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I’m going to explain what you need in Facebook to go viral, WITH REAL NUMBERS, not the shitty articles that tell you go viral by creating something people love and that stuff that everybody knows but nobody knows how to put to use. I tried different methods and found that you can generate some extra income with popunder ads from networks like Propellerads using your viral website. OK so as mentioned, this is a numbers game and Facebook is the main traffic source to tackle if you want to go viral with clickbait news and stuff.
This is the first part of the equation and your target here is to get as many visits as possible with a low budget. So the first step is to have a blog and start posting some news in the form of viral articles as explained before. You create a campaign on Facebook ads for each article and pump $5 bucks to test it before deciding if it’s good or not. Initially you start a Facebook campaign (Clicks to website should be your objective) and your average CPC is 0.05 with an average CTR on your banner of 1%. OK so if you earn 25 cents from every click on your Adsense banners and every click from Facebook ads to your website costs 5 cents it means you need at least 1 click in your Adsense banners every 5 visitors just to break even. If you get paid 30 cents per each click in your Adsense banners and you’re paying 1 cent per visitor from Facebook, then you need at least 1 click to your Adsense banner every 30 visits to break even. So, in conclusion, what you need to make money with viral traffic is to get your clicks from Facebook as cheap as possible and to increase your Adsense CTR as much as possible to earn more money per visitor. What you need here is to split test a lot of images and headlines until you find the best ones. I already mentioned that writing a lot of articles and launching campaigns is they key behind this business, but trust me, the same article can perform a lot better just by tweaking the headline and the image.
Bonus: You can also use retargeting and custom audiences once you start getting traffic in your website to launch campaigns that will perform a lot better (extra ROI) because you know those people already visited your website. Once you start launching several campaigns and measuring all your statistics you’ll know how everything works and fell more comfortable spending money. Finally, let’s talk about adding some extra ROI to your earnings by using PropellerAds.
If this is the first time you’ve heard about PropellerAds, they are one of the largest networks and most of their ads are shown on a popunder (onclick ads, as they call them) format. Yes, these are the same ads that most people hate and some of then assure pop under and pop up ads are dead but they can’t be more wrong.
Anyways, the real reason you’re here is because you want to know how to make extra money and see how I earned $300 extra per day, so here it goes.
First thing you need to do is to understand how to install and show PropellerAds in your website. Back in September 2015 I started doing tests with a small viral website without Google Adsense just to see if I could earn any decent money with PropellerAds and my (already big) Facebook Fan pages. As you can see, I quickly noticed PropellerAds had some potential but the first I wanted to try it with a small website and decided to do the test just with my organic traffic from the Fan Pages I had grown in the past with my viral websites. Some days I made $30 and some days the CPM (cost per thousand visits) was better so I made more than $70 per day with a CPM of $5. My next step was to test the strategy with my biggest Fan Pages so I could make my $200 per day with Adsense plus whatever I could achieve as an extra with PropellerAds to increase my earnings and overall my ROI on my Facebook campaigns. So I decided to check out Facebook Ads Terms and Conditions and yes, they don’t allow pop ups or pop unders on the destination of the ads. At the end of September and during October I was making $500 per day overall with my viral websites.
AGAIN, make sure you don’t use the URLs with PropellerAds when promoting via Facebook Ads or your account could be banned.
Anyways, even if you don’t have an Adsense account, you can still make good money with Propeller Ads and viral traffic, the only bummer there would be that all your FB Ads would need to be focused on getting likes to your fan Page instead of website clicks and then you can promote your viral website with PropellerAds organically to your fans. Since November 2015 I have been split testing a lot of PopUnder ad networks like the ones mentioned here and found a few ones that sometimes perform better than PropellerAds. That’s how I added $300 per day with PropellerAds and viral traffic and overall how you can make more than $500 per day just with viral websites. Finally, if you want to read more posts like this where I explain everything with numbers and step by step please don’t forget to share this post and leave a comment below. Filed Under: Affiliate Marketing, Featured, Social Media Tagged With: propeller ads, propeller ads media, propellerads, viral trafficLoved this article?
