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Strategic planning is the leadership driven discipline that articulates an organization’s direction, aligns its resources by devising goals, and equips teams for the execution of objectives that will further the organization’s  mission and the achievement of its vision. The first step in developing an effective strategic plan is to download your free Dimensional Strategy Overview.
The second step is to complete the The Dimensional Strategy™ Framework Strength Assessment to measure your organization’s strategic planning strengths and weaknesses. The third step is to continue reading and understand the leadership resources that are at your fingertips.
Dimensional Strategy was born out of extensive experience in strategic planning across numerous industries, and a frustration with many strategic planning approaches that present themselves as a “formula” for success.  Strategic planning is a challenging undertaking no matter the size of your organization.
The Strategic Planning Committee is composed of two faculty members from each Department and four administrative and technical staff members. Members of the School of Science and Technology are encouraged to post your comments about any entry along the way.
Professor Eisen compared the SST organization and its environment to a kind of ?social ecology.? In order to thrive it must adapt to changes ? financial, political, technological, etc. Given the accelerating rate of growth in complexity in the world we are at the bottom of a cliff, looking at the most rapidly climbing rate of change. 15 stars- How do we provide quality education in an era of shrinking resources and increasing students?

11 stars- How do we clarify and communicate to faculty and staff what is required, what is optional, and what is just nice to do? 9 stars- How do we negotiate proactive planning with the University about resource allocation & enrollment? 4 stars- How to develop appropriate & clear priorities to guide decision we make, rather than o everything in crisis mode, so we can feel good about what we do, rather than bad about what we can never get to? 2 stars- How do we maintain balance between learning to learn + skill development with students? 2 stars- How do we reframe & reach agreement on our mission with the University as we grow?
What is special about this school (SST at SSU in Sonoma County in Northern California, etc)? The School of Science and Technology is dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge in our disciplines and to communicate scientific understanding to peers, students, and the communities we serve. The School of Science and Technology at Sonoma State University will be a recognized as a regional resource and national center of excellence in teaching and scholarship. We will create a learning community of exceptional and diverse students, faculty, and staff, and our graduates will make contributions to humanity in many ways. In making this vision a reality, faculty, staff, and administrators will work together to provide outstanding educational experiences for our students and to engage in quality scholarship.

2.(13 dots) develop strategies to obtain sufficient resources to support educational excellence.
4.(8 dots) Recruit and retain a vibrant administrative and support staff sufficient to support the school?s programs. 5.(7 dots) Plan for development and acquisition of appropriate and necessary infrastructure and equipment. They agreed to meet eight times for three-hour work sessions to develop a strategic plan for the School.
What are the key strengths, resources, and accomplishments that define our unique character? Rather than reacting to situations and being already too late, we need to look to the future and develop strategic plans?ways of operating today while keeping the future in mind.

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