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Atif Aslam’s concert that was to be held on April 25 has been cancelled due to strong threats by extremist Hindu religious party Shiv Sena. Sadia Khan a fashion model turned actress recently worked in her Bollywood Debut Movie ‘Dunno Y2- Life is a Moment’. Social media is a proof that Pakistani people are all eyes and watching everyday happenings and reacting to them.
Whereas mainstream media is commercial and requires large sum of money to run their operations.
With the boom of social media Where everyone has voice and people can communicate directly without the Need of any commercial medium.
Facebook and other social media accounts contains thousands of fake id’s and people use these id’s either to make fun of others to trap people who easily became a victim.
Facebook has launched Page Posts Organic location targeting services for the first time in Pakistan . One of the well known anchor of Pakistan Faisal Abbasi left Dunya News and joins capital TV.

Pakistani Singer Adnan Sami Khan has applied for Indian Citizenship for the second time, he has recently submitted his application. Veena Malik recently tweeted that she is leaving to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with her family. They have threatened and forced Anjaneya Sathe Group to cancel their event at Amanora Park Town featuring Atif Aslam. Before He was as a senior journalist in Islamabad, he has been with the channel for approximately eight years in two separate periods. Anchor person Adil Abbasi Sunday categorically disproved the rumors that had thought he was asked by Abb Takk TV management to leave. There are students, professionals, businessmen and people having access to more facilities than others in society. They are under influence of local and international establishments and put forward their agenda in one way or the other.
Recently Facebook just added the new location targeting services for the users in Pakistan.

According to the Indian media 43 years old Pakistani Singer has submitted his application for Indian citizenship again after two years. Zunaira Azhar has previously worked with many channels like PTV, Dunya TV, Samaa and others and currently joined Bol network. Faisal Abbasi started his media career as from Radio Pakistan in the year 2007 and has hosted more than 2000 radio shows. Which differs with mainstream media and certain so called self proclaimed journalists who are actually just opportunistic and get benefit of situations.

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