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Recording Studio Furniture Gallery: Custom Mixing Desks by Sound Construction and Supply Inc. Choosing the best studio for your production can be very confusing, with all the hype and misinformation floating around out there. Are there adequate creature comforts like lounge area, kitchen facilities, seating for everyone, quiet places to get away and polish performances, lyrics, and charts. Experienced engineers working with the best equipment consistently make the best sounding recordings. Don't be misled by the huge list of equipment offered by many recording studios, as you probably wouldn't need to use 90% of it anyway.
In a tape-based studio, analog or digital, up to 25% of your studio time will be spent waiting for the tapes to rewind and locate. Choose your recording studio based on these priorities; engineer, facility, equipment, and value. Your engineer will have a greater impact on the sound and cost of your recording than any other variable. In the hands of a master engineer, great equipment becomes an important component of great recordings. If your goal is to produce the best-recorded product for your dollar, remember that a cheap rate is not the same as a good value.
Welcome to Northfire Recording Studio, a world-class audio production facility located in western Massachusetts. 06 Apr 2016 Cakewalk “SONAR 2016.03” Update Offers a New In-app Help Module, Melodyne Tempo Detection, and AAS Ultra Analog Session 2 Synth04 Mar 2016 Cakewalk releases "Newburyport" Sonar update with Add Track Menu Feature plus LANDR Mastering Integration04 Feb 2016 Cakewalk releases Manchester SONAR Update21 Jan 2016 Cakewalk Announces New SONAR Features for Spring 2016 and New Pricing Structure for "Rolling Updates" Membership Program at the 2016 NAMM Show21 Jan 2016 Cakewalk releases Gibson Electric Bass Expansion Pack for Rapture Pro and Rapture Session14 Dec 2015 Cakewalk releases "Rapture Session" Synth and updates Z3TA+ 2 and Rapture Pro (incl.
Based in the heart of the city, our Recording Studio is directly opposite Newcastle Central Train and Metro Station providing easy access via rail whether from surrounding towns or from afar such as London in less than 3 hours.
We can also work with clients who cannot travel but still need to direct a voice over session.
We've provided a location for 'over the phone' interviews with leading newspapers and journalists where the interviewee can't make the trip due to time constraints.
All sessions are managed by our audio engineer to ensure the highest quality audio recording and service. There are a lot of small things that both professional and project studios have in common.Sometimes the basic set up of the recording hardware and software causes the biggest problems to getting a smooth-running and good sounding home recording. Your choices range from small home studios to large pro studios, all claiming to be the perfect studio for you.
In my 40+ years of recording experience, these four items have always been a part of making the right choice. Remember, you may be there for days on end, so the vibe of the surroundings can have a big impact on your mood. If this item is not up to par, your recording may sound great in the studio, but not translate well into the real world of car stereos and boom boxes, which is critical to the success of your project. The fact is that a very experienced engineer can make a great sounding recording with not-so-great equipment. The best sounding recordings include the use of high-end mike preamps, a selection of major name microphones, and some classic and high-end outboard gear. But in the hands of a master engineer, great equipment becomes an important component of great recordings.
It is amusing to watch how the hourly rate is usually top priority for newbys, and becomes much lower priority for recording veterans.
If all recording engineers and studios were equal, then the cheapest hourly rate would be the best value.