Awesome ?? – Quick question: how big a page should be so we can use start with Propellerads? I normally wait until 10,000 fans before I start monetizing the page and sending traffic to a website. You already have 11k likes so you can do a test and see what your average CPM would look like. The question is does facebook and youtube a good mix or I just don’t waste time and money for nothing ? Ok, thanks, what are the steps I will need to follow to bost my with only click on the website ? Thanks for this outstanding post about making more money with with propellerads in viral sites, and all the stuff involved to improve the incomes using thins monetizing system. If you are currently using Propeller Ads’ pop under ads on your website(s) are you experiencing any of the problems I have mentioned above? As for mixing Google Adsense and Propeller Ads, I’ve explained this in the article and for several comments below. Te cuento, yo lo utilice si no mal recuerdo hace unas semanas ataras justo despues de leer este post, por eso me anime a revisar algunas reviews de otras personas, donde la mayoria tambien mencionaron que esta empresa inyecta virus a tu sitio y tal fue asi, que mi sitio se infectara justamente a los 2 dias de haber integrado esta empresa.
Antes de hechar la culpa a esta empresa, analice las posibles causas y todo apuntaba a ella. Me tomo como 3 dias volverlo a la normalidad, pero bueno ya esta todo arreglado, por eso te pregunto si has tenido problemas? No, en realidad la mayoria de los anuncios que hablan de virus, son simplemente eso, anuncios.
Split Testing’s Winner Selection feature uses scientifically proven techniques to determine the campaign variation that performs the best.
If you already have a split testing campaign running, the Split testing add-on will start the experiment on its own.And Icegram will start recording, analyzing and recording how the campaign and its variations perform.
Note: For a freshly made split testing campaign you have to turn on the experiment manually.
Single, easy to understand dashboard- All the campaign and variations stats are put up on a comprehensive dashboard.
Why Icegram?Icegram is the best open and free WordPress plugin for optin forms, newsletter subscription, call to action and visitor engagement. 13,750+ savvy users are actively using it and our goal is to make it the most loved plugin in its category. The Divi Builder allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of code. Each module comes with options that allow you to quickly adjust relevant settings, controlling the content and the design of the module with ease.

Each Divi Builder item also has a Custom CSS tab where you can apply your own CSS to different elements. Divi is built on a strong foundation of powerful features that give you complete creative control over how you build your website. To show how versatile Divi can be, we've created a few demos that illustrate the power of Divi. The Divi Theme Customizer is packed full of hundreds of design controls for setting up the basic styles of your website, including header styles, typography styles, content spacing, footer layout, default colors and so much more. Not only can you pick and choose from our pre-made layouts, you can also create your own custom layouts using the Divi Builder and save them for future use. We know that your website needs to be readable on all devices while still allowing visitors to share your web pages.
Divi's header options make it easy to create completely unique looking websites using the theme's various header style, including side navigation, multiple menu areas, centered logo and more. Not only do we want Divi to be a theme that allows someone to build anything, we want Divi to be a theme that allows anyone to build anything.
Not only are front-end elements translated, but we also expanded the themea€™s localization to cover the Divi builder interface, including all form fields and descriptions.
When you enable an RTL language within your WordPress Dashboard, Divi will automatically switch to RTL mode.
Divi comes with an integrated split testing and conversion rate optimization system backed by powerful stats and insights, and it all works like magic inside the Divi Builder!
Anything you build can be turned into a split test and Divi Leads will automatically track relevant user engagement stats depending on the unique goal you define. Divi Leads gives you the insights you need to make meaningful design decisions that will skyrocket your conversion rates and increase your sales. This is an example of how Divi can be customized to create an entirely different kind of website. Bold, modern, and beautiful, Condiviso put their own spin on Divi and the results are simply stunning. Elegant Themes empowers over 341,592 customers and small businesses to build beautiful websites. Finge is the Founder of ConversionLab, helping customers get more online business by optimizing conversion rates on landing pages and email campaigns. Kayla is a savvy business owner and web developer that helps companies re-invent their online image.
Adam Binder is a proud father, and the founder of Creative Click Media, a New Jersey based internet marketing company focused on helping small business.
