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Email marketing may seem old-fashioned and outdated, especially with social networks like Vine and Snapchat making headlines and gaining new users every day. Digital marketing channels are incredibly powerful tools to raise awareness of and interest in your brand.
Many small business owners must be fluent in marketing not only to consumers, but also to other businesses.
As a small business, everything is done on a tight budget, and when it comes to digital marketing, it can seem like the bigger companies have all the advantages. Small businesses are generally limited not just in terms of money but in time, resources and personnel. The difficult and exciting thing about being a small business is that you have to do so much yourself, running your company whilst possibly wearing multiple hats of IT, accounting, human resources and marketing. The ins and outs of digital marketing can seem overwhelming, but it’s not brain surgery or even computer programming. Your small business can build relationships with these social influencers and in turn have them promote your company to their audiences. Communicating your message via Multimedia is a very valuable, unique and powerful way to enhance your brand. From mobile, podcasts to videos and infographics to photographs, there are numerous ways besides text to catch the attention of your customers and convey valuable information, and most of them do not require strong technical skills. Crowdfunding is not appropriate for every type of business or project, but it can be an excellent tool for some. Establish a blog on your company website, but don’t stop there. Genuine guest blogging on relevant websites brings visitors back to your own website, whilst providing a community with informative and educational content. Try to establish a wide net; for example, if you run a small shop that specializes in hand-knitted winter goods, you might find customers in places as diverse as mummy blogs, outdoor sporting blogs and fashion blogs. Be sure that you have a Google+ page for business as well as encouraging your customers to check in regularly on your chosen social channels. Firstly, posting regularly on Google+ can ensure your content is immediately indexed in Google for search and raise the profile of your business in search results. Having customers check in will promote your business among their connections and posting regularly lets others see what you do right. Running a small business can often make you feel like you spend more time putting out fires than crafting strategies, but taking the time to create a good digital marketing plan will pay off in the long run. In the digital age, there is an abundance of creative ways in which you can engage your business with prospective customers. If you are new to digital, experienced or are unsure how to apply digital best practices to your business, then I encourage you to do your research first and map out a clearly defined plan. The above tips are designed to help stimulate your thought process and encourage you to engage with digital tech, tools and ideas. A recent study by B2B researchers Clutch looked at digital marketing by small business in the US. What’s holding the other 56% back?  According to the survey, it’s cost and inexperience with the tools. Generally, small businesses don’t invest much into marketing, digital or otherwise, and it’s the first place they cut in a tight business market. This trend may change, however, with over 70% of small businesses surveyed indicating that they plan to implement a digital marketing strategy in future.

This stat still surprises me given the massive amount of digital technologies available for small businesses to target and connect with their customers – only 80% of small businesses use social media and many continue to underutilize SEO, blogging and video. Further, a funnel like this works well when you’ve already narrowed down which tactical executions need to take place.
For instance, something I hear a lot is, “We definitely want more awareness, but we care most about getting new leads and customers. Ever wonder why you can’t seem to turn website visitors who download your content pieces (e.g.
One of the main reasons why you invest your time and money into marketing is to get more sales, right? Did you know that 8 out of 10 people take the time to read a headline, but only 2 out of 10 continue with the rest of the piece? Creating engaging content has become increasingly important for any company looking to acquire new customers, with many increasing the amount of budget they allocate to this form of marketing.
Small business online advertising is an under used marketing strategy.The feedback I hear often from business owners like you is that the entire concept of using the Internet for advertising still seems like a mystery.
If this small business online advertising strategy sounds interesting to you, I invite you to take an initial step toward a partnership between the two of us.Simply fill out the form below and Ia€™ll be in touch to discuss your business idea!Then, Ia€™ll be in contact with you to discuss your options.
Responses to the following nine questions provide insight into how overwhelmed small business owners feel about their marketing. What do you use to store contact information for your leads and customers and follow up with them? Do you have an email list that prospective customers can subscribe to (or “opt into”)? If you are planning to use digital marketing in your business in 2016, what will be your primary goals?
Of the following options, what is the biggest challenge you’ll face in your digital marketing in 2016? Uber exists because of the growing need for highly flexible part-time work to supplement incomes. California business partners Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russel, owners Equator Coffees & Teas, were named 2016 SBA National Small Business Persons of the Year. However, email is still one of the most effective marketing strategies your small business can use to reach a dynamic range of customers. On any given day, you’re being pulled in a million different directions, you’re exhausted after staying up way later than humans should, and you’re strapped for cash.
For example, a car parts distributor may need mechanics at auto shops to buy their parts as much as they need the individual DIY fixer upper to grab one off the shelf. However, there are a number of digital marketing strategies small businesses can employ to market themselves without breaking the bank.
You can teach yourself what you need to know with sites like this one on SEO for Beginnersand carry out your marketing plan with more confidence. They are not celebrities but people who are well known and influential within their own fields. Your business will raise its profile, raise money and be able to take on a special project or area that you have lacked the resources for in the past.

This can also establish you as a thought leader within your industry and help you build a loyal audience. What other creative digital marketing ideas can you come up with and how will you apply them to your small business?
They asked 352 small business owners and managers about their marketing practices, discovering that only 44% are engaged in digital marketing. Many small business owners are not digital natives, and are intimidated by the seeming complexity of establishing a digital marketing strategy. We can help you create a digital marketing strategy that offers flexibility while utilizing the right channels for engaging with your audience.
The proliferation and saturation of technology can make any small business owner feel overwhelmed without a clear direction of what the right marketing mix should be to make the largest impact. The struggle behind misplaced advertising dollars comes down to not having a clear marketing strategy which has always plagued startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs (fast fact: 50% of companies fail within their first five years of being in business). Then, we place your One Page Listing here on my site.Youa€™ll benefit from a quick and long-lasting search engine ranking for your chosen keyword that now drives traffic to your One Page Listing. This results in a quick rise to the top of the search engines and allows for long-lasting success.Remember, if youa€™re not on the first page of the search engines for your targeted keyword, it doesna€™t matter how many people are looking it up each montha€¦you arena€™t being found by the people youa€™re looking to sell to!
Recently, Infusionsoft, a small business marketing management platform and LeadPages, a platform used for digital lead generation and subscription campaigns, sponsored a survey in which more than 1,000 small businesses answered a set of questions that reveal how small business owners feel about their marketing effectiveness and use of digital marketing tools.
They also suggest there are great opportunities for companies that focus on educating and inspiring small business owners with the skills and confidence they need to reach new customers and build deeper relationships with the customers they already have.
They realize that Facebook or Twitter or traditional forms of marketing should be secondary to the direct-to-customer opportunity that comes with creating your own place on the web. Helping small business see beyond the tools and helping them reap the benefits is a great opportunity for the platform companies. You, too, are the lifeblood of the American economy — and the economy of your hometown. Each marketing channel has the potential to influence one another, and when executed well, can mean the sum of coordinating your digital marketing efforts is greater than that of its individual parts. Of those that are leveraging some form of online marketing, 82% believe that it is imperative to their business success.
In a previous blog post, I highlighted 17 inbound marketing tools you should be using – this is a great place to get started in terms of exploring various tools and deciding which will be the best fit for you. There are so many resources that talk about what you should be doing and so many marketing tactics you should be implementing that the ability to actually focus becomes an even larger challenge.
If you’re still not sure about where to really get started, feel free to check a few of the free marketing resources created just for you here.

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