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Video editing software can come in handy if you want to edit, cut or add something in your videos while you would also be able to add 2-D and 3-D special effects enhancing the quality of your videos with the help of a video editing freeware. Blender is not your simple video editing software as it is basically an open source 3D rendering software.
The software supports a number of file formats including TGA, JPG, MOV, TIFF, PSD, AVI, IFF, 3D studio and Collada (3-D) etc.
Wax is a powerful free video editor and has the capability of creating 2-D and 3-D special effects in your videos. Overall, the software is good but its free version is only a trial version and expires after a certain period.
The only worrying aspect is that it does not support a large family of file formats and you would need a video converter to work along with Video Dub for the best results. The only thing which makes Avidemux stand above Virtual Dub is the fact that it supports a very large number of file formats like AVI, MPEG, Orbb, Vorbis, and WAV etc.
Whether you are aiming to create an amateur movie to further your dreams of being a filmmaking pro one day, or you are just putting more effort in preserving precious memories with your family and friends, creating a DVD out of your video files is the way to go.
A smartphone is of such a nature that it has taken over from pretty much every electronic appliance that supplied us with entertainment in our youth, and as much as the hardware side of it all has facilitated the change, it has been dramatically enhanced by the applications that help us to get the most out of our devices! Taking snaps and video of everything that captivates our imagination or piques our interest is a favorite hobby of most smartphone users, and sharing this content is especially popular in the age of social media!
VidTrim is one of those video-editing apps that does exactly what it says and gets the job done! InstaShot is a free Instagram video editing app that is comprised of a video maker, trimmer and compressor. With these apps at your fingertips you can get to work on your smartphone video-editing skills! Take a look at our wide range of Android smartphones with high quality cameras and start editing videos on your AMGOO right away!
September 22, 2014 by Ana Dziengel 25 Comments I’m thrilled to be part of the Rockin’ Art Moms Photo Series MAKE BETTER BLOG PHOTOS- Tips for Creating Memorable and Pin-Able Photos.
This post contains affiliate links to products I love and recommend to my readers, plus it keeps this little blog o’mine afloat! Since most images straight off a camera are large, I always go in and edit their size FIRST.
In PS you can compare the new look to the original by checking and unchecking the preview button.
This is the only tool I’m showing you today that is a Royale (paid) PicMonkey feature. To clone in PS first click the clone stamp tool, then right-click on your mouse and a pop up box will appear for size and hardness. To make a straight line of stamps in PS select your source area, click to set the stamp starting point, hold down the shift key, and then select the stamp end point.
No matter how many times I adjust the white balance on my camera I still am never quite happy with the general tone of the pictures I take. Color Balance: This tool has three sliders for the different colors in the image and adjusts the tone of the entire image.
In PicMonkey simply adjust the saturation slider as shown in step 4 to the right to bump up the colors. When you are publishing photos to the web they need to be of good quality but not so big that they slow down your site when loading. PicMonkey: In Picmonkey I suggest saving a large, Sean, file to have for your original, then saving a Pierce size for the web upload.
Photoshop: In PS I always use the Save for Web option to appropriately size the images I will be uploading to the web. The Rockin’ Art Moms (RAMs) are 16 mom bloggers who believe in the power of creativity as a necessary part of family life!
To keep up with all the tips and projects here on Babbble Dabble Do subscribe below or like us on FB! Free video editing software also allows you to add text in the video while also edit the background lighting and audio.

