on VoIP, visited our website homepage, learned about us through an online ad or is responding to an email campaign. If you don’t have a telecom closet, or if you want to get rid of one, then this is the solution for you. Every time I come across an exceptionally successful business person I take the time to ask them what their “Key” to success is. So often I see and hear about companies taking their current customers for granted and later missing out on repeat business and referrals.
We might spend some time dealing with a disgruntled employee or discussing our latest accounts receivables with the bookkeeper. However, I recently learned that I was overlooking a very important part of my business – The Follow Up Phone Call.
We sat down with Panera’s CMO, Michael Simon, to learn more about the campaign and gather some of his insights.
Over the next year we will be activating a number of social initiatives to help fight food insecurity. As entertainment consumption technology continued to evolve, we kept a close eye on how the music headphone business was changing for the better. Built from the ground up specifically for gaming, the headphones will be compatible with PCs, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii™ and Wii U™. Until now, there hasn’t been a premium headphone in the market that delivers quality gaming audio on any platform as well as quality music or movie sound. We are now building off that success by placing the MVP Carbon’s into as many relevant hands as possible to create an army of evangelists for the product.
Collaborative efforts that surprise and delight consumers, create greater value and solve a need are the most successful and will garner the greatest amount of organic impressions and awareness. Organic conversations around partnerships validate and glorify the brands involved leading to better product recognition and affinity. If you’re a brand marketer, know the key decision-makers at the brands you wish to partner with, the ones identified in your strategy. Have a vision of how you’d partner and what you’re looking for and share concepts of how the program would work. Knowing those costs, who is covering what and what might have to be funded by one party or the other must be explained and discussed early. Global Marketing and Commercial Leadership is responsible for ensuring the brands are always interesting, viable, relevant and available in the marketplace to deliver on that Vision. This is the first time in Coca-Cola’s history that we have received this award and we are genuinely honored.
In our digitally-connected, rapid world it’s easy to get romanced by the need for more work, more ads, more engagement.
Although the program was recognized as an innovative philanthropic initiative, we were challenged by an increasing number of similar programs started by other corporate brands that led to fatigue and confusion. The program was launched to help Chase gain a better understanding of what causes and charities are important to the people living in the communities we serve. Since coming to Chase and leading the CCG initiative, what has been your greatest learning?
Chase Community Giving was a program steeped in the online world, and it has found success by embracing complementary marketing efforts offline. In this third installment, Cathy Coughlin, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer at AT&T, shares her prophecy and explains how she’s backing it up. The rise of mobile technology has empowered people to expect the freedom to get whatever they want, in real time, wherever they are.
With this innovative, all-IP digital service, consumers will be able to manage their security system, lighting, heating, door locks and cameras from a smartphone or tablet however they want – and it’s fully customizable. In this second installment, marketing chiefs from Ford, Heineken and CVS share their prophecies and explain how they’re backing them up.
Farley explains that marketers have always focused on content – but it’s traditionally been about the brand’s messaging…which is not often of interest to the consumer.
We don’t want to have to say ‘Ford is great’ – we want our customers to be saying it to each other,” stressed Farley. It will be the first-ever Super Bowl commercial written entirely by social media, with consumers participating through Twitter and telling us about their craziest road-trip experiences. It’s based on the core idea of the campaign (Newcastle ‘No Bollocks’) and how it’s executed (with bite sized, very funny Facebook posts).
Price feels that in 2013 we’re bound to see the marketer’s role evolve to become the advocate for the individual customer, regardless of which channel they are using to interface with your brand. Most importantly, this year our marketing team will partner with our store operations team to create an enhanced customer service structure. In this first installment, marketing chiefs from MasterCard, Philips, Western Union and MillerCoors share their prophecies and explain how they’re backing them up.
Gangotena explains how the company’s mobile wallet partnerships help to facilitate speed and convenience much like their PayPass® solutions have done in the past. This past holiday season Philips Sonicare launched its new multi-touchpoint “stick with technology” campaign developed with Ogilvy. Scott plans to  tap into the insight from their consumers’ origins – key diasporas like China, India, Latin America and the Philippinesand then customize content specifically for them. The platform is designed to be content rich by bringing more Liga MX action and information to fans, and will be supported throughout 2013 with programming on Univision Deportes. With one quarter now under its belt, we revisited with CEO, Randy Nicolau, and CMO, Kevin Ranford, to learn how the company, which is selling products to define people’s workstyle, is driving growth. The consumer market has already driven thousands of transactions for us in our first three months since launch, and the corporate market has driven five to six figure orders. Further, since our launch last September, Poppin has successfully created a new “workstyle” shopping category and validated the demand for fashion-forward, design-focused products for one’s work-lifestyle. It’s encouraging to see our customers come back so quickly as well as to shop cross-category – in other words, a customer may have initially purchased from our desktop category, and then came back and shopped our furniture category.