SONAR V-Studio 700 represents the first and flagship product in the next generation V-Studio line of Cakewalk branded hardware and software solutions. Through our ISDN line, clients and colleagues can listen in and direct the voice over artist from their location without interupting or compromising the session.
We've provided emergency voice recordings ahead of live performances to use as a backup in the event of the performer's voice weakening. Using our ISDN facility, we can record a high quality recording of the interview with both parties, in separate locations. So, here are a couple things I’ve seen that are mistakes that you can avoid, and good practices you should try from the beginning. A facility that has been designed from the ground up as a recording studio will be more accurate and sound better than retro-fits in existing buildings, homes, or garages. He has a huge tool chest with hundreds of specialized tools, but will probably need only a select few to get the job done. Nowadays, the lion's-share of release-quality recordings include the use of hard-disk recording and editing systems like MOTU Digital Performer, or Protools.
But in reality, there is a big difference in the quality of product and the speed of production from one studio to another. If your goal is to find and buy a large quantity of the cheapest studio time, then go for it.
This means that 25% of your studio dollars are wasted, compared to a studio with a random-access hard-disk recording system like MOTU or Protools.
Sonics play a major role in determining the personality and feel of any recorded music, so we tailor the sound we capture and create for each artist, album, and song.
With SONAR V-Studio 700 two music technology leaders have combined the best of their hardware and software engineering to address the growing needs of modern music professionals. Look for an engineer with the most experience working on the kind of product you will be recording (i.e. While the better engineers and studios cost more per hour, they end up using less studio time while producing a better product.
If, however, your goal is to produce the best-recorded product for your dollar, you will need to seek out the more experienced engineer in a great facility. When the sound is right in lockstep with the song, the barrier between musician and listener melts away. Roland pioneered the concept of combining hard disk recording with an ergonomic control surface. A huge live room may be required for orchestral sessions, while a smaller dry room is generally used for typical pop music recordings. Discuss the overall goals for your recording project with the studio you would like to record at, and set a reasonable budget for your time and finances. Now, a new generation of V-Studio builds on its legacy in new and innovative ways-combining Roland's renowned hardware expertise with the power and flexibility of Cakewalk's SONAR Producer DAW.
Collaborating with world-renowned acoustician and architect Michael Blackmer, we designed the studio to be a sonically flexible space so it can accommodate any sound from big and live to close and intimate. This is the approach used by every major recording artist and record label I have known, because it works so well. We also put a lot of though and effort into the feel of the spaces, and as a result Northfire is a very comfortable, relaxing place to work. And beyond that, the forward thinking design of SONAR V-Studio 700 addresses the needs of post production professionals by incorporating video and image hardware control functionality.
Instead of being distracted by watching the hourly rate clock tick off the studio hours, the artist is freed to concentrate on the overall project.

Our equipment collection is broad, with a wide variety of high-end mics, outboard gear, and instruments for when inspiration strikes.
Most importantly, our engineers are well versed in their art, expert at their craft, and understanding of the needs of our clients. Having a decent patch bay is the best way of integrating outboard gear into a computer-based home studio, and by adding some analog outboard processing to thicken up your sound.Get tubes and at least one good mic. Everyone understands that if you have a terrible sounding guitar that it will not record well – it’s the same thing with a cheap mic and bad mic pre-amp.
The VS-700R also houses an unexpected but welcome surprise with its onboard Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer. In addition, the Fantom VS can be further expanded with Roland SuperNATURAL sounds through an ARX Expansion Board slot located in the VS-700R. SONAR 8 Producer + Rapture SONAR 8 Producer is the software heart of the next generation V-Studio. SONAR 8 Producer gives you what you need for recording, composing, editing, mixing, and mastering. SONAR 8 offers innovations that matter, from exclusive features to ignite creativity and perfect tracks, to groundbreaking technologies that always keep you in control, all backed by the industry's leading 64-bit audio quality. And SONAR 8 Producer delivers go-to production tools with the best collection of virtual instruments, mixing, and mastering effects found in any DAW.
Because the VS-700C was designed jointly by Cakewalk and Roland, it offers deeper integration into SONAR's editing and mixing capabilities than any off the shelf control surface. Preamps and converters are the gateway to your system, and the VS-Studio 700 includes the very best mic preamps and convertor technology that Roland has to offer. The preamps are also digitally-controlled which lets you adjust preamp gain from the same control surface where you mix, and save gain settings as presets.
Being able to recall individual settings for each mic can be a real time-saver during a session.
The VS-700R also includes the Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer which adds to the full complement of inspiring synthesizers that are included in SONAR 8. Fantom VS operates as a hardware VSTi instrument with complete access over all parameters accessible via a software plug-in interface and editor within SONAR. Because the Fantom VS is DSP powered within the VS-700R interface, it offers essentially zero latency and CPU loading. In addition to the exciting creative possibilities provided by the 1,400 Fantom VS patches, there is a slot for an ARX expansion board for adding specialized Roland SuperNatural sounds for particular projects. Easy connection and installation The V-Studio experience starts with a simple two cable connection: one cable connects the VS-700c controller with the VS-700r interface and then a second standard USB cable from the interface completes the VS-700 system to the computer.
The included SONAR software, drivers, control plug-ins, and numerous project templates are easily installed and SONAR V-Studio 700 will be production ready in minutes. SONAR V-Studio 700 is available through Roland and Edirol distribution partners and select retailers worldwide. Local prices may vary, please check with your local Roland or Edirol distributor, or SONAR V-Studio 700 retailer for more details.

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