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Manages all your media and supports a number of formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, MPC, OGG, FLAC, APE, Opus, TAK, WV, WMA and WAV.
MusicBee hits the perfect sweet spot between easy-to-use, customisable, powerful and lightweight. MusicBee only has one active developer working in his spare time, but it’s also updated often, and has a great wiki and a helpful forum. As the jack of all trades, there are always other players that will be masters of one, and such is the case with MusicBee. There are a lot of other contenders, such as Windows Media Player, the Zune Player, AIMP3, Clementine, and even VLC (though we’d be hard pressed to call that a full-featured music library program). Lifehacker’s App Directory recommends the best applications and tools across multiple platforms. Admittedly there won't be any further updates for the time-being until the rumours of its on-sale are confirmed or otherwise.
I hear the website is under revamp and possibly new version released next year from the new owners. Taking online courses can prepare you for your next job and strengthen your position as a job candidate. All of us want our washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances to last as long as possible, but how long they're made to last is another story.
Update: You guys were overwhelmingly in support of other programs besides SMPlayer for the title of best video player on Windows, and we heard you. On top of all that, it’s fast, lightweight, and can play any video format you throw at it, including damaged files.
As with most advanced programs, KMPlayer’s biggest strength is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Some users have experienced some bugginess in KMPlayer, though this seems to vary from person to person. The most obvious competitor to KMPlayer is VLC, which many of you probably use as your main player.
Media Player Classic is another choice on Windows, which, coupled with a codec pack like K-Lite or Win7codecs, can play just about any video under the sun.
Other lesser-known videos include SMPlayer, which lets you set your settings on a per-video basis, and PotPlayer, which is by the same original developer as KMPlayer, but is young and not quite as feature-rich.
Lifehacker’s App Directory is a new and growing directory of recommendations for the best applications and tools in a number of given categories. I use VLC for testing and playback in Windows, but XBMC remains my player of choice for most content given it's home theatre interface, enormous range of plugins and features, and the fact it's so damn pretty. I might give SM Player a try for an alternative lightweight player for basic file playback. I’m still yet to find a media player that looks as slick and fits as well into Windows 7 as WMP12 does, and WMP12 meets almost all of my desires for music playback.
I know that VLC and MediaPlayer Classic (and SMPlayer too apparently) have a minimal system footprint, with maximum playing capabilities, but they’re overkill for my needs, and usually pretty ugly to boot. I was interested until the bit about DVD menus - I use VLC for DVDs, means I don't need yet another piece of bloatware. I used to use The KMPlayer, a Korean media player (with English translations of course) as my default player for most files.
While the player is originally in Korean, it has been translated and English versions are updated frequently.
Configure PotPlayer for GPU Acceleration – An in-depth guide on how to configure PotPlayer to use GPU acceleration for optimal picture quality. VideoLan Client (more well-known as VLC) is special mainly because it has the best file support of any video player.
The main issue with VLC is that the interface, while customizable and powerful, is not easy to use and doesn’t look very good. There are a lot of free video media players for playing back video files like mpeg, flv, wmv, avi, mp4, etc and DVD and VCD discs which are a great alternative to Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center which you can download and use for Windows 7. All the video players I mention on this posts plays video very clearly and smoothly within Windows 7, XP, Vista and older versions of Windows.
VLC VideoLan Media Player is a great video player because it runs quickly, is easy to use, and supports a lot of different video file types by default. BS Player is another free media player which you can use to playback most popular media and video file formats within Windows. There are countless media players out there and they are only growing in numbers with everyday passing by.

