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So – as an employer with social media facilities what should you be doing to reduce the possible risks but still reap the benefits? He adds: “The product or service our client offers will influence what is acceptable and what is not. A clearly defined policy ensures that all members of the team know where they stand regarding the use of social media whilst in the workplace.
Employers need to ensure that when dealing with this act of misconduct that the punishment fits the crime. Recent cases that have gone to an ET have shown that many Claimants try to rely on the Human Rights Act 1968. Business owners need to be aware that they can be held accountable for any discriminatory acts that take place whilst individuals are in their employment.
As with all policies and procedure introduced to a business, the company should ensure that access to the relevant documents is easily available. As an increasing number of cases regarding social media usage reaches Employment Tribunals in the UK, employers need to act now.
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The Independent reported that UK Police forces had to deal with over 800 potential breaches of social media guidelines by officers and civilian staff.
A comprehensive policy must also state that the guidelines apply outside of work as social media tends to be accessible everywhere. One of the first questions asked is whether the employee has seen the document, read it and had the opportunity to ask questions.

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It has created many opportunities for business too – freeing us from our desks and sharing information quickly and easily. Employers need to find the right balance between the advantages of social media and any potential problems that could occur from employee misuse. However ETs have been reluctant to support employees due how many social media channels operate and number of people that can see their content. Otherwise, were they simply given it on their first day and asked to sign it as with all the other documents needed?

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