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Generic, cross-platform instructions for converting your fan video to a high quality file (for YouTube or for sharing online). Wea€™ve got a lot of tutorials on the Foolish Passion fan video forums for converting your finished video to a good quality file for sharing online. If you are using some other video editing software, look for the option which lets you export as DV.
First, deinterlacing: If you notice weird a€?linea€? things through your video, check this box. Unless you have Windows 7 (as seen in this screenshot) open your source clips in a media player like VLC Player or Quicktime.
There are some exceptions to the guidelines Ia€™ve given, so to learn more about frame sizes (aspect ratio), read this tutorial. Selecting frame size can be tricky (but it needna€™t be if you set up your project correctly to begin with). Sometimes a DV AVI (or DV MOV) file can look a€?squisheda€? (elongated) when you open it in MPEG Streamclip or some other media player.
Okay, to recap, youa€™ve decided to pick the a€?deinterlacea€? box if you see those weird lines in your video (or you didna€™t choose to deinterlace if you dona€™t see them).
A final note: The overall quality of your finished video very much depends on what kind of clips you used for editing. For using MPEG Streamclip to convert your ripped DVD to editable AVI or MOV files, read this tutorial. Tutorial keywords: MPEG Streamclip, converting your fan video for YouTube, aspect ratio, vidding tutorial, fanvids, vids.

If your source clips look like this (more rectangular), select the frame size for 16:9 (widescreen). Tech sites around the world (Softpedia being one of them) reported earlier this month that Apple had released information to allow 3rd-party developers to take advantage of hardware acceleration of H.264 video on the Mac. Non-supported computers such as Mac Pro workstations, and other conditions that hardware support may, or may not be available for the time being are also detailed in Adobe’s blog post. Total Video Player e solitamente reperibile al prezzo di circa 10 Euro, ma per un breve periodo viene scontato a soli 0,99 €. Total Video Player si presenta come un potente lettore multimediale! Per restare sempre aggiornato sul tema di questo articolo, puoi seguirci su Twitter, aggiungerci su Facebook o Google+ e leggere i nostri articoli via RSS.
Commentando dichiari di aver letto e di accettare tutte le regole guida sulla discussione all'interno dei nostri blog. What matters is how it looks after you have converted it to an MP4 file in MPEG Streamclip! Windows Media Player in previous versions of Windows may not show the total frame border of your clips very well.
If your source DVD or source clips have a more a€?boxya€? shape, select the frame size for 4:3.
But thata€™s okay, because you can select a different frame size to a€?unsquisha€? it as you convert it to an MP4 (or H.264 MOV, or iPod) file. Click on the a€?Make MP4a€? button and wait for MPEG Streamclip to convert your video to a high quality MP4 file.
This page helps you understand that what you put into your editing software very much affects how good (or how bad) your finished video can look.

The Flash maker makes one final important note in saying that, in the preview release, users will be able to recognize when hardware decoding is in use thanks to a small, white square displayed in the upper-left corner of the video frame.
Solitamente reperibile al prezzo di 9,99 €, per oggi e solo per un brevissimo periodo, puo essere vostro al prezzo minimo di soli 0,99 €. If you pick the wrong aspect ratio, dona€™t worry about ita€”you can fix it in MPEG Streamclip. If you want to go a little lower, thata€™s fine, but a data rate below 1000 might not look so great on YouTube. However, herea€™s an attempt to give a€?generica€? instructions that will produce pretty decent results with most editing software. Then you will open this DV file in another program (MPEG Streamclip) to make your final a€?web readya€? video.
When you convert a DV file to something else, DO NOT check a€?unscaled.a€? IT WILL ALWAYS LOOK BAD.
Ita€™s not necessarily as good as what some of the FP fan video forum tutorials show, but it will get you started down the right path. E’ possibile godere appieno della qualita HD 1080p fin dalla prima installazione, pieno supporto ai sottotitoli e altre caratteristiche interessanti che potete leggere direttamente nella scheda Mac App Store dedicata.

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