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In my opinion, one reason why social media is an effective internet-marketing tool is its popularity.
Although social media is effective, you still need to make sure that important elements are present in your fan page. Value:  Make sure that your fan page will look valuable in the eyes of your target audience.
Memorable: Make sure that you have presented the products and services in your fan page in a way that visitors will have a hard time forgetting it. Persistence: You can never convince your target audience to buy your products and services in one try. While following these steps, you should also look for offers and discounts to help you with your social media marketing campaigns.
Because of the tight competition, you need to do everything to make people aware of the products and services that you are offering.

Statistics have shown that more than half a billion people visit social media sites every day. Present them in an entertaining way, make it look a bit controversial, or present it in a funny way. If you have set unrealistic expectation for the people, you will pay for the consequences later. If your target audience finds it difficult to navigate your page, it is more likely that they will click back button and go browse other fan pages.
You need to make sure that you will communicate with them to convince them to buy your products and services. Even if you think that your target audience is not responding to you, keep on doing what you have to do and you will reap the rewards eventually. Of course, there are different methods that you can use to advertise your business to your target audience.

People of all ages use social media, which allows you to reach out your target audience easily. It also allows you to create your own fan page and gain followers, which in turn can do the advertising for you for free. In case you are looking for an affordable way of promoting your products and services, then I think social media is your best choice.

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