Many people don’t even go beyond Windows Media Player as the software comes standard with most computers, but they think of a new media player when they get stuck with some video that doesn’t play with Windows Media Player. Cyberlink PowerDVD: Now this one is certainly not free but you can download a trial version to begin with and check if it is worth it or not.
One of the best things that this media player offers is to convert 2D videos into 3D videos. Author Bio – Austin Field is a professional videographer with over 15 years of experience. I used to watch many videos in my mobile, so I need some good video player in my Windows phone, so can you tell me which is the best video player in Windows phone? But that doesn’t stop the powerful, lightweight and customisable MusicBee from winning our hearts for the best music player on Windows. For example, MP3 and AAC encoders need to be installed separately due to licensing reasons, but anyone advanced enough to require the conversion features should have no problem installing these separate programs. Our goal with the App Directory is to pick the best application for the majority of people, especially those unfamiliar with the available apps.
It won’t do much but play and tag music out of the box, but it also has a lot of plugins that let you customise its features to a ridiculous level.
Being able to stream music to a tiny airport express connected to a portable soundbar or an airplay receiver or xbmc or anything else and control it all with my phone is gold. A new study published in the journal PLOS One may have some insight into why this word makes us cringe. Consumer Reports put together a list of average lifespans for common household appliances, and some are shorter than you might think. For its great performance, high number of features, and ability to play just about anything, we recommend KMPlayer for all your video playing needs. We’ve updated this post to reflect this, as well as include some of the other choices you guys love. You can tweak just about everything of your video, from simple brightness and contrast to deinterlacing, postprocessing and de-nose to get the best video playback possible. It has a ton of different settings, which unfortunately makes wading through the checkbox-laden settings menu kind of a pain. In addition, its installation of the Ask Toolbar (which I tried to avoid and somehow still installed) is pretty reprehensible, but again — uninstalling it is a small price to pay for one of the most configurable programs out there.
It will play a lot of files, but if it ever doesn’t, we recommend having a backup video player on hand (no matter what you use as your primary player). Both are pretty close in terms of quality, but KMPlayer’s nicer interface, lighter weight, and tons of advanced features all bring it a step up above VLC in our eyes. Its biggest advantage is its hardware acceleration, which is great for older computers if you want to play high-def video.
Many people also like Gom Player, which has quite a few advanced features but not quite as many as KMPlayer (though if you’re having stability issues with KMPlayer, Gom is a good alternative to try). Like music players, everyone has their favorite video player and you guys are pobably pretty loyal to yours. I like being able to browse my video collection via film covers and thumbnails from via my smartphone too, and XBMC has easily the best iPhone app for that. It has a lot of cool features, such as pressing the arrows to skip, say 5 seconds forward, back, etc.
Just tried it and it seems to be pretty much the same as KMPlayer in terms of functinality, but it is also faster; I tested a video that I knew lagged in KMPlayer with PotPlayer and it runs perfectly. I have tried several video player applications in the quest to find the best one, and although I haven’t tried them all, there is 1 in particular that I feel stand above the rest.
Even if the file is damaged or partially missing, chances are that VLC can play back the portion that exists, even when other applications fail. For these reasons, I keep VLC around as backup to play any files that might have difficulties in PotPlayer.
I find many of the free media players run very quickly, and can easily playback different types of files which Windows Media Player can not playback because of a missing Codec for playing video files like divx, mkv, flv, etc. The User interface is also easy to use, and VLC loads quickly on most computers I use it on.
In my experience, it can open video files which VLC, and other media player can’t open for some unknown reason. The user interface uses a theme which is like the classic Windows Media Player interface which is very easy to understand how to use from Windows 98, but Media Player Classic can play most of the modern media file formats like flv, wmv, etc. It has a user interface which is similar to The Windows Media Player Skin for Windows 95-98 except it has a useful toolbar for people who prefer to use a toolbar for opening their media and changing settings with SM Player.

In fact, in last few years this was easily considered as the number one media player out there and even today it is certainly one of the best.
If you are using the Windows Phone, then it is suggested to use Windows Media Player that any other Player. You’ll still find Winamp in the competition section at the bottom, as well as in our list of the five best desktop music players.
Check out the Competition section below for more info on some of our other favourite players for Windows. You can sync with a number of devices (though iOS syncing is very limited), auto-tag your files, customise keyboard shortcuts, and perform lots of other advanced features — or, if you prefer, you can just play your music through a simple, good-looking player. It has some useful advanced tagging and syncing features, but it doesn’t quite reach the power of MediaMonkey. It's got that customise-ability of Foobar2000, but without looking like a Windows 95 reject. It can still be downloaded from AOL's website despite a notice stating it would be removed over a fortnight ago. No matter what quality of file you’re stuck with, you can probably make it better with KMPlayer. The VLC remote only works half the time (its made by different developers and seems to break a lot when VLC is updated).
In addition, there is 1 honorable mention that I keep around as it can do things no other app can. Luckily, I found out that the original author started development on another player called Daum PotPlayer.
It has built-in codec support for playing just about any media files you will use, and has many customization options. Indeed, I have seen a few video files that were so corrupt that even PotPlayer (and every other player I tried) did not show any video at all, only audio.
It is very easy to use, and loads quickly.  It supports a large number of video files as well.
It is also possible to watch TV with KMplayer if you have a TV Tuner or USB Tuner card installed on your computer.
BS player is great for watching anime and foreign dramas which require you load subtitles into it. The UI skin technology allows users to customize appearance of the interface, and it has superb Web connectivity, which allows you to share videos with social networking sites, and upload your favorite ones on Facebook and YouTube too. Considering that these features are all available for free with MusicBee, it was hard to recommend the more limited MediaMonkey as the best player. That said, VLC has experimental hardware acceleration as well, though, so unless VLC is giving you playback issues, you’re probably better off using it instead. The best part is that you don’t need to really customize much to get a good experience with it, but the choices are there for power users. There are far too many features to talk about them all here, so I’ll just advise you to grab it for yourself and have a try. All these advanced features are actually missing on some of the popular Media players like PowerDVD, which are next in our list. You can easily upgrade CD contents to HD contents and give more number of fixes to the videos.
BS Player starts up quickly and is easy to use, and during the install, it searches for missing codecs for popular video types and automatically downloads the codecs for you, so you can playback popular video types on your Windows computer. TMT even allows you to change region code up to five times, which is yet another useful feature. Another advantage is that it doesn’t even need an installation like other media players mentioned in this list. The player also allows its repair the broken files if you have any and everything just seems to be working great with this one.
You can easily play video from an external hard drive or from one of the flash drives you have.

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