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Besides reliability and overall build quality, there is no other reason to get an LS at this point. All of its main competitors are superior in power, driving dynamics, luxury features, and customization. Except when you actually compare these cars in person, and realize all of that is bull****. LS is lacking big time on performance compared to base versions of its competitors - im not even talking bout S63, S8, Alpina 7, XJR - i mean LS is not even in the same ballgame with those other cars. My dad had an 08 LS460 and now he has an 12 XJL - besides the Nav system, the Jag is on another level. From my experience the LS has the best interior in the segment right now, not by looking at photos, not by reading reviews, by actually sitting in the cars back to back and comparing. I should also mention that I meant to say that I hope Lexus does NOT make the LS a hybrid only model. Gnome & Bow is a Singapore based fashion start-up, offering bags that do more than just provide function, but also crafted as an extension of ones imagination and individuality.

We were approached by its founder to create the Gnome & Bow brand identity, as well as to craft a crowd funding campaign with the aim to raise SGD$30,000 in a space of two months in order to fund production and launch his first line of products. Leveraging on a strategic social media strategy, the crowd funding campaign was a tremendous success.
At Turner Promotions, we understand what it takes to do a restroom ad right, and which ads are more effective in certain facilities. The performance variations of the other cars are niche, they're not the volume drivers, so it's not a solution to low volume. The combination of the tall Gnome hat and classic gentleman bow tie speaks about the essence of the brand – the culmination of fantasy with the mark of class.
Our restroom ads are professionally executed, full-color, framed, and monitored regularly for condition.A Another great part about restroom advertising is cost.
The Gnome & Bow brand was then further crafted based on extensive market research to help distinguish itself from the competition. It became the largest successfully crowd funded campaign of its nature in Asia Pacific, with over 10,500 Facebook page views garnered and featured in over 20 online and print media outlets such as Esquire, Style Men & Cosmopolitan etc.

This form of advertising is affordable, which adds to the many other great reasons for using these indoor billboards.Restrooms may seem like a very unlikely place to advertise, but is actually a very effective and inexpensive way to reach a defined target market and captivate them.A People will enjoy reading your ad instead of looking at a blank wall! The visual language we developed allowed the fantasy element of the brand to come forth, appealing to its target audience and potential contributors.
Following that, we designed the Gnome & Bow online store from which the brand was launched. Below are advertisements for a few of our clients.A Select an ad to view it larger and click the link in the ad to visit each client's website.

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