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This guide exists to help you understand, build, and eventually maintain a powerful, integrated online presence. 4 Steps To Using Digital Marketing To Improve Your Marketing Strategy You are using an outdated browser.
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So this got me thinking and I used an illustration produced by Google Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik as a source for inspiration. The purpose of the below diagram is to give you an idea of the steps required to get to a higher level of digital marketing awesomeness. I’ve also dealt with companies who have no CRM systems or processes for managing and understanding leads. Note: This diagram is work in progress so if you have any ideas or missing steps then please feel free to leave a comment. About MeDigital Marketing Consultant (Freelance) working with UK construction companies helping them to increase visibility online, increase conversions from their websites and to advise on digital strategies.
Here we are in 2015 and the majority of brands are still looking at the “what” and not the “who” when it comes to digital intelligence initiatives. Forrester Research defines digital intelligence as, “The capture, management and analysis of customer data to deliver a holistic view of the digital customer experience that drives the measurement, optimization and execution of digital customer interactions.” The key word here is customer. But the fact is that most brands are still only answering the “what,”if answering anything at all. So what is the big deal if we are only asking channel level questions to answer the “what”? This applies to all industries—from retailers to hospitality and service providers to airlines and telecom companies. Cody Ward is a marketing leader, consultant, entrepreneur, blogger, and social media enthusiast living in the greater Chicago area. Add Your Comment (All comments are reviewed by moderator, no spam permitted!) Click here to cancel reply. Progressive companies are now using predictive analytics to deliver an optimal service experience before a customer calls to complain or responds to a survey. Online marketing is essentially a way to get potential customers to discover and connect with your brand. There are essentially six steps to developing an online campaign that should be incorporated into a marketing strategy.
Every marketing strategy should be closely linked to business goals; effective business marketing is the only way to ensure that the objectives set out in a business plan are met. Every marketing strategy should be reviewed on a regular basis, and each marketing channel should be optimized for best results.
The platform for online marketing should include all the tools that are used to promote a business.
All online marketing activities should be designed to help improve the exposure of a part of the platform. This is certainly not an easy goal to achieve, but if a business operates what is considered to be the most attractive and easiest to use website it will generate a lot of activity and attract new visitors. Unfortunately, in most cases new visitors have notoriously short attention spans, so it is vital to hook new leads quickly.
Social media accounts that are impersonal and only promote business products and services turn people off fast.
Being social is ultimately the main purpose of joining any of the social networking platforms.
To allow a strategy to evolve, marketers need to analyze performance and determine what actions and platforms are helping to develop new leads and increase sales.
Search engine traffic should also be closely monitored to determine if the marketing plan has helped to improve the website PageRank in Google.
Corey Jacobs Corey is an all round tech guru who has worked at some major blue chip companies.
It won’t happen overnight, but with a little bit of dedication and the right resources to back you, you can accelerate your small business’s online presence to a formidable level. You want to know your target audience and ensure that every advertisement, blog post, and comment on social media is appropriate for the goals of your customers.Discuss the Product Before it is Available to PurchaseAdvertise the product with short videos that you put on your website or a blog post that discusses your upcoming products or services. And, it’s becoming the norm in many companies for marketing managers and marketing directors to drive technology decisions. 7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success is a guide geared to help marketing people reach the right digital decisions in the right order for their business situation. The cautious ones think too much and never actually end up doing anything and the ones who dive straight in are guilty of wasting budget & resources by conducting lots of random acts of marketing.

I help marketing departments set objectives, discover goals, set KPI's, plan and develop campaigns to exceed set objectives. Customer data answers the “who”—who is doing what on my site—down to the individual customer level.
The big deal is that it’s hard to deliver personalized digital interactions that enhance the customer experience if you don’t collect the correct data. Isn’t it about time that a cable provider could use network behavior combined with web navigation behavior on branded sites to improve the individual customer experience? So now you’re thinking “I want to answer the “who” and “why” but how do I get there?” Let me provide three steps to starting down the digital intelligence path—namely digital data collection, normalization and end use. This involves the collection of digital data across a brand’s web properties—websites, social platforms and forums, or mobile applications. The next step after data collection is data preparation, or what is referred to as normalization.
This is my favorite section, because this is where all the hard works pays off – where the dream comes to life! Digital data obviously builds out not only analytics and reporting, but helps departments augment existing data sources to understand efficiencies and gaps as well as performance attribution.
Based on behavior in-session or even over a series of web sessions, content and offers can be personalized at the individual consumer level.
This is a use case not commonly considered – but if a brand is collecting information at the individual customer level and down to the keystroke – they can monitor behaviors on digital properties. He has worked to help Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike fit together the right pieces of their B2B or B2C marketing puzzle.
Join this Mastery Webinar for leading-edge thinking and examples of "predictive customer service," including how signals from the Internet of Things can predict service failures and enable the organization to be proactive. Held May 17-19 in Denver, Colorado, this event will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. SCORE 2016 will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. It can be extremely difficult for new businesses to compete against well established players in their niche; however, a good digital marketing plan combined with an experienced marketing manager can help both new and established businesses stand out even in over-saturated business sectors. It is especially useful for small and fledgling companies because it allows a business to form a direct relationship with consumers, something that is extremely difficult to do with more traditional marketing methods such as radio, television, and print advertising.
Social media websites – especially LinkedIn and Twitter, which are favored by businesses – provide a free platform on which to connect with other companies and individuals. A business plan should include both short term and long-term goals, and these should be used to develop the marketing plan. Also, there is no shame in totally abandoning a specific social media or email marketing strategy if it is not working.
At the center of this platform is the business website, and this is supported by the various social networking platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest) and email marketing. Fast, responsive websites that have great visuals and an enticing call to action will help convert new visitors into new customers. This can be excellent information in a blog, a chance to win a prize, or some personal advice. Internet marketing is about developing a voice and a personality that people can relate to, trust and converse with easily.
Many businesses do well when they are represented by the CEO or founder rather than just an impersonal corporate brand.
When this starts to happen even a small business can start to compete effectively with well-established brands. Answering the “who” then leads to the answering the “why”—why is customer X exhibiting behavior Y on my web properties? It’s kind of like a fighter jet launching a missile at a target without plotting the coordinates first—highly unlikely it will hit the mark. Isn’t it time that hotels use the information guests give them while browsing their sites looking for a vacation getaway to contextualize the room offer and amenities they provide?
Data must be collected at a very granular level – and can even be collected down to the individual keystroke. This is the process of applying business rules and insights to this raw digital data to make sense of what has been collected. Digital data can be used as intelligence not only for marketing, but by other departments within the organization as well.
And for brands whose primary channel is the web—think online retailers, travel, and financial services—this level of digital data can literally mean the difference between life and death of the brand. Classic example is when a customer does or does not achieve on online goal—a follow up message can be sent to attempt to complete the desired behavior or action.

