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By Raya Kuzyk on April 4, 2013 The audiobook industry continues to grow in near-equal measure in both the library and retail sectors, with the Audio Publishers Association (APA) ballparking sales at an all-time high of $1.2 billion. Ita€™s the golden rule of any successful audio marketing plan: treat audiobooks as you would print. In a bid to bridge their physical and digital collections, staff at Sacramento Public Library (SPL), CA, place a€?Now in eBook Formata€? stickers on the covers of corresponding print titles in the librarya€™s physical collection, a move that SPL electronic resources librarian Amy Calhoun says has improved discovery of their A­ebook holdings. Just as one might create a display showcasing major award-A­winning books, consider encouraging deeper exploration of your audio collection by leveraging the industrya€™s biggest accolade, the Audie Award (2013 winners will be announced on May 30 at the Audies Gala in Manhattan).
As retailers relocate their eggs into the basket of downloadable technologies, where sales rates grow fastest, libraries, committed to serving populations of every age and economic standing, remain the clearinghouse for formats new and old: cassettes, CDs, MP3-CDs, preloaded digital devices like Playaways and A­GoReaders, and downloadable MP3 and WMA content. At LPL, adult audiobooks a€?circ like crazy on their own,a€? says head of public service Jeremy Bolom, requiring no promotional push. Many libraries combine all AV materials into a catchall section for optimal cross-exploration of formats. Whether your collection is large or small and your holdings digital or physical, ensure that patrons know that therea€™s more than just print to your library. To encourage discovery, CCL plans to implement a a€?shelf-talkera€? approach to its physical audiobook collection, spotlighting authors and subject areas that do well with brightly colored Mylar-encased signage.
Consider every surface area as potential placement for advertising, from bookshelf ends to screensavers and desktop wallpaper.
Similarly, to alert their community to their new Recorded Books collection of 3,800 downloadable audios, staff at Ruby M. Social media tools such as YouTube and Twitter can promote audio collections generally and instant access to downloadable fare specifically.
Contact your local radio stationa€”its audience is guaranteed audio-friendlya€”to raise awareness in your community with professionally produced public service announcements (PSAs). Enabling patrons to sample audiobooks can help inform their borrowing decisions, further encouraging exploration and discovery of new narrators and authors. Under copyright lawa€™s fair use clause, libraries and educational institutions can incorporate a reasonable amount of copyrighted audio material onto their websites, blogs, e-newsletters, and the like.
An excellent resource for giving YA audiences a a€?tastea€? of sound offerings is the Audiofile-hosted summer audiobook program Sync, now in its third year. A successful display at Fairport Public Library, NY, one recent summer highlighted titles appropriate for family listening during road trips (summertime is opportune for libraries to advertise their audio collections; marketing can revolve around June, National Audiobook Month). MPL is among several pilot libraries taking part in the National Science Foundationa€“funded Pushing the Limits program, a reading, viewing, and discussion series for rural libraries. Arguably the more options, the bettera€”not just for preferencea€™s sake but for the purposes of outreach as well. Survey any audiobook forum, and youa€™ll find that audio enthusiasts are just as, if not more, drawn to a title based on the reader as on the author. In 2011, as part of an a€?Outspoken Librarya€? initiative, the New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center (TBBC) provided over 40 public libraries statewide with listening kiosks offering a range of downloadable audio content to those with vision, learning, and certain physical challenges.
For certain of its childrena€™s titles, MPL displays audiobook editions alongside the print. Libraries can look to their service and content providers not just for training and troubleshooting materials but for free marketing materials like buttons, posters, and bookmarks. However assisted the message, in the end ita€™s librarians, long the greatest advocates of audiobooks, who are best poised to deliver it. Content Content marketing is a high priority for many organizations, but most are struggling with the strategies, processes, and technologies that can help them succeed. Content Nearly three-quarters (72%) of donors say poor content affects whether they decide donate to a nonprofit organization, according to a recent report from Abila. Content To better relate your product or service to consumers, present them in a way that identifies with those of a particular culture. Content B2B marketers are overwhelmed by content marketing, with their top challenges relating to production. Content Most marketers get very excited about user-generated content (UGC) because it can boost brand awareness and business.
Content This week's all about optimization and user experience—from the social network and brand perspectives. Content PR and SEO aren't standalone marketing disciplines; for best results, they must work together.
Content Whether you're an experienced blogger or a newbie, you may have fallen into one (or some or all) of the following blogging traps.
Content Which sets of words appear most often in the headlines of articles that go viral on social media? To find out, BuzzSumo examined data from the headlines of 1 million random articles from top publishers posted on social networks. Content Making captivating and effective marketing videos doesn't cost as much as you think.
