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SMS Marketing tips, reviews and insights are available to you for FREE with just a few clicks of a button!
Imagine your target audience having your organization's latest updates, offers, discounts and more at the touch of a button?
Text messages are a fact of life – with more than a trillion texts sent and received each year – it is now more common to text than to call someone. It’s easy to get started using bulk SMS marketing to reach out directly to your customers cell phones with information and offers. With our free training on text message marketing for spas and salons and free text message marketing software, you can launch a program today that will increase revenues and market your brand. Our course includes download links for free SMS marketing software and all the strategies you need to implement SMS marketing – Toronto cell users are waiting to hear the chirp of a text message in their inbox from you! If you want to be a text message marketing reseller you should read our Lime Cellular reviews.
Absolutely – our free training on text message marketing for bars and text message marketing for restaurants is perfect for anyone who owns or manages a hospitality business. There are endless strategies you can create using SMS marketing for bars and SMS marketing for restaurants to drive business and increase loyalty in your patrons through building a mutually beneficial digital relationship! Absolutely – in fact your flock is probably texting during sermons and as they walk in and out the doors of the church. SMS marketing for churches is particularly great for youth ministers – do you ever see a teenager without a cell phone in hand, thumbs a blazing? SMS marketing for churches can offer scriptures and inspirational messages each day to keep your flock engaged with you and the Lord! Try our free training today on text message marketing – Toronto church-goers are ready to hear from you on their mobile phones – many churches have launched effective program of SMS marketing – Toronto is a mobile-agile society and speaking their language on their preferred conduit just makes sense.
I’m a Realtor, So I Don’t Always Know Who My Potential Customers Are – How Do I Reach Them With Text Message Marketing for Real Estate?
Try our free training today on text message marketing – Toronto realtors are getting on the mobile marketing bandwagon – don’t be left behind. Let us show you the power of SMS marketing – Toronto mobile phones users are texting constantly and your business can become part of the dialog. Toronto Ontario Text Message Marketing Training Videos are Inside - Get them for a limited time! Small businesses and organizations of all types are realizing that having a text message marketing strategy is essential to compete in the mobile economy. What happens if you got consent to send a customer SMS marketing messages, but now that customer denies it? To protect your business from future TCPA SMS marketing disputes, it is advisable to maintain each customer’s consent for at least four years from that date in which it was given, which is the federal statute of limitations for bringing an action under the TCPA. Keep copies of all advertising that promotes your SMS marketing campaign and provides evidence that the consent disclosures were present. Keep a record of all mobile-terminated and mobile-originated messages to and from all SMS subscribers interacting with your SMS marketing campaign.
Evidence of Internet-provided written consent includes, but is not limited to, screenshots of the consent webpage as seen by the customer, a complete data record submitted by the customer (with time and date stamps) and the customer’s web IP address.

Keep a record of all mobile-terminated and mobile-originated messages to and from all SMS subscribers from your SMS marketing campaign.
Want to learn more about the TCPA and it’s impact on SMS marketing? Download our free guide on TCPA SMS marketing compliance.
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There has been a sharp rise in the number of mobile users across the country giving many large companies and organizations a new method to communicate to their potential customers by using mobile advertising.
SMS marketing is like a huge branch of a tree serving not just the companies but also musicians, retail shops, restaurants, schools and universities and different corporations that need to reach thousands of people concerning their work immediately. As compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing costs very little and the users are in total control of the process. We have helped several restaurants take advantage of text message marketing and here’s what we’ve found in the two most important areas.
When the weather looks bad the restaurant can send out a “show your phone” offer that afternoon hitting the target audience at the moment when they will make plans for the evening.  Promotions like “Brave the snow and we’ll give you a free entree when you buy another. If you’re responsible for marketing one or more restaurants, and would like to hear more about our SMS marketing software, please call JA Interactive at 1-888-932-0999 or request an online demo here. Are Your Clients Asking About Text Messaging?We recently created a 10 page guide to help you quickly understand SMS marketing, answer common questions, and begin to strategize your client's first campaign. JA.TXT has helped our chapter implement a simple and reliable text messaging campaign since June 2009.
Ready to See More?We would be happy to give you a quick online demo of our software, discuss your plans for SMS marketing, and go over pricing.
One of these oft-missed channels is something that potential customers (and probably everyone you know) use every day: SMS. Dataslices is market leader in providing premium, most updated database for SMS marketing.
Our bulk SMS analysts are experts; they know the importance of targeting your message to the right audiences. To Broadcast SMS campaigns on client's database, we use the most compatible platform for any format of data. Dataslices helps you to generate new business leads by sending your message on our profiled, most accurate Middle East business & individuals data.
Select from our generalize databases you can reach spread your message to specific country, city or to general public.
This free online video training will show you how to promote your small business with messages sent directly into the hands of your customers!
This is the preferred method of contact for most Canadians, whether it’s friends, family or a business trying to contact them – they liked to be reached with text message marketing. With simple text message marketing software, you can easily generate 10x higher response rates than newspaper advertising and 5x better response rates than direct mailing. Toronto consumers want to hear from you via bulk SMS marketing with offers and mobile coupons – don’t disappoint them.
SMS marketing for salons is being used by hip salons all over Toronto to drive business – SMS marketing for salons allows you to reach your customers in a direct and intimate way to build your relationship.

Text message marketing for churches is hot right now – you don’t want to think of your church as a business, but bottom line, you need to fill seats in order to spread the good word. For real estate SMS marketing, Toronto is a perfect environment to try this tool – just download a free text message marketing software package (after you watch our free videos) and you’ll be off and texting with SMS marketing for real estate.
In a dispute over whether or not SMS marketing consent was obtained from a customer, it’s your business’ responsibility to bear the burden of proof and demonstrate that a clear and conspicuous disclosure was provided.
That’s easy to do when you have a piece of paper with your customer’s written consent on it, but what about when you get your customers’ consent digitally? Customers hardly stop to read a hoarding but are very particular about the messages they receive on their phone thereby paying attention to the content of the message.
With the help of Mobilla, they can send messages to their customers situated in any part of the country. Show this message to you server” have delivered redemption rates of 10-15% for restaurants with an SMS marketing database. Dataslices has done hundreds of successful targeted SMS campaigns on our premium databases.
Provide us your required audience group details & leave the rest on us to find best contacts for you. Toronto consumers read their texts within  minutes – and read 90% of them – there’s no spam filter there to block you. Through SMS marketing for salons, your text communications will encourage loyalty and increased patronage – the same with SMS marketing for spas. If you are ready to launch a program of text message marketing, Toronto is ready to hear from you.
You aren’t allowed to send unsolicited text messages, so you must create strategies for them to text you and then you can respond and build from there.
Cut throat competition compels every entrepreneur to introduce new marketing strategies, inculcate different yet effective tools to improve their sales and at the same time keep their actual customers updated and informed about the launch of their product or service.
Every customer will be given a unique local phone number giving the users complete liberty to choose whichever keyword they want to send their message. They ardently believe in customer satisfaction and making this software as customer centric as possible.
Our automated system filters your database and sends only to the correct number & you pay only for the delivered messages. Learn how DMD marketing – Toronto business owner training can help you – you can try it now and its free! Powered by latest web technologies, Mobilla is entirely cloud based and is inter-connected with over 60 mobile networks worldwide so that your message can be delivered without any delay to every one of your customers. It is nothing but a process of sending short text messages in bulk that reach your target audience in no time.

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