It is a feature-packed software with the stand-out features being rigging, modelling, rendering, animation, realtime game creation and imaging. It supports all popular formats but does crash if you use too many features at the same time. It has a very simple and cool interface and is laced with all the basic editing tools a video editor must have. Well, it may not be because there are a lot of video editing software programs available, here are five great options. You just have to use an easy video editing software, make DVD files, burn them onto a DVD and create a nice cover and you are done. It lets you optimize and improve the image quality of still images and videos, as well as add beautiful effects to give character and charm to your finished product. This all-in-one device allows us to manage our busy lives, listen to our favourite tracks, play the most popular games and capture life's happenings in photos or video, all on the go! Thing is nobody is going to sit through a 10min video of your kids learning to walk or even that 3 min vid of your friend dancing to Britney's new track in the mirror. VideoShow allows users to merge, trim, add music, mix video and photo as well as export and share their creations to all the most popular SM networks! With this free version you also get to use a few other features that include video effects, extract audio (convert to MP3), frame grabbing and transcoding (convert to MP4) and adding a soundtrack. It utilizes unprecedented AI Technology to analyze and combine the best parts of your video into fun clips that makes it look like you sent your clip into a professional editor! Users can mix video and photo, add their favourite music as a soundtrack, modify display duration of specific photos and rotate them, trim video and share their creations on Facebook or YouTube! But I realize most folks out there don’t have this amazing program for 2 reasons: it’s expensive, it’s intimidating. PicMonkey is a wonderful online program for bringing photo editing tools to the masses for free or a low monthly subscription.
Hardness means how soft the stamp edges are and goes from very soft edges (low percentage) to sharp edges (high percentage).
If my white backdrop was too short I use the clone stamped to replicate the entire area of white backdrop just below it. To isolate a color, select it from the pull down menu and then use the sliders to adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of the selected color. I like to go to the Vibrance tab and adjust the sliders for both vibrance and saturation to the right.
If you know the width of your content area you can change the size of your photo width as you save it. Make Better Blog Photos was developed in response to a question we hear often: “How did you take such a great picture?” We decided to show you how!
I do take shots of my kids doing projects and always use the action setting on my camera when I do.The fast shutter speed will help the shots be less blurry. The reason why such a powerful software sits at no.5 in the list is its complex interface and the difficulty a user will have in performing a simple cut and paste while editing the video. Wax can be used as a stand-alone video editor while it has the ability to be used as a plug-in with other video editors as well.
You can reduce camera shake, slow down or speed up your videos, add special effects in the videos and use it as a audio mixer as well. It has a batch processor as well to edit a number of videos at once while also contains a lot of cool editing features. It is simple enough and has a good solid interface but requires a small learning curve for new users. Even if you don't have video files, you can just use still photos and create slideshows that you can also burn onto a DVD. Whether you are looking to cut out the boring bits, make multiple cuts within the same video, add some transitions or just add a soundtrack to your masterpiece, you are going to need a choice video-editing app!
Having recently removed the watermark from videos that you create, your videos are now your own, and the best thing is that this is a free app! One is also able to share videos made with friends directly through the app which is a big plus.

Users can add their own choice of music, cool graphic and effects in a matter of minutes with this free app and share it on a wide range of SM networks and instant messaging apps that include WhatsApp. Luckily, this free version doesn't stamp your videos with a watermark so it makes for better sharing.
This all-in-one app is perfect for users that use the platform on the regular and works with both video and photos!
4 out of the 5 basic editing tools (everything except the clone stamp) I’m going to show you here are all available on the free version. Hardness means how soft the brush edges are and goes from very soft edges (low percentage) to sharp edges (high percentage). After adjusting the size and hardness of your stamp select your source area (the area you want to copy) by holding down the option key and clicking on the source (Mac) or the alt key (PCs), then go to the area you want to clean and “stamp” the source. I also use it to clean up color that is falling off the image or drawing the eye away from the main image. BUT I have noticed that depending on lighting and the tone of what you are photographing, some colors just look dull when photographed. Blender is recommended as one of the best free video editing software for professional video editors. You can play with the contrast and brightness of your video, remove blur, add smoothness and remove and replace audio tracks too. The simple editing tools are really helpful for a person looking to make small changes in his video while for pros, Avidemux has advanced features as well. Express yourself with video, photo, text, music, voice, filter and effects, this user-friendly app only requires minimum effort to make awesome videos!
Only thing raining on this apps parade is the fact that the free version applies a watermark to the finished videos you create.
This app is a simple editor for those not worried with complicating their videos with more advanced features and makes for good old editing fun! Just be sure to use it sparingly  so you don’t end up with photos that look grainy or aliased (see below). It’s when straight lines start appearing as diagonal bits of line instead of a nice crisp line. To make a quick color adjustment select the neutral picker, go to your image and click on a white area. It is good for both novices and pros which makes it stand-out amongst other free video editors.
Still, it is worth upgrading to the pro version for those who want complete control over what they edit! Partly that’s because I’m still learning how to use my camera well, but it’s also because I believe that most photos benefit from a few simple edits. A little shadowy, some glare, a few colors looking faded….but with the 5 Must-Do Photo Edits below the photo looks so much more pin worthy!
And yes, Photoshop is incredibly intimidating but also an incredibly powerful tool once you become familiar with it.  I taught myself to use it then took a few extra courses to go a little more in depth. So if you do NOTHING else to your photos, please for the LOVE OF PETE go in and brighten them up a bit! Select your source area (the area you want to copy) first by clicking on it, then go to the area you want to clean and “stamp” the source area there. I have learned that shooting the kids in action AND having some more set-up shots where I can control things helps me get a wide variety of pictures for use in a post, plus it adds a little variation. If you have been on the fence about using it I encourage you to make the leap, your photos will shine! This is the best way to clean up photos and make them look realistic since you are copying one area of an image to another area.
So I’m here to show you the top 5 MUST-DO photo editing tools you should be using on both PicMonkey and Photoshop.

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