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An effective strategic planning process enables companies to take control of their future and remain focused on the critical areas that will result in sustained periods of growth and success. By definition, strategic planning is a process by which an organization’s leaders define and implement the strategy to achieve the company’s fundamental purpose. Especially with small entrepreneurial organizations, senior leaders have little time to spend on anything that doesn’t provide clear benefit.
To be effective, it is necessary to clarify and understand the expectations of the planning process. Although the depth, frequency, and specific process used will differ for every company, there are some basic elements that greatly increase the chance of success. Also included in an effective process are key indicators, which measure the organization’s success in achieving the objectives.
Develop key objectives to be completed over the following 1-3 years (depending on the organization’s normal planning horizon).
Take action when necessary (based on the review) to get the organization back on track toward achieving its key objectives.
The steps presented above require a lot of reflection and discussion in order to assure that the plan and associated actions address what is critical for the company. Exhibit 2 presents an example of the one-page plan for ABC Products Company resulting from carrying out the process.

The one-page plan is a simple document that communicates the work of many hours of work by the senior leadership team. In the Initial Stage, we work closely with our clients to develop a particular business concept to be pursued. We provide your company with the names and addresses of firms, representatives, or investors interested in your company’s venture, investment, or sales proposals; we locate interested and qualified overseas agents, distributors, joint venture partners, or investors for your products or services, and we supply brief comments about the suitability and financial strength of the international company or investor as a prospective business partner.
In short, the ultimate goal is to bring your company face-to-face with potential parties who might make a good match for your international strategic objectives. Our services include assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, and market intelligence gathering on customers and competitors; these tasks are undertaken in order to generate leads for possible sales, or follow up sales activity or business opportunities.
Dedication to work, organization, and attention to details are attributes that have lead Mr.
We help clients meet new and unforeseen challenges to keep them on a path of sustainable international growth. Jones is a leader and practitioner of policy development, strategy and business development and finance who focuses on implementation and end results.
Jones’ productive approach to problem solving, when he presented business cases for two major commercial projects: a multi-million dollar mixed-use land development, and commercialization of excess desalinated water into bottled water. Al-Shammeri, Vice President, Facilities and Community, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST-a US multi-billion endowed, international, co-educational, graduate science and research university on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia); Senior Executive, Aramco.

Jones has understood the importance of strategy and what businesses need to do to compete for export markets, for investment dollars, or for market-share. Jones’ ability to take an initial business concept and transform it into a viable business case was outstanding. Morgan Chase), British Petroleum, United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney), and Merrill Lynch. Albert wrote the university-wide policy for the "Approval of Major Commercial Projects Administered by Business Development.
His background in financial analysis and investment banking gives him an edge which allows him to evaluate the risks and financial implications of strategic choices. This policy established our approval process for major commercial projects and established the Business Development department's vision and mission.

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