Content Facebook tests a redesigned News Feed and explores how to monetize live video, while YouTube one-ups it by introducing live 360-degree video. Content Nearly every business in the world has a website today, and that means small businesses have to overcome nearly insurmountable search marketing odds to claim one of the few spots on the first pages of search engine results. Content A major pain point for marketers: generating quality content on a consistent basis.
Content Video is fast becoming the content medium of choice for US consumers, especially younger ones. Content All about Facebook's annual F8 conference and all the shiny new things the company is working on.
Content The smartphone has overtaken the personal computer as the dominant device for downloading digital content, according to a recent report from Limelight Networks.
Content Mitchell Levy of Aha Amplifier explains how you can become a thought leader in your industry—and provides insight into why it's worth the effort! Content The MarketingProfs 2015 Bright Bulb Awards recognize brilliance, excellence, and innovation in B2B marketing. Content Chris discusses his forthcoming book, Insider: Strategies and Secrets for Business Growth in the Age of Distractions. Content Amanda Holmes became CEO of Chet Holmes International when she was 24, and she has proven an incredibly effective millennial CEO.
Content David Palmer, marketing director at Wiley, oversees Dummies B2B and the For Dummies, Business, and Education product lines. Content Author Jeff Goins talks about marketing writing (as well as other styles) and shares a process for finding life purpose, as covered in his latest book, The Art of Work.
Content Author, strategist, and MarketingProfs Marketing Writing Bootcamp instructor Geoff Livingston discusses marketing strategy, customer experience, content, PR, and more. Content Author, speaker, and educator Mark Schaefer discusses his latest book, The Content Code, and shares secrets for igniting your content so you can break through the deafening noise and achieve marketing success.

Content Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist at Canva and author of 13 books, shares tips on content marketing and social media, and discusses how to spot a winning startup.
Content Jason Miller of LinkedIn offers tips for content marketing and the effective use of LinkedIn, and shares insights from his new book, Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Content and Social Media Up to 11. Content Communication expert Tamsen Webster explains why most marketing and sales messages fail to drive action; she also shares the surprisingly simple secret to more effective messages. Content Entrepreneur Syed Balkhi, creator of popular sites List25 and WPBeginner, shares tips for creating shareable content. Content MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley shares insights from her book, Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content.
Content Mark Horvath, founder of, shares advice for marketers on how to share meaningful stories that move people to take action. Content Marketing expert and bestselling author Andrew Davis talks about niche marketing, brand partnerships, and ways nonprofits can get free marketing advice. Content Altimeter Group analyst and digital marketing expert Rebecca Lieb shares insights from a recent report on marketing software vendors, and offers tips for choosing a solution that supports your company's content strategy.
Content MarketingProfs' Kerry O'Shea Gorgone interviews Kim Garst of Boom Social and Nathan Latka of Heyo onsite at the Social Fresh East conference in Orlando, Florida. Content Show and Tell author Dan Roam explains a new way to craft presentations that will grab (and keep) your audience's attention and inspire them to take action.
Content Content strategy expert and author Ahava Leibtag shares practical tips for helping your organization develop a content marketing strategy. Advertising What elements help video ads stand out in the Facebook News Feed on mobile devices? Advertising This week's all about optimization and user experience—from the social network and brand perspectives. Advertising Facebook tests a redesigned News Feed and explores how to monetize live video, while YouTube one-ups it by introducing live 360-degree video.
Advertising All about Facebook's annual F8 conference and all the shiny new things the company is working on. Advertising This week, big updates and new capabilities: Facebook looks to leap into mobile payments, and Snapchat unveils a feature-rich update. Advertising If you want a highly engaged community of customers, build an email list of people who are ready to listen to your messages and willing to buy from you. Advertising The whirlwind of basketball games that is March Madness presents a huge opportunity for marketers to expand their cross-channel customer engagement. Advertising Facebook's scale and evolving video publishing platform make it a compelling video marketing option.
Advertising Americans living in the South, on the East Coast, and in eastern Midwest states are much more likely to click on digitals ads than the rest of the country is, according to a recent report from AdRoll and Pricenomics. Advertising Some 71% of of B2B marketers say their company's digital ads sometimes or always fail to meet expectations, according to a recent report from Demandbase. Advertising Social gets easier to tackle this week: Pinterest's DIY ad manager is open to SMBs, WordPress is releasing an Instant Articles plugin for Facebook (which also launched nifty tools), and Reddit wants to help brands address its community.
