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School is swinging into full gear and routines are being reestablished so as a family we sat down with our thirteen year old daughter and together came up with the following guidelines. I will allow my parents to set my privacy settings and parental control settings on all my accounts and will not change these settings without permission. I will provide my parents with my passwords for all social media accounts and not change passwords without their permissions.
I will never give out personal information (passwords, my name, age, our address, or other personal information) online or by text without my parents’ permission knowing that identity theft is real.
I will get permission to join any social media site or to download software, songs, apps, etc. I understand that my parents have a right to check my media history on all connected devices.  If I delete any history I will lose media privileges and will let my parents know why I deleted the history. I will use connected devices only outside of school time unless discussed beforehand or common sense dictates a need to use.
I will maintain my best effort during the school year and dedicate myself to the extra curricular activities I’m signed up for. I will ask for permission before watching sitcoms, movies or videos either online or on the TV even if I must call or text my parents while visiting a friend’s home. I will not use the Internet inappropriately to slander, speak negatively, or bully anyone nor will I participate with others doing so.  I will let my parents know if others are unkind or offensive to me. I will alert my parents if I’m sent or come across pornography, anything inappropriate or that makes me feel uncomfortable.
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If your boss asks you how many pages will the Social Media policy be, you can do two things. If any school, department or office wants to create a social media account, the Office of Marketing & Communications (MarCom) should be notified in advance.
All social media passwords should follow the Policy on Enterprise Passwords as stated by Information Technology Services.
The Office of Marketing & Communications should also be notified as to who the new social media contact person will be. To monitor social media accounts, Facebook Insights, which is accessible from within your Facebook page, is an appropriate tool to measure your efforts. If you do opt to use a personal identity and are selecting a photo as the avatar or icon, be mindful that you are representing yourself and the university. How your page looks is an extension of its content, so be conscious of what personality you are projecting through colors and graphics. Do not use the university or college logos—they will not present properly in these small applications.
The use of the seal is reserved for the official Northeastern University accounts run by the Office of Marketing and Communications and the Office of Alumni Relations. Do not use the athletics or alumni relations logos; they are reserved for their offices only and variations are not permitted. While we want to promote free speech, remove posts that are profane, in violation of privacy, or otherwise inappropriate. We want our staff, councillors and partners to think about how social media can help us to achieve specific outcomes, work together better, improve public services and contribute to the aims of Kirklees Council.

If you’re just getting started, read our social media guidelines and find out more about using images and videos. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. HomeVoice & DataMinistry of Communications and IT issues Social Media Guidelines to Govt. In a recent memorandum the Ministry of Communications and IT has issued certain mandatory guidelines to Government employees. The social media guidelines issued by Ministry shows the growing adoption of social media in government circles.
In the past, decisions to hire an employee were based on the information listed on their resume, a few phone calls, and an in-person interview. According to two Pew Internet Research survey’s of 700 and 935 teens, 38% of respondents ages 12 to 14 said they had an online profile of some sort.
61% percent of those in the study, ages 12 to 17, said they use social-networking sites to send messages to friends, and 42% said they do so every day. When your child applies to college, will there be information floating around in the social media universe that keeps them from being accepted? When they step into a job interview, how many social skeletons will be waiting to haunt them? After they do land a job, will human resources discover an embarrassing video or revealing tweet that get’s them fired? This is why businesses have social media guidelines — to protect the company and to ensure their brand remains consistent to their voice. What sort of social media guidelines do you need to create in order to protect your children and ensure their successful future? Aside from the information they personally post online, think about establishing guidelines for the types of situations your children should avoid. You have a lot of options and tools available to you — and you should consider using them.
And as much as the Internet can provide a wealth of knowledge, interaction and entertainment.
Music, books, magazines, TV shows, computer games, apps, and movies are all considered media. We also reviewed which social media apps she is currently using, along with her passwords, history, and did a major reset as we love her and desire to help her make wise media choices. I understand that so long as I live at home my parents have the right to screen all media choices.
Remember, your eyes take in images that your mind cannot erase so don’t pollute your mind with trash. Follow these guidelines to maximize your social media strategy, and also be sure to consult the university’s appropriate use policy.
A direct supervisor of the employee must do so in a timely manner, and in accordance with the HRM Off-Boarding Toolkit. For LinkedIn, page administrators should sign up to receive email analytics reports directly from LinkedIn.

Inactive social media accounts look more out of touch than no social media presence at all. Both Facebook and Twitter have limited number of characters, and they are meant to be quick bursts of info. Each medium has a different audience, as well as different character limits, so craft your messages accordingly. John Doe in Marketing and Communications), you should consider keeping a non-personal name (e.g. We’ve also got some more specific advice for people using social media with children, young people and vulnerable adults as well as a good guide to responding to people on social media.
The ministry notes that most of the social media platforms are based out of India and are not governed by Indian laws, has advised employees to exercise due caution while posting on social media. Similar guidelines exist for employees in the private sector in order to ensure that everyone shares information responsibly. I interview people, write analytical articles, highlight customer issues and review devices. Use Glympse Express to create a link and track the Location on a Live MapThe Changing face of BSNL from a Customer Perspective. According to a study by Kaplan, 80% of America’s top colleges use social media in their recruiting process.
Situations where other people (friends, bystanders, and even boyfriends and girlfriends) can easily take photos, audio, and video of your children and post it on a social network.
If as parents we are to bring up our children in the way of the Lord we must be vigilant in helping them navigate social media choices and usage. Users should also work with the MarComm office to ensure their sites are running smoothly and in accordance with the policy. Twitter performance can be evaluated using Twitter Analytics, which is available directly through Twitter.
Even if your children aren’t the subject of the photo, their mere presence could still be damaging.
They will be connecting with friends and posting more information in the future than we can even imagine. He can defeat us through media distractions by keeping us busy clicking on links, watching funny videos, viewing and liking content.  Ask yourself if how you spend your time is pleasing to God.
Departments also may be interested in using other tools the university has access to, such as Radian6.
Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above ALL else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. MarCom is currently exploring tools that we can all use to monitor social media and limit our exposure to malware.

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