We we’re confident “Back to School” and “New Year, New You (organization)” occasions would be hugely relevant for Poppin; however, we effectively had to create the gifting opportunity in our category, and we are very pleased with the outcome.
But marketing is an important part of building your success story—and the secret lies in making every dollar count. This means that when they get an incoming call, they have no idea whether the person saw the ad on the billboard, truck or online ad (or the company’s homepage, a friend’s refrigerator magnet, etc.). From there, you’re in a better position to assess what’s working and what’s not with your marketing channels.
This might help you figure out why the person is calling (depending on what the billboard advertisement was about) and what features and benefits would be most important to emphasize during that sales call.
Now you can sound like a big business without having to spend like one on a closet full of telecom equipment. Sometimes it’s going over our spending budget or planning next quarter’s sales goals, whatever the case may be we certainly have our hands full. The campaign kicks off with a national cable buy across 14 networks including A&E, Bravo, Lifetime, E!
The “Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously” campaign is an articulation of our brand philosophy. The campaign urges individuals to join with others to create online circles of five friends on Panera’s Facebook page. Chris Erb, VP Brand Marketing of EA SPORTS, sat down with us to provide more detail on the partnership as well as his process on building successful partnerships. Through those observations, we saw a natural fit to partner with Monster to create an equally high-quality and innovative experience with gaming headphones. That was our vision from day one, over-the-top premium audio in a great looking industrial design. Gamers, athletes and music fans all see different things about the headphones that resonate strongly with them and the audiences they share with.

Through collaborative conversation the program will morph itself into something of great benefit to consumers of both brands. Ninety percent of our partnerships are exchange only but some of our partnerships require shared revenue or investments in media and other assets by a brand. There are a lot of amazing brands that we can never work with because it wouldn’t be authentic to the EA SPORTS brand.
In 2013 Coca-Cola will use three principles to fuel its growth and deliver on those stated ambitions: Innovation, Creativity and Focus. At the 2012 Festival last June, Coca-Cola won a record 30 Lions with two Grand Prix recognitions.
Empowering and preparing our teams to do their best thinking and best work through added Innovation, Creativity and Focus will help us deliver on our 2020 Vision.
Chase innovated the initiative last year by engaging its customer base (via nominations) and delivered on their most successful campaign to date in terms of engagement. Our marketing efforts would be crucial to raise the bar with the goal of increasing awareness more broadly while not incurring significantly higher expense.
When we invited our customers to nominate charities to participate in the next program, they responded overwhelmingly with nearly 30,000 unique charities nominated – nearly double what we had forecast.
Of course, we do monitor how our investment helps distinguish the brand; but I personally have been most impressed by the steadfast commitment from senior leadership at the firm to the community and helping make a real impact and difference locally. We also had what I have described as beautiful social choreography, successfully using Facebook as a second-screen experience so that supporters could engage with us and comment while watching the show.
Without the opportunities to advertise in our retail branches or experiment with TV, our options to grow the program would have been limited.
There are few approaches that offer better speed to market, so if you are looking to ensure sustainability of an online community platform, you cannot stop listening.
In a few short years, consumers have told us they’ve gone from fearing technology to fearing being without it. We, as marketers, need to greet our customers at that ‘doorway.’ Mobile first means that marketers sometimes need to think about engaging their customers with utility first and messaging second.
One of the ways Ford is successfully tackling this is by putting a significant focus on mobile and the “me” media. That brand has an extremely high Facebook PTAT score (People Talking About) of 25% when the Facebook brand average is 1.5%. We are creating tools and processes that will elevate the customer experience based on individual customer and patient needs. It was aimed at converting manual toothbrush users to the benefits of power brushing; the success of it was driven by this unique combination of traditional and non-traditional touch points, all seamlessly connected and sequenced, and built around an interactive Facebook page. Consumers will not just see content, but will feel it and will feel much more connected to it – not like the impersonal, mass-produced content of the past,” expressed Scott. Delivering that content via both digital and mobile will be a big part of how they communicate with them this year. Further, the SBA says actual spending depends on your industry and may go as high as 20 percent for consumer-focused industries. Phonebooth OnDemand has all the stuff you need: auto-attendants, voicemail to text transcriptions, call forwarding, and unlimited local & long distance calling. I recommend the surf and turf, a delicious Filet Mignon and our Lobster Tail topped with a garlic butter sauce.  Can I offer anyone dessert?  Would you like an after dinner drink, maybe an espresso?