Advertising Get the freshest stats about account-based marketing as well as a quick checklist for a successful ABM strategy. Advertising Facebook is making it easier to get newsletter subscriptions via Instant Articles. Advertising Doritos, Marmot, and Heinz produced the most engaging television ads that aired during Super Bowl 50, according to a study that tracked people’s facial expressions while they watched the game. Advertising If you don't understand how emotions drive consumer reaction toward your content, you can't build strong customer relationships. Advertising Joshua Dreller of data science company 4C offers insight into the lasting appeal of television and how data on viewing, combined with social data, can supercharge your message targeting. Advertising Adam Lavine, CEO of mobile-first marketing agency FunMobility, shares insights from the firm's award-winning interactive campaign for Chiquita Bananas featuring gamification and character tie-ins from the motion picture Minions.
Advertising Former Gigwalk CEO and ad-tech industry veteran Bob Bahramipour of InMobi offers insight into the future of mobile advertising, the metrics that really matter, and the role of corporate culture in building a successful global company.
Advertising Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, explains how to use personal branding and thought leadership to enhance your career and get your breakthrough idea heard in the marketplace. Advertising From native advertising and content strategy to how the C-Suite has evolved, Larry Weber and Lisa Henderson discuss what marketers need to know to stay relevant in their industry. Advertising Marcus Nelson, founder of Addvocate, shares insights into how companies can empower employees as brand advocates (and why they should)! Advertising Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith shares tips for achieving the best reach possible using a combination of paid and organic posts.
Advertising Michael Weiss, managing director at figure18 and a veteran speaker, consultant, client advocate, and sales executive, has an interesting perspective on marketing and advertising, not to mention the role of the agency, in today's always-on, always-open business environment.
Advertising Before we can effectively communicate with our customers, we need to get their attention.
Advertising Over the last 100 years, a business culture emerged based on mass production, mass consumption, and mass advertising in print and, especially, on television. Advertising Senior-level marketers don't seem to believe their digital partners are adequately extending their service capabilities in the digital age. Advertising Why is it that so many books, supposedly about marketing and business, seem more focused on self-actualization and personal empowerment? Include them among your staff picks, incorporate mentions of audio availability into your booklists, suggest readersa€™ advisory (RA)a€“style a€?soundalikesa€? to patrons.
The website of Harris County Public Library (HCPL), Houston, TX, for example, features a page inviting patrons to a€?branch out from your usual audiobook selections and try one of these quality guaranteed nominees.a€? Each title links back to the library catalog, and users can also explore previous winners.
Yet even as the market share for downloadables surges, CDs still dominate library and retail channels. In the media section of the Central Library of Monroe County Library System, NY, for example, three different movie formats (VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray) cohabitate with audiobooks on cassette, CD, MP3-CD, and Playaway. Increase the visibility of select physical audio content through front-facing placement, or accent authors or categories through A­signage. Sisson Memorial Library, Pagosa Springs, CO, recently posted an online ad in the Pagosa Daily Post that, in addition to linking to the librarya€™s website, described features of the new service, discussed loan periods, spoke to device compatibility, listed several titles, and advertised a workshop on service A­instruction.
Staff at Mammoth Public Library (MPL), AZ, use the librarya€™s Pinterest page as a portal for highlighting content including digital audio.
Digital media distributor OverDrive offers to its partners PSAs that trumpet the availability of downloadable audiobooks from libraries, while APA, as part of its Get Caught Listening campaign, provides spots featuring the voices of popular authors championing audio formats.
With downloadable audio ita€™s easy enough, as sound clips come courtesy of your content provider, but physical content should be given the same heed.
While most audio publishers feature audio clips on their websites and would be happy to provide them, Books on Tape and AudioGO particularly offer a€?embeda€? options for certain titles, making embedding sound clips as simple as pasting code.
Over a period of 12 weeks, participants are given two free audiobook downloads per week: one YA plus one related classics or required-reading title.

To generate interest in and awareness of its spoken word offerings, staff at John McIntire Public Library (JMPL), Zanesville, OH, have for the past several years hosted an audiobook discussion group four to six times a year.
Each audiobook was partnered with its print companion and promoted a cross-section of genres and reading levels.
MPL director Diana Stirling says that the staff opted to purchase each title in a variety of formats including print, electronic, and audiobook. In some cases, ita€™s less about marketing an audiobook than about knowing which aspects of it to market. Notably, when certain audiobooks are celebrity- or author-read, they can skyrocket in consumer appeal, as with Bill Clintona€™s reading of My Life (Random) and Johnny Deppa€™s narrative contribution to Keith Richardsa€™s Life (Hachette). The measure has noticeably enticed young readersa€”a€?especially those [with] reading difficultiesa€?a€”to check out both versions. Recorded Books offers numerous promotional visuals to help libraries advertise downloadable audiobook offerings through its OneClickdigital platform.
