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Word showed up a few hours ago that another new firmware update is now rolling out for the quad-core processor equipped HTC One X handset.
Accoridng to the reports from members over at XDA Developers Forum, the update weighs in at around 35MB of size and it fixes the color temperature issues, intermittent Wi-Fi disconnection issues and other typical bugs.
Mac users with a well developed musical side should be glad to learn that Apple has updated not only its media playing programs, but also its music production application, GarageBand. Mac users can update to the latest version of GarageBand either via their Macs' Software Updaters or by downloading the standalone installer package using the link below.
Rockstar has released a title update for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV, which fixes the invisibility bug and prevents cheat code exploits from being used in multiplayer games.
But Apple's Maps do have some good features, like 3D mapping, turn by turn directions, and traffic support. Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made available software updates for some of the newest handsets it released on the market last year, including the new X3-02 Touch and Type, and the older C6-00 and X6-00.
All updates are only minor firmware bumps, mainly set at offering improved performance levels, though some new features were also added into the mix, at least when it comes to the X6-00 handset. According to the release notes for this software, Nokia X6-00 owners out there would enjoy the Here and Now application included on their devices, offering information on one's current location, such as local weather forecast. Moreover the new release also comes with a new version of the browser, as well as with updated Ovi Maps and Ovi Store, not to mention that it offers easier chatting with friends in Ovi Contacts. Another Nokia phone which got updated right before the arrival of 2011 was Nokia 6700 slide, which now runs software version 61.004.

The same as with the aforementioned software updates for X3-02, C6-00 and X6-00, the new firmware for Nokia 6700 slide can be downloaded through Applications > Software Update on the handset, or via the Nokia Software Updater. Posted in ArticleTagged with: News, Update Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
To find out which Java Update you’re running, go to the System Preferences and click Software Update. On Mac OS X, Eclipse provides an automatic way to determine the directory of the installed JDK.
Furthermore, the update is required so that users can continue accessing and downloading lessons via the Lesson Store. As soon as the download is finished, double click the disk image icon, then double click the resulted installer package and follow the on-screen instructions.
So,A if you use the subway you may want to reconsider upgrading.A This is because Apple is now using its own mapping service instead of Google Maps. The virtual assistant can now tell you sports scores, book a reservation at your favorite restaurant, and let you know what movies are playing nearby. This update, along with having an inconveniently long name, addresses hanging issues experienced by some customers using the new 13″ MacBook Air. This update is a whopping 461KB in size, and can be acquired through Software Update located in the Apple menu.
The Internet Search application has been added as a customizable bookmark in your device web browser, for more convenient access to popular search engines.

This update seems to be a minor update since there are no discernible changes made to the Fire TV interface or menus.
Accessing its source code is, unfortunately, not so intuitive on Mac OS X Lion when using Eclipse. I’m not sure whether the JDK will be updated automatically when a new version becomes available. This update addresses a very specific issue wherein the a customers MacBook Air might freeze up when using iTunes. This article will guide you through the steps required to be able to view Java’s source code in Eclipse. Beside taking great pride in my work, I also love making music on my guitar, bass, and cajon. You can follow me on Twitter, or check out my open source projects on Bitbucket and my Wordpress plugins. These directories are displayed as files and you can’t browse their contents from within the dialog.

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