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Marketing through SMS hits your targets anywhere also helps you to convert leads into customers.Offering a wide range of Bulk SMS Marketing Solution to suit every customer’s need. Our service is highly intuitive and simple to use, even for staff with limited computing skills.
We provide high quality, mission critical, business SMS software to companies who rely on us to get their messages delivered fast. Octosys Itech SMS Marketing solution will help  you in building your social identity.Interact with your customers directly. With the Internet, e-marketing has become an essential tool that every business should have so as to maximize its presence in the current world. The use of experienced online marketing firms has enabled firms to concentrate on their core areas of business and leave marketing and increasing sales to these firms. They are an online marketing company providing services for SMS Marketing and hosting, that are directly connected to etisalat and du (UAE based telecommunication Companies).
Anyone who has been successful with digital marketing will tell you for free that consistency is one of the key elements in SMS marketing. If you’re a small business owner, you have already known how important it is to have a financial plan. As a small business owner, you should be pretty familiar with the term ROI, or return on investment.
You’ve joined forces with a top online texting service, and are ready to take the next step.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing provides the lowest cost and highest return rate that is definitely a boon to today’s shrinking marketing budgets. The SMS campaign infrastructure is2 such that new campaigns messages can be set up in minutes. The SMS campaign infrastructure offers opportunity to execute3 campaign from idea to delivery in minutes. The average time for all mobile4 carriers and SMS services are less than 7 seconds from send to receive. Response rates of the SMS campaigns are immediate because they are real-5 time and calls to action can be acted upon faster than traditional advertising.
The SMS marketing offers advertisers7 full control over message designing, development and dissemination. SMS opt-in and opt-out has only one step, and besides entering a mobile8 number, there is rarely any personal information required up front.

Mobile phone users represent all demographics which makes SMS9 marketing tool of limitless opportunities.
SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other10 marketing strategy, and there aren’t any barriers.
The 160-character length of SMS is a11 boon for advertisers as it forces them to be clear and concise. SMS marketing strategies are effortless to implement yet have a14 higher return on investment than other forms of marketing.
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Bonne nouvelle pour tous les utilisateurs des SMS, qui voyagent en Europe utilisent le Roaming, les tarifs d’itinerance internationale vont baisser, et ce par un mecanisme d’encadrement des tarifs a partir du 01 mai 2016. Dit simplement ROI = Montant investi compare au resultat obtenu en CA ou Chiffre d’Affaires. L’evolution des nouveaux supports de communication digitale comme internet, les smartphones, ou encore les tablettes, ont profondement influence le comportement des consommateurs.
Rapide et percutant, une campagne de marketing multicanal bien faite aura des retombees, car il touchera forcement la cible souhaitee et visee. Le SMS dans une strategie marketing multi-canal est apprecie pour recevoir des informations pertinentes. Vous ne savez pas comment envoyer une campagne marketing mobile et vous recherchez une solution pour communiquer avec vos clients et prospects? Presentation  video  de la societe CLEVER Technologies, editeur Francais independant qui developpe des applications SMS Marketing pour communiquer avec les clients et prospects dans le monde du marketing direct sur mobile. It is incredibly powerful and continually being enhanced to bring users new features and functionality. With our direct connections to all the India mobile networks and our excellent global coverage, we provide a superior service, because we know that every message matters.
Being an SMS Marketing firm in Dubai UAE, this firm provides services in SMS marketing and hosting, and they use integrated gateway through SMPP. With Vertilex, you have a simple and easy way to send online SMS marketing texts to all your clients from the comfort of your workstation.
For any firm that want to cut marketing costs, this is the app they need as the price is affordable.
They do have more than 3 million cell phone subscribers all over UAE; they can filter our database with city, nationality, gender, Age and salary. It’s not only an affordable method of mobile communication, but it’s also a channel that enables small business owners to grow their businesses effectively without having to spend too much.

If you fail to provide consistency in your marketing campaigns, then don’t be surprised to see low engagement rates and extreme effectiveness in your campaign.
If you have been looking at your income only, then you are missing out on something important – your marketing spend. You should, at the very least, be able to explain simple campaign development, and understand the importance of valuable and exclusive incentives. Your SMS marketing results solely depend on your total number of subscribers, and how often they engage.
For example, Facebook doesn’t allow you to private message customers from your business page.
It’s definitely not for everyone, and although the risk is high, the reward can also be great.
We are providing you best bulk sms marketing, bulk sms services,free sms service, free sms service in india, bulk sms gateway, bulk sms india, short code, long code. I was in the grocery store the other day, and saw the following SMS marketing call to action from Pepsi Max, telling customers to text PEPSIMAX to 710710 to enter their contest.
Just wanted to share this, hopefully it may spark some creativity when advertising your next SMS marketing campaign.
ROI, c’est l’acronyme a la mode et utilise dans les actions de marketing, pour mesurer les resultats et la rentabilite, en mettant precisement en relation, l’activite que la campagne aura genere, et en la comparant aux couts globaux engendres, par la dite campagne. Ce ne sont pas les methodes qui manquent, ce qui fait defaut c’est le choix des plus performants et qui apporte du resultat. Il etait de ce fait necessaire que les entreprises adaptent leurs strategies de communication, pour attirer les consommateurs, mais aussi pour se demarquer de la concurrence avec une Strategie digitale innovante. Vertilex app has tailor-made packages depending on the size of the text you want to send and the more SMS you send, the more discounts your firm receives.
SMS marketing enables you to easily reach your customers via online text serving,  marketing your company’s special deals, coupons, special news and much more.
If your subscribers aren’t paying attention to offers and campaigns, your efforts will totally be in vain. ROI is a form of measurement that helps you determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
Pour un plan marketing efficace, il doit en premier lieu se baser sur la communication par des approches personnalisees, en utilisant les differents supports existants.

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