Snapchat has done the impossible and overtaken Facebook in video views, and the ephemeral-messaging app also signed an unprecedented deal with NBC to give the Olympics a Snapchat makeover. These tips and tricks epitomize the scrappy mindset we need to do more with less, and help us bring that mindset to life in our content marketing. The following infographic can make the process easier by guiding you through five crucial steps of planning and creating content. Facebook grabbed headlines with a big algorithm change that aims to reward high-quality content, and social media industry leaders united to stress the gravity of live video. But with these tips you can write scannable, easy-to-understand text that will boost engagement. Also: Twitter's tools that make targeting specific audiences a cinch, and the app that Pinterest bets on for global expansion.
And even though you might already be producing videos, you may not be getting the maximum ROI if you're not optimizing them for search on both Google and YouTube. Also: Periscope's latest move to take on Snapchat, why social video might not save digital publishers, and 25 hacks to get the most bang for your social media buck.
You can amp up your marketing campaigns by following these five easy tips that create powerful stories.
This special video edition of the Marketing Smarts podcast featuresGretchen Newby of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Cindy Valladares of Tripwire, and Michael Passanante of BESLER Consulting. He also shares his incredibly successful approach to email and how he has used content marketing. Hawkins and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone discuss the latest tips from the FTC on how brands and bloggers should legally disclose sponsored content and run promotions. He explains how B2B marketers can use books and other content to make themselves indispensable to their audience.
Chapman, co-author of Content Rules and 101 Steps to Making Videos Like a Pro, shares tips for creating quality video content and hiring (and keeping) the best creative talent. Twitter landed a punch in social's quest to conquer sports and livestreaming, and WhatsApp finalized encryption that makes Apple vs.
To succeed in a digital age, marketers need to keep up with the platform's video advertising options. Also: whether Twitter will change its character limit, why first impressions in B2B hinge on social media, and how to make your brand a star on Tumblr. That no longer has to be the case, because you now have the definitive guide to dominating Google AdWords for your local area.
Now, the media landscape is undergoing an unprecedented technical revolution—and highlighting a critical weakness at the core of marketing communications. Yet with diminished AV budgets, limited title and format availability, and a constant influx of competing downloadable and streaming offerings from the consumer realm, the prospect can be daunting.
Go a step further, and situate media close enough to the circulation desk to encourage impulse browsing. Whenever CCL staff post a list of new fiction and nonfiction audio titles to the librarya€™s Facebook page, the response is near-immediate: a€?We sometimes have hold requests placed remotely within the hour,a€? says CCLa€™s Hensley. Last summer, the service logged 250,000 visitors and tallied some 50,000 free downloads (through OverDrive), an increase of 42 percent over the previous year. In such cases, library circulation could see a real boost simply through the showcasing of the voice behind the story, rather than the a€?read bya€? credits relegated to fine print. Says MPLa€™s Stirling, a€?They seem to like the idea of being able to listen while following along with the book.a€? Indeed, there is much evidence to support the idea that listening to audiobooks can help with reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and more. Those partnering with OverDrive benefit from promotional assistance in the form of hosted web sites, training events, on-site download stations, and even a scheduled visit by an interactive bookA­mobile in which users can sample their librarya€™s digital media collection.
You can apply all the advice and best-practices experts tout, but sometimes those practices do the opposite of what you want: They hurt your PPC conversion rates.
Grant Miller of Pitney Bowes shares the company's agile development philosophy—and more.
Glenn Engler, CEO of Digital Influence Group, answers that question in this episode of Marketing Smarts. I invited Laura Fitton, founder of oneforty, to explore the idea of useful marketing in our latest Marketing Smarts podcast.
For libraries wanting to reap the benefits of increased awareness and discovery of their audio holdings, LJ spotlights some best practices in audiobook promotion, discusses some of the challenges inherent to the medium, and proposes new ways of thinking about audio that might even make it a catalyst for moving print.
Meanwhile, staff at Culpeper County Library (CCL), VA, maximize exposure of their CD and MP3-CD holdings, which outcirculate DVDs, through placement alongside new fiction print titles. Or combine YA and adult audio titles so as to create a a€?store within a storea€? concept conducive to crossover browsing. Playaway similarly offers both ready-made and customizable marketing materials to help familiarize users with its technology, as well as useful a€?This Title Is Also Available on Playawaya€? stickers.
Charles, MO, for example, staff email students about the availability of the audiobooks at the library, also placing an ad in the student A­newspaper. Ostensibly Swayzea€™s last words to his fans, the audiobook actually drove sales of the print edition. Many websites of individual audiobook publishers, too, offer free materials touting both their general and individual offerings.
Consider also 2008 Audiobook of the Year The Chopin Manuscript, a collaborative thriller released in 2007 as an Audible exclusive. The recording was so popular among commercial audiences that it went on to be published on CD and MP3-CD (Brilliance), on Playaway, in ebook form (Amazon), and, most recently, in large print (Center Point Pub.).

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