Maria is a computer specialist from Northern Norway, now a world traveller together with her boyfriend. Jessica is a 29 year old Web Designer and self-proclaimed quasi Web Developer from one of the most remote capital cities of the world; Perth, Western Australia.
Pamela used our themes to create her own web development company, and now lives her dream of traveling the world and working from her computer. Marie Poulin made the big leap to becoming the CEO of a successful web design agency, utilizing Divi to build her own website as well as her client's.
Hundreds of thousands of people are using Divi to create websites for themselves and their clients. Then, the builder is so easy for my clients to use, it's a snap to turn over to them to manage all their own content.
Around 7 months ago, I discovered Divi and used my friend and client Pat Sharp as a test on Divi. Since then, I have transitioned around 40% of my clients to Divi and continue to beat the drum on the theme - its flexibility allows me and my developers to build a site in a few days rather than a few weeks and it offers everything a customer could need, out of the box mobile ready and if we do need to make amendments to the CSS to change the way it looks we can!
Simply put, without Divi, I would not have a business and I cannot imagine using it on every site I build.
Earlier this year I found myself wanting to give back to the Divi community and to see what else I could do in Divi so I started going through the Divi support forums and Facebook Divi Users group and helping people out with their problems just to see if I could figure it out and how fast I could do it. It turned out to be such a hit within the community that I started the Entrepreneurs Blog to begin posting all my Divi tutorials. I am hoping that this will continue to encourage those who do not have very much experience with WordPress sites to jump in knowing there is an entire community of Divi users who want to help and see the Divi community grow.
If you want to know how to add $300 per day more with Propellerads then this article is for you.
In fact, from over 600 comments I have in that article maybe just a couple dozens of them are from people telling me that they started their viral website and made it work. As always I’m going to try to keep it short, but you know I normally write 2,000 words per article so make sure you grab a cup of coffee before you continue reading. Remember we are using Facebook ads, so you need to invest money to make money and you’ve got to have some decent budget to test A LOT of campaigns. You write 5 articles every single day of the week and every 20 articles on average you find a good one that goes viral. But let’s say you get lucky and find a campaign with those $100 and from 10 campaigns you launch 1 of them goes viral. I don’t think so… Who gets a CTR of 20% when the average Adsense CTR is usually 1-2%? You start a Facebook campaign and with a great image and headline you increase the CTR of your Facebook banner to 5%. If you’re not sure how to tackle this go to your Facebook account and like all the Facebook Fan pages related to viral websites until you understand the style behind them. One image could have a mediocre CTR (les than 2% CTR on Facebook Ads) while a good image could have a wonderful CTR (4% and above) and that will lower your CPC costs a lot. Also, don’t forget to check the Facebook Ads report in your ad manager to see which genders and ages are clicking your ad more so you can create ads for them and lower the CPC. Do the math and discover what kind of CTR do you need to be profitable as we did in the examples above and start testing like crazy until you find the best combination.
Well, you know… the type of ad that pops in another window behind your original website. Pop Ads work wonderfully although I accept they’re very intrusive and sometimes I just hate to see them. I wrote a guide and a small review about them a few months ago, so make sure you check it out and come back when you’re done. But as always, you need to split test the networks because what works for me could not work for you as there are many factors to count in like country of the visitor, operating systems, devices, etc. It all depends on your video and your ads, but I’d rather send them to a website with my video embedded instead.
Run broad on age and genders and after a few days analyze your Facebook stats and see what works better and launch a campaign with those settings. I have a basic level of knowledge about english, then i feel a little uncomfortable writing this way. So I take it since Propeller Ads’ pop under ads open in a new browser window behind the main browser window, Google will not classify their pop under ads as interfering with the website’s navigation?

All the traffic comes from social networks and I’m not looking for SEO traffic or anything like that. You can always have 2 different pages (even different domains) so you don’t mix Adsense with pops but still make money from both. It has introduced a winner selection feature and thus takes away the pain of monitoring campaigns day-in day-out totally.
It then only displays the winner to your visitors thus increasing the chances of conversion.
