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A utilizacao do Software sera regida pelos termos do contrato de licenca para usuario final que acompanha ou esta incluido com o Software. Aceito tambem a instalacao da extensao do chrome que oferece automaticamente ofertas e descontos relevantes de acordo com minha navegacao. Capture e baixe videos em flash (FLV) e SWF do YouTube, MSN, Google, etc, alem de outros formatos de video, como WMV, ASF, AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, RM, RMVB, etc.
So a program which will download videos automatically or upon request in any desired format, or with the built in ability to convert to your favorite format, such as Sothink’s Web Video Downloader, which also includes a pretty comprehensive video converter, would be a handy thing to have.
Basically, when run, the program sits in memory, monitoring your web browser for any videos, in most common formats, which appear on the pages you visit.
Upon doing so, you are given an opportunity to choose the format in which to save the video, which is quite a comprehensive list of formats, including those used by portable media players such as ipod and mobile phone formats. The program options allow you to choose to monitor your browser for a variety of video formats (or not, if you so wish), and to add a browser to the list of browsers which the program will monitor by default (with one very notable exception, see below).
If you’re low on bandwidth, you can choose to limit how many videos to download simultaneously. In practice, the program works very well, it sits quietly in the system tray waiting until it detects a video, which it did on all the pages I visited, downloading the ones I asked it to with no trouble.
In summary, the program does download videos from the internet quickly and easily, and allows you to choose, or convert between, a wide range of formats for all sorts of media players.
Tim O’Reilly: What does it say about software that so many people want to go back to old version? Ben je op zoek naar een Firefox extensie om videobestanden of flash bestanden te downloaden? Je kunt Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox gebruiken om de volgende formaten te downloaden en te bewaren: FLV, AVI, MOV, SWF, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB.

Het kan ook gebruikt worden om flash video te tonen uit het internet zonder te hoeven te downloaden (bekend als streaming). De interface is ook heel eenvoudig en visueel, waar alle opties beschikbaar zijn voor de gebruikers. Het is een van de meest complete uitbreidingsprogramma’s van Firefox voor dit soort acties, waarbij alle bestaande mogelijkheden worden aangeboden.
Com ele, voce podera capturar e armazenar seus videos no disco rigido do seu PC para assistir offline.
It would help, therefore, if there was a way to download your oft-watched videos to your hard drive to eliminate the wait next time. Although the program itself is relatively simple to use, there are comprehensive, easy to understand, step-by-step guides on the website to assist you.
Obviously, then, if you’re on YouTube or similar sites, the program will pick up on any videos you navigate to (without necessarily having to watch them), and notify you by means of a small popup window in the bottom corner that a video has been detected. By default, the program saves downloaded videos in the My Videos directory in My Documents, rather than insisting it has its own directory which so many other programs seem to do. You can also monitor your downloads by opening the user interface and, once a video has downloaded, you can watch it in the program’s window or convert it into another format if you desire, should you want to copy it to a portable device for example. Het laat je ook internet bestanden downloaden zoals Flash SWF Flash spelletjes, kaarten en Flash presentaties. Om verder te vereenvoudigen, kan Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox automatisch de videobestanden van het web of Flash opsporen die vastgelegd en gedownload moeten worden. Het dient om je YouTube videos, Google Videos, MSN en videos uit honderden andere websites op te slaan. It is a cross-platform video downloader, supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (x86) or Mac OS X (PPC).

You can use it to download different formats of Web videos, including flv, swf, wmv, asf, avi, mov, rm, rmvb.
Just one-click, you can download video of various formats with ease, such as downloading FLV, WMV, ASF, AVI, MOV, RM, RMVB etc. It is surely easy to download video, Google video, MSN video and more under all Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Not only downloading embedded Flash video, this web video downloader can also download Flash SWF movies including Flash games, e-cards, presentations, etc. It can also download streaming video, download embedded Flash videos, and download FLV and all Flash SWF with one-click.
The FLV video downloader synchronizes hot videos with the program, and always transfers latest video information without browsing all video sharing sites. Provide built-in FLASH VIDEO PLAYER for preview and a free FLV Player to play downloaded video offline conveniently. More amazing features:Video Capture & Video Download functions- Automatically Detect Web video or Flash files for video capturing and downloading- Capture video, download video and save video fast from Internet. Auto-detect video and prompt new videos detected from the current browsing page by a dynamic icon on Firefox toolbar.2. Get the actual URLs from online Web videos and Flash SWF moviesTransfer latest video information1. A 100% Free FLV Player is also provided to watch the downloaded FLV video offline conveniently.

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