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Of course to get the best results you’ll also need a quality video editor, and MAGIX latest release, Movie Edit Pro 17, has a lot to recommend it.
New features in this version include the ability to import videos directly from your iPhone, for instance. You then get 32 tracks to play with, a host of tools for trimming and organising your clips, fixing problems, adding titles and transitions, fades and special effects, custom soundtracks and more.
An enhanced and very configurable travel route animation tool will help add a professional touch to the presentation of your movies.
When you’re done, this version can now upload your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo in their 1080p, Full HD glory, as well as exporting them to AVCHD discs with animated menus. And MAGIX have even thrown in some bonus tools, adding more special effects, title and text effects, even 3D animation software. You have the option to import your footage directly from DV or Mini-DV camcorders, for instance, along with HDV cameras, web cameras, TV tuners or just about any other video source that you might have available. Or, if you already have the movie available in a video file, then Movie Edit Pro 17 supports importing all the main formats: AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MXV, MJPEG, QuickTime, and WMV(HD).
The program now also supports reading MP3 and OGG audio files directly, without needing to convert them to the WAV format internally, which helps to cut resource use just a little. You don’t have to learn these features all at once, though, and once you start using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 in a real project then everything begins to fall into place fairly quickly. You can then optionally split scenes further yourself, perhaps removing the beginning or end of a clip to focus on the really important footage.
At the simplest you might just drag and drop a corrective video effect or two onto your scenes. More powerful options include an image stabilisation filter which aims to compensate for camera shakes. And better still is the excellent Audio Cleaning dialog, which includes declipper, dehisser, and a very configurable denoiser filter, along with a 10-band equalizer, a compressor, and a stereo FX tool that can both extend the stereo width or tweak the balance of your audio track. They’re a quality set of tools, then, which can help to compensate for many problems in your original footage.
By default the program will simply cut from one scene to another, but if you’d like something more imaginative then Movie Edit Pro has plenty of options on offer. Advanced video effects include an effective chroma key option, many picture-in-picture tools, and almost 60 movement templates (scenes can be introduced via kaleidoscope effects, spiral effects, rotations and a host of zooms). And MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 now includes the proDAD Adorage Starter Pack, which adds 155 new video effects to the mix. Elsewhere, the Title effects have been redesigned so that you work with them almost entirely on the preview window. Drag and drop a titles effect like one of the rotations, say, and a box appears on the preview window. And the inclusion of proDAD Heroglyph Rapid 2.6 provides even more customisable animated text effects, from flying words to Star Wars-style scrolling, rotating scripts and more, each with your choice of custom fade in and fade out.

The Slideshow Maker is an excellent tool that allows you to quickly convert a series of photos into a stand-alone movie.
And the Soundtrack Maker is an intelligent wizard that will quickly generate backing music for your videos. Also available with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 is Reallusion iClone 4 SE, a very powerful 3D modelling tool.
The most convenient option could be to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, however, and MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 now allows you to directly upload your movie in Full HD (1080p) format: just enter a title, description, keywords and category, choose you resolution, enter your account details and the program takes care of everything for you. Put it all together, then, and MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 proves a very powerful video editor with plenty of features and functionality. If you need even more, though, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus extends the program’s capabilities in many interesting areas.
The first time you open some MPEG-4 type of file, you are presented with a dialog screen that has you activate (or whatever)the codec without additional payment. If you're looking for a free Office-compatible suite then there's plenty of choice around, with tools like LibreOffice and offering a host of powerful features. Emulation is nothing new: as soon as 16-bit computers like the Atari ST or Amiga came on to the scene, coders attempted to emulate their 8-bit forebears like the Spectrum or Commodore 64. When installing a product from a security company we normally wonder how much it's going to slow our PC down.
Windows users who need to cut quick (and, yes, a little dirty) video should take a look at MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.
Let’s call it “sportsmanlike.” Maybe you have a new 4K extreme-sports camera and a dream to produce your own version of The Endless Summer. If you come back with a couple of angles on the action, there’s a rudimentary multi-cam edit mode.
If the available light on your shoot wasn’t great, there’s a two-level color corrector to pull more goodness from your images.
These can then be customised by dragging and dropping effects, fades, titles and other objects onto each video, while more advanced options are available via the right-click menu, and the preview window allows you to check your work whenever it’s convenient.
The scenes may be rearranged within the timeline with a little judicious dragging and dropping. Figuring out the correct settings for this can take a little while, but it generally does a good job.
You may freely drag and drop this around, resize it, double-click to enter your choice of text, and so on, then click Play to preview the results in the same window.
When you want to open some MPEG-4 type of file, you are led to a website to pay for registration of a codec, some GBP 3.99 I think. Or you bought into 3D stereoscopic and yearn to really pop open people’s eyes (Plus and Premium levels only). It makes notably efficient use of your CPU, and of your GPU if you’re running Windows 7 or above.

New in this release is an HDR effect mode, which tries to pull more contrast in picture details for that “hyped-life” look.
You pop clips into pre-visualized stencil-like buckets and out spits your cinematic experience.
Which, while it isn’t much, is a little annoying as just about everyone will need to use it at some point.
And if you’ve spotted any technical problems with particular clips then they can be addressed in a variety of ways.
Just drag and drop the transition you need between a couple of scenes and it’ll be applied immediately.
So while this is an addition worth having, we suspect most people will use Heroglyph Rapid only occasionally, when the standard title tools aren’t quite good enough.
One more click and the program will add an appropriate and surprisingly effective soundtrack to your selected scene.
And when you’re finished, the program can now directly upload your movie to Facebook, as well as YouTube and Vimeo.
Still, if you stick to just drawing lines from one point to another then it makes high quality animations that are perfect for illustrating your last road trip or holiday tour. And this version now adds low-level control over the type, strength and duration of your image transitions and special effects, helping you to produce a professional quality video slideshow in just a minute or two. Like a few competitors, it edits in a proxy mode for data-gobbling high-resolution formats. If your intent is to impress a client (or a date) with your mastery of a starship’s worth of arcane buttons to push, you’ll be happy with this interface.
In part, because it’s a multi-level product—meaning the developers built a full-up version with professional aspirations, then watered it down across two lower-function, cheaper tiers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see MAGIX Movie Edit bundled with some extreme sports camera sometime soon. As you intercut action shots, you can feel the fluidity of motion without choking your platform. Except for its 4K chops, the software is on the stale side of current capabilities from competitors. Fail to bring esthetics (or a concept) to the party and you’ll get something like poorly animated cartoon chart-junk littering a bad Power Point.

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