Depending on the result, the better performing campaign will be picked as a winner automatically and only this campaign will be shown to the visitors thereafter. The Split Testing add-on will measure stats, analyze it and choose the best campaign for you.
Either let the split testing add-on choose the winner automatically or choose the variation you like manually. These are completely customizable and can be used as a great starting point for creating your own designs. Each and every building block will conform to your visitor's screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience. The builder transforms elements into visual building blocks, allowing anyone to understand and edit the structure of their page without touching a single line of code. These settings give you complete control over the the typography, colors, spacing, and other various styles. Divi doesn't require any coding, but for those who want to use their web design skills, Divi won't hold you back!
Hover over the different elements in the layout below to reveal the building blocks that were use in the creation of the design.
Not only does Divi come with dozens of pre-made layouts that can be used to quickly create websites in minutes, you can also create, save and load your own custom layouts for future use. These beautiful layouts can be used to quick-start your new projects by allowing you to build new pages in just a matter of minutes. Monarch's sharing icons are fully responsive and look great all the way down to even the smallest mobile devices. Sucuri found zero issues with the theme, and you can rest easy knowing your precious website is safe. In addition to Divi being fully translatable, it also comes with 32 built-in language translations.
Not only is the front-end website adjusted, but even the Divi builder interface has been fully customized for RTL users.
Change your content, design and positioning to figure out which combinations are most effective. We invited them to share their stories, and we are so happy to see what Divi has helped them accomplish. Hill is a creative communications professional with more than a decade of WordPress experience. He also provides photography-focused educational products and services through his company. He is an avid WordPress and Elegant Themes user, and he recently re-designed his entire website using Divi. In his free time, he also helps businesses through the great ideas posted on his personal blog.
When Divi was released in December 2013, it rapidly became our go-to template for all WordPress sites.
One of the benefits of using it so often is that I have learned the back-end of the theme well enough to do just about anything with it.
It's really starting to get some good traffic and it is so cool to see other people referencing the tutorials when trying to help others in these forums. I am looking forward to growing with Elegant Themes as they continue to produce superb products that are flexible and that I really enjoy using. Not even the best marketers in the world can make every product or campaign go pro no matter how good they are. Facebook has a ton of traffic from every part of the world so just pick up a country where you know the language and maybe the slang and things that are viral at this moment. You can split test themes (with WordPress this is quite easy), split test colors, positions of banners, colors of banners, banner sizes and more. Quite a nice bump in earnings just by adding a second ad network to the equation, isn’t it?
One of the best ones I tried was Pop Ads but overall PropellerAds has been more solid for this kind of traffic. That’s pretty common but the ones that persist are the ones who dominate it and make it big. Bueno, cada vez que entraba a mi sitio ya sea como invitado o por mi escritorio de wp, me salia un mensaje diciendo ALTO!
Aunque si he visto algun sitio o anunciante que se pasa de listo y quiere usar algun codigo malicioso (cosa que esta prohibida en Propellerads pero aun asi algunos se la juegan). Just click on to the winner symbol and declare any variation of your choice as the winner Manual Winner. There are no limitations as to how builder elements can be customizations and arranged, making Divi the most flexible theme we have ever created.
In between projects I will look for a theme that looks nothing like Divi and try to recreate it using Divi.
The rest is just people asking questions or commenting about how good it looks but they don’t have the money to do it, etc.
However, you need to consider that if you’re going to test a lot of articles and fire campaigns on Facebook Ads, you need a budget. Make sure you split test as much as you can until you find the best combination for your traffic. So what I decided to do in order to use both Google Adsense and PropellerAds was to create an specific page with Adsense banners only for the articles that I promoted via Facebook Ads, and then clone the same article and put both Adsense and PropellerAds and use that specific link to promote it to my Fans without paying for Ads (organic traffic just by posting the links in my Fan Pages).
That’s why my reports only show impressions as pops open a landing page in a new window and thus no clicks are recorded. You can set everything broad and have super high CTR images or you can also go targeted and have great engagement too.
On my own site, I have at least three different sections that I designed to look like a completely different sites but it's all built on one installation.

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