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As a publisher, it’s vital to integrate your social media efforts with your overall content strategy to successfully build a community on these networks around content.
It’s very important to know your audience demographics and their online habits before you formulate any strategy for them. It’s not necessary you have your audience everywhere, find out where you have them in maximum number and focus on those platforms, instead of scattering your attention everywhere. You can have a mix of interactive posts, informative ones, graphic and multimedia posts, but make sure you use them intelligently considering the targeted platform. And, for that just like you have an editorial calendar for your blog, you need to have a content plan to feed your social networks too.
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter are constantly evolving their platforms and introducing new tools for engagement. Apart from these things you can come up with an advertising plan to promote your message to get more visibility.
Learn how Betaout can help your ecommerce company drive more engagement and conversion across all channels. This is going to be the most important lesson of this entire course for many of you and hopefully it is going to help you comprehend both the positives and negatives that social can have on your activities online.
The above quote comes from the final lesson of the Online Entrepreneurship certification training. Lesson 10 in particular really get’s you thinking about how social media can work for you, but also sets some parameters to guard against simply wasting time. I’ll cover how I went through the training below, but for now let me just skim over some of the social media evaluation criteria. Firstly Kyle suggests that the time taken to deal with social media and reply to comments, questions and emails should be about 45 minutes per day (split morning, noon, end of day, or something similar)… seems doable? The alternative to engaging (joining the conversations, following others, asking questions, starting discussions etc) is SHARING. Sharing great helpful content does serve the community, but sharing takes a lot less time than full on engagement. Bare minimum activity is sharing something on a social network but always make sure your priority remains building quality content.
Previous day posts (post 1 , post 2) cover what I shall summarise as my lack of confidence in myself to be able to glean anything useful from social media.
Going forward I may choose to increase activity and even start to be proactive in discussions.
I an delighted to offer support and help but would like to try and focus that on email, website comments, Facebook page comments, and whatever results from Google +.
The beauty of gaining clarity on this pillar is that it informs both your positioning strategy and your overall marketing plan.
Think about the problem your potential customer has, and brainstorm how you can provide value through your content; then serve it up to them, thereby owning that space.

The companies that are most successful at producing excellent content use a marketing services bureau approach to pulling that information out of the heads of thought leaders.
The key to this production model is to make it extremely easy to get the raw material out, whether that’s through an interview, by drafting documents or by creating an outline.
It is then up to the marketing team to take that raw material and use it to create the best first deliverable.
If you are engaged in a content strategy, it is very likely that you are so focused on content development that you’ve missed one of the greatest content strategy opportunities – content repurposing. For example, when you interview a thought leader, your objective is to create raw material. Once you’ve mined that raw material, you should start with the highest value output and go from there. You may feel that producing content is good enough and that once it’s been published, the content will be found. Create a posting cadence across all of your social channels to alert people to the availability of your content. Approaching your B2B content strategy by leveraging these four pillars will increase the impact of your thought leadership, and help you achieve your marketing goals.
It’s very important to be clear about what you want to achieve with your social media efforts. For example, use the same logo everywhere to gain the trust of your users while interacting with your different social media accounts. To keep sharing timely & good quality content, you should have a preplanned content schedule. This way, you can also use your old & popular posts from archives rather than being dependent on the latest news. For example, sponsored stories on Facebook, promoted tweets will help you get a better exposure. Content repurposing is where you take the raw material discussed earlier and present it in a different way. For example, you might be producing the content for a blog post related to a product launch. In other words, tweet about it, and post it on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn more than once.
Not only can the deliverable be published, but that thought leadership content could be an enticement to get your thought leader interviewed for a podcast, a webinar or even for a speaking opportunity.
Follow his insights on marketing technology at the Crimson Marketing Technology Blog and read his upcoming book, Moneyball for Marketing: How Brilliant Marketers Use Big Data and Marketing Technology To Win. As well as understanding the problems your prospects have, it is important to understand where they are going to go when trying to solve those problems too. And, most of your target audience too is a part of this 1.5 billion social media population.

Different social networks have different audience with different motivations, you can’t have a uniform content strategy for them. Of course, you will be sharing links to your blog updates, but that’s not all you should be sharing. You can use ‘#’ tags to get your post and content to be seen by a huge audience who is looking for that specific keyword. Storytelling approach also helps in establishing personal connect with your audience and adds authenticity to your content. If you are not building and you are only socializing, your business is going to suffer as a result. It will lead to much more short term and long term success and yes, more social engagement. This is different from defining your positioning strategy, and it is also different from determining your value proposition. Not only do they need an easy way to get the information out of their heads, but they need someone who can take that information and put it into a compelling and coherent message. It could be a blog post, a presentation or an article, but it’s usually only one of those things, rather than all of them. Post at different times of the day, and spread your effort out over days, weeks and months. Rather, think of promoting a stream of content that comes from that thought leader and your company. This means that people who curate your content today will pay attention to content you produce in the future.
So it’s very important to strategize before you invest your time and money to boost your social media presence. Using the example of the raw material that turned into a blog post and was then repurposed, here are some ways to think about promoting that content. You want to be known as a company that is highly knowledgeable about both the problem and its related solutions. Once that water has passed, no one is going to see it again, so when your readers revisit the waterfall, you want to present them with material they may have missed before. Social networks are just the platform, creating engagement with your content is the key to social media success. The point here is that you should put just as much energy into repurposing as you put into creating the original content.

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