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Apply Software Restriction Policies to the following: All software files except libraries (such as DLLs) and All Software. With the first option, I highly recommend you leave it as All software files except Libraries. To hide several folders at a time,A  press CNTRL and click all the folders you want to select, then right click the selection and go to properties and click the hidden attributes checkbox. In Explorer, go the Windows or WINNT Directory, then to System32, and look for the folder GroupPolicy. Copy this folder to your remote PCs windows\system32 directory and overwrite the existing one. WebJunction is the place where public library staff gather to build the knowledge, skills and support we need to power relevant, vibrant libraries.
We recently had a problem with students running a host of different executable files on the computers managed by IT services.
As well as this, students would be playing games that they has stored in their folders and on flash drives. Once we have identified where the students can write to, we can open the Group Policy Managments console and create a new policy. We have now set what file types we want restricted, now we need to specify the rules on how we enforce this. Change Apply software restriction policies to the following users: from All users to All users except local administrators.
Seeing as we dona€™t want to restrict all of \files\student, we will list all the sub folders.

You can also copy this to theA  target computer by ways of accessing their administrative share through your explorer window.
It is easy to remove games from students folders, but practically impossible to remove games from the students flash drives. You can make this domain wide so that is applies to everyone or select individual organisational units of either user or computer accounts.
Before we do this though, we want to make sure that these retrictions are not placed upon administrators of the computers.
Consider also if you are securing the thumbrives and you are on a PC that has multiple logical drives, that you need to restrict the correct drive letter that will be assigned to the thumbdrive. It is possible to overwrite the groupolicy folderA remotely even when there is a patron logged in at the time. This allowed students to have several virtual desktops and allow them to switch using a sinple keystroke. Not really sure where to start with this, I had a look around for group policies that might be able to help me out. Their desktop and My Documents folders are redirected to a UNC path \files\student\yearX\username\documents and \files\student\yearX\username\desktop.
You could remove everything except EXE files, but to be safe we will leave most file types there.
It is important to leave these, otherwise you could potentially lock all your users out from being able to use computers all together.
Since the PAC tool creates a temporary profile under the Document and Settings directory when a profile is loaded, you will need to include that temporary folder as well in the list.

You will need to remove this extension or else none of your shortcuts in your Desktop or Start Menu will work. This is the only remote place that they have read and write access to as well as a directory, c:\temp. I will be describing this on a per-computer basis, located in the root of the OU where all the computer accounts are located. As well as this, whenever a student logs into the computer it generates a folder in documents and settings, c:\Documents and Settings\username. Some people carry a folder with the IE Favorites in their Thumbdrives, this will permit them to view their favorite URLs.Hardening WindowsConsidering that Path Rules restrict executables from running in particular paths, there is possibility that a patron with good knowledge of windows can bypass these rules and run the applications from another location. Those administrators in a AD domain environment can you GPO to do the same job and the deployment side is muchA  easier compared with stand-alones.I hope I have not missed anything in these instructions and that it will be an easy step-by-step guide. Although they are using a manditory profile, Windows XP will generate a local profile once they log in. An explorer window pops up then you can easily cut and paste your .exe file there and run it unrestricted.

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