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The {version} wildcard allows you to update to newer versions of jQuery without having to change the code the references the file. This will result in all files with a .js extension being included in the one bundle in alphabetical order.
This results in all .css files in the Styles folder being bundled in alphabetical order so doesn't differ from the previous wildcard example. However, if you look at the jquery file that has been included, you see that it is the full development version. Bundling sets the content expiration for each bundle to 12 months so that they are cached by the browser. Bundling and minification are considered advanced topics, which is why the library wasn't included as part of the WebMatrix Razor templates. Why does no one ever mention the difference in approaches of using a BundleConfig.cs file (where your resources are hard-coded) vs using the bundle.config xml file? Note that the screenshots from this example are using Visual Studio 2010, but these steps apply to many previous versions as well. Any file matching the specified pattern will be included, with multiple files added in alphabetical order.

Often, multiple fileswill have dependencies on others so the order in which files are referenced is important and needs managing. The querystring value that is generated for each bundle does not change unless the content of the bundle changes. The page about bundling still says that it's not supported in webmatrix, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to do it at all. If you add a new script to an existing bundle, it will be available wherever that bundle is referenced, so no - bundling is not the solution for page-specific scripts - unless you create a page-specific bundle.
You can do that using the Nuget Gallery feature, although that was playing up when I tried, so I used the Package Adminstration Manager.
Obviously, especially in the case of .js files, it's important to ensure that files are added to bundles in the correct order. Both have a static Render method which takes a comma-separated listof virtual paths, or an array of them.
At that point, a new querystring value is generated which results in the browser downloading the revised bundle immediately. A lot of Javascript libraries come with minified versions, so the minification system doesn't provide a lot of additional assistance there, but it certainly produces benefits on your own script and style files.
This is because, by default, Web Pages applications run in debug mode as dictated by the compilation setting in the web.config file.

Not only that, but the package is only available outside of the default WebMatrix packages, so you need to set the Source to Default (All). Once the bundle has been instantiated, you specify the actual files that should be included by using the Include() method. The virtual path you provide here must relate to the actual file location otherwise the file will not be found. It picks up the full version during debug, and any minified version if the site it set to release mode.
In the example above, the file has been specified by name, but there are other ways to specifiy the contents of a bundle as you will see soon. Multiple files can be specified by passing their virtual location in to the Include method as a comma-separated list or an array of strings.

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