This may include the misspelling of a customer’s last name or attempts to match zip code to credit card numbers – a tell-tale sign of fraudulent activity and the copying of information from another data source in order to attempt to defraud a brand. By combining technical solutions with modern marketing strategy, Cody has developed a track record for executing digital marketing campaigns that deliver strong ROI results.
Attendees will also receive two special reports focused on research and best practices for CX leadership. Companies such as Sweet Spot MD are experts in developing strong online brands for businesses that help to attract both consumers and new business-to-business relationships.
Web development, email marketing, social media, and search engine optimization all play an important role in developing a business brand online. The platform can also be extended to include other websites that support your brand such as ecommerce sites (Amazon, eBay), forums, and blogs. Although this is not marketing in the strictest sense of the word, all online marketing efforts will be in vain if the website fails to deliver.
If page views are increasing each month it is a good sign that the marketing plan is working. No strategy should ever be considered finalized; a business should always evolve and test new ideas to stay ahead of their niche market competitors.
Provide teasers by writing short content, small hints, and recommendations about the use of a product or service without discussing all of the details in a single resource.Market Directly To Your Target AudienceAsk team members who are skilled at marketing and promotion to start putting information out to your target audience early. The same thing occurs with digital interactions—if you don’t know how an individual customer has behaved across your brand’s digital properties, it’s very hard to deliver a contextualized offer to them across digital channels that will hit the mark. Isn’t it time that airlines provide an occasional upgrade to someone that has attempted to change their seat online but has ridden in the middle seat the past five legs with the airline? For instance, after normalization, a brand can see what an individual did across properties and if they achieved what are called “online goals” – which could be things like the downloading of content, the viewing of a video, or the completion of a web application form. Imagine the joy of offers and messages coming to you on digital properties that are contextual and relevant versus you having to click around for them. Analyze where people are coming from, work on improving the strongest areas, and consider abandoning any failures.
After authenticating, a customer’s session data can then be stitched together over time and across browsers, devices, and channels. This will inform the brand what subsequent actions make sense to take with the customer from a communication and interaction perspective. Update the information regularly as your product or service becomes available.Digital marketing helps your company grow and thrive by incorporating new marketing strategies.
It can be integrated with offline or traditional data that exists for a customer to augment or round out a customer profile. Because this data is not aggregated web data or collected via tag management technology it is much more granular, and thus much more valuable for further use. Whether your goal is attracting new inbound traffic or maintaining a great impression with new and returning customers, incorporating digital marketing gives you the tools to improve your future campaigns.How can digital marketing help your business be more successful?Hey, thanks for the info. Now what?If you need any help with content creation, we have tons of free resources to get you over the hump. Please subscribe to this blog to ensure that you never miss an article.Have questions or comments?
We read and reply to every comment.If you really enjoyed this post, please help us to spread the word by clicking one of the social media sharing buttons.Thanks so much! If you are successful, your team will be ready and willing to help you pitch your ideas, products, or services.2) Create a Content StrategyHave you already created buyer personas to identify your ideal customer? Now you are ready to take the content and develop a plan to consistently publish information that your customers will find useful, educational and appropriate.3) Develop a Publishing PlanIn a recent HubSpot report, we found a staggering 56% of survey respondents said they were doing content marketing without a plan. You want to develop a plan and a method of generating content for your entire online and offline presence. For example, develop a short social media comment that is based on the information you provide. Offer an attention-getting snippet of data and link back to the primary source of information.
Use tools like Bitly or Google’s URL shortening tool to create short links that can be added to social media posts and comments.Be careful when you adjust content so that you maintain a high level of quality.

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