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This entry was posted in Business and tagged business chart, business diagram, business management, business plan, business planning, business strategies, business strategy, strategic management, strategic planning, strategy business, strategy chart, strategy diagram by admin. My first book was my eyewitness account of living through these changes while working for large brands such as Hewlett Packard, Yahoo!, and Intel.
In the book, I plead the case that all business, large and small, must evolve into a social business just for the sake of being a social business. Enterprise collaboration for the sake of enterprise collaboration might be a good idea, but how will it benefit content or better customer relationships?  And deploying internal communities using software platforms like IBM or Jive just because your competitors are doing so is a waste of time, money, and resources.
There has to be a strategic initiative as to why you want to change your business – one that makes smart business sense.

Even before my first book, I often talked about the need for companies to socialize their internal business models and communication strategies. But the question I often got was “Why?” Why is it important for my business to deploy internal communities, tear down silos, coordinate go-to-market plans, or get my rear-end out of my cubicle and have a conversation with my colleagues down the hall? Becoming a social business with no vision for where it’s going to take you is like investing thousands of dollars building your first home from the ground up and never moving in to live in it and enjoy it.
August 6, 2012, 14 Comments on Is There A Place For Anonymous Posting Within Internal Communities? It is our goal to help enterprise professionals and the agencies and consultants that serve them with valuable, relevant and actionable news, opinion and insights related to the industry.

The site will focus on industry trends, best practices and insights; as well as professional opinions from our contributors.

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