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As we have noted previously, for software and professional service companies, time is money. Understand Requirements – Once a relationship has been established, salespeople have to understand the problems that the customer needs solved. Proposing Solutions – The best way to show value to the customer is to solve their problem. Professional services automation software cannot do much with establishing relationships, understanding requirements or finalizing the deal.
If a software company has implemented a professional services automation software like NetSuite, then salespeople will probably have access to the resource management module. Besides resource management, professional services automation software also offers powerful sales estimating and forecasting tools. A professional services automation software like NetSuite could reduce the total amount of time spent on identifying and proposing the solution.
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So often—after we finish up a search—we aggregate the compensation data we’ve collected across the search, and share it back with the innovation community. This compensation data was specifically from those who had at minimum national sales responsibility for the U.S. The later the stage of company development, the lower the incentive compensation, the earlier the higher. To save time and make more money, managers should look for ways to shorten the sales cycle and close customers sooner. It may include cold calls, following up on references, and fielding inquires generated from marketing efforts.
Once the customer accepts the solution, the price needs to be set, lawyers need to finesse the legalese, and the contract needs to be signed. The purpose of this module is to track the expertise, capabilities, and skills of all the people at the firm.
With the estimation tools, salespeople can quickly determine whether the proposed solution will be profitable for the firm. In this case, we recently finished a VP Sales  search for a profitable SaaS software client located here in the Northeast  in November, 2011.

At Bi101, we believe that professional services automation software can help reduce the overall time spent in the sales cycle by providing salespeople better insight into resource management and through the use of project forecasting tools. Once a salesperson understands the customer requirements, they can use the professional services automation software to determine whether the firm has the necessary skills to deliver the required solution.
If they do not have the skills needed, the firm will now have time before the deal closes to acquire the necessary skills. With the forecasting tool, salespeople will also know whether the necessary resources will be available at the required time. These assurance can help the salespeople not only to close the proposed solution quicker, but also, as a side benefit, help establish trust with the customer.

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