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I recently completed a four-session webinar series on strategic planning attended by 15 nonprofit leaders.
Discover where you are today:  Strategic planning begins with a clear understanding of the context in which your organization operates. Creating a nonprofit revenue and capital model: In the context of how programs and services are managed over the course of the strategic plan, every organization needs to develop a sustainable revenue model. Taken together, the mundane steps of strategic planning come to life when infused with the active qualities of discovering, dreaming, designing and delivering.  Each of the anchors above will ensure that your nonprofit strategic plan is build on a solid foundation. The role that a consultant can play in nonprofit strategic planning is one of content expert, coach, guide, and impartial observer. The planning process at MCC includes both a strategic planning cycle and an until level plan. The strategic planning process includes four elements: environmental scan, review of campus mission, review and development of strategic goals, and review of annual priorities.
An environmental scan is conducted every five years to identify critical factors that may influence the development and implementation of the campus mission and the accompanying strategic goals. The college mission is reviewed every five years based on the results of the environmental scan and on the institutional effectiveness data.

The Strategic Planning Committee coordinates the development of specific goals and objectives to allow the campus to accomplish its mission. Details and reminders concerning the planning cycle are distributed electronically to all campus leaders. The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning works with the campus leaders to facilitate the planning process.
The online and offline conversations pushed us to clarify the anchors of an effective strategic planning process.  In this article, I wanted to review a framework for developing a strategic planning process that references the anchors for effectiveness. Strategic planning is thinking about where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and creating a plausible roadmap to get there. Balancing, autonomy, reliability, diversity and creating an intentional strategy will increase your chance of building a sustainable revenue and capital model (for much more on this topic see here & here). The environmental scan involves the collection and analysis of data from both external and internal sources.
The goals and objectives include measurable outcomes that are used to determine progress toward fulfillment of the college mission and toward the priority initiatives. The purpose of the assessment is to create a shared information base that can inform your strategy development.  Assessment is concerned with what is the same, what is different, and what is coming at you (trends).

Starting with the compelling need and your vision of a different tomorrow, an agency needs to fill in the “white space” in between the need and vision. If you are  thinking about a strategic planning process, call or email for a free initial consultation.
Mark has over 20 years experience working with numerous agencies in the nonprofit, government and private sector. The committee uses departmental goals and objectives, institutional effectiveness data, data from the environmental scan, and other institutional data to develop strategic goals and objectives. The focus of his career has been strategic planning, business planning, board development and managing organizational change initiatives.
The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning works with MCC administration and faculty to coordinate planning efforts. The committee incorporates comments and suggestions and submits a final proposal to the Board of Trustees and President for approval.

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