We believe our customers want to know about the conscious decisions we are making every day to bring them great tasting, high quality food they can trust. For every circle of five friends formed, Panera will work with our Foundation to provide a bowl of our Black Bean soup to a person in need through our alliance with Feeding America, up to a total of 500,000 bowls. By activating a continuous series of efforts against hunger in the US, we believe we can scale our hunger initiatives and make a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.
In the process, we now have a new vehicle to connect fans to their passion for sports in an immersive way and we think it presents new marketing opportunities for us as well.
Making sure we can amplify their thoughts through digital and social media platforms in order to fuel organic awareness of the product is the near-term focus. We asked Joseph Tripodi, EVP and Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer to elaborate on those three principles.
Most importantly, these awards came across award categories (Mobile, Out-of-Home, TV, Integrated), across Brands (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite) and across geographies (Latin America, Asia Pacific, North America). Instead we’re driving discipline and focus in how and where we put resource and investment.
We chose to engage our customer base and employees as an important strategic objective in order to create a more sustainable program that would be embraced by the Chase community long-term.
By the time voting opened, a majority of those charities had readied their supporters, and we closed the program with a record of 1.5 million votes. During the show broadcast, viral reach on Facebook peaked at over 20 million users and we complemented this with Twitter using our celebrity talent to drive social conversation and amplify PR efforts.
Digital and social media are important parts of the marketing media mix, delivering more efficient plans but it has not yet replaced mass media channels that continue to drive awareness more effectively. The combination of superfast networks, intuitive devices and the app explosion triggered a revolution that’s redefined how people live, work and play. Apps become the ‘new media.’ Mobilefirst means that brand experiences become personal and intimate versus mass, local or segmented. Think of it as a ‘mobile first’ foundation that will allow our imagination to be added,” concluded Coughlin. Whether it’s a Facebook post, a blog or a Tweet, this intersection of social and mobile means consumers are not only absorbing content, but now they have the immediacy to share and publish their thoughts with a global network. Brand marketers are going to start looking at ‘engagement potential,’ which will be a combination of category, brand and campaign engagement potential,” predicted Lysyj. This starts with a digital interface that fuses preferences and insights from the ExtraCare savings and rewards program. Our customers shopped across our category assortments for gifts, and we were especially pleased with the response to our monogrammed notebooks, as we continue to build out our personalization category. And the savings are huge – around 60% less than you’re paying today on your monthly phone bill….
From bread baked fresh daily to antibiotic-free chicken, these types of conscious choices help us build deeper relationships with our customers. As mentioned, the Food Chain Reaction is the latest in a series of company initiatives in this crucial area – and another effort that raises awareness of the issue with our customers and provides them a point of access to make their own difference. In 2013, focus is a business imperative — our goal isn’t just more work, it’s more good, relevant, break-through, value-creating work. We continue to evaluate the impact of this past year’s efforts and discussions are ongoing for 2013. Think about the two things that would cause you to turn around and go home if you forget them – your wallet and your smartphone (at AT&T, we’re working to eliminate the wallet!). This allows Farley and his team to facilitate an authentic and rich conversation with Ford’s audience that transcends traditional marketing. It means personalizing the physical store environments through a store clustering effort to tailor products and services. These values can move our customers from preference to affiliation with the by-product being increased transactions in both the near and long term.
Last November, the company and the Panera Bread Foundation launched a strategic alliance with Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief charity, to stock food banks in more than 75 markets with Panera’s Black Bean soup. There is a direct correlation to the strength and power of our creative work and the strength and power of our business results. And just last month, in Boston, the Panera Bread Foundation opened its fifth non-profit Panera Cares® community cafe, where customers are asked to share in the responsibility of feeding those in need.
Mobile data traffic on the AT&T network alone increased more than 20,000 percent from 2007 to 2011,” stated Coughlin.

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