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Addressed to: the "Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing" is intended for all those wishing to specialize in international trade and global marketing. Learning units: Globalization, Exporting, import and export documents, Incoterms, customs, import and export processes, transportation and international logistics, payment methods and documentary credits, international financing, foreign exchange markets, international contracts and export Department. The purpose of these exercises is for the student to work on practical cases and try to solve them efficiently. Students with a bachelor's degree will receive a "Diploma of Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing". Most companies spend a significant amount of time, money, and resources exhibiting at trade shows. All too often, booth staffers show up underprepared to take advantage of a trade showa€™s unique opportunity: engaging face-to-face with their target audience.
This quick video infographic shows the power of trained Brand Ambassadors and Professional Engagers to communicate your message and bring your event program to life.
Rick Grubbs, our resident booth staff training guru, recommends 3 key engagement enhancements to kickstart meaningful in-booth conversations and help your exhibit program get better leads and results. Anyone walking past the exhibit has the potential to be the next big sale, but you will never know until you approach and engage the attendee in conversation.
Ita€™s much better to ask an open-ended question that requires a response other than yes or no. If you have a wide range of products, it can be difficult to hone in on one solution as a value-prop opening.
Open-ended and broadly focused, a phrase like this can start the ball rolling wherever the attendee needs to take it. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. The Standroid Plasma Stand starts at $995, and is available with a number of optional accessories.
For a limited time only, MODdisplays is offering a free banner stand light and free shipping on our Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands.
The graphic is a durable solvent print on 13.5oz polyester vinyl that resists curling at the edges.
Despite its size and presence, the trade show exhibit pictured can be set up in just a few hours with a few workers, limited your install and dismantle costs, and giving you the option to set up the exhibit without the help of show personnel. Waveline Media trade show displays combine the simplicity and affordability of Waveline Displays with the versatility of a custom modular exhibit. With the release of XVline Displays last month, MODdisplays also beefed up its offerings with our new XVline Parts and Accessories section. XVline systems use lightweight and durable aluminum extrusions, which are designed to incorporate many optional accessories.
Waveline 10 x 20 trade show displays are an affordable way to make a big impact in your inline exhibit space.
Successful trade show marketing professionals see attendees as more than just passive receivers of marketing information, but active participants in the evolution of the company they are promoting.

With the advent of social media, customers are able to connect companies with the people who represent them more easily than ever before. As with every trade show display we sell, graphic design and custom exhibit renderings are included at no charge to you.
Understandably, exhibit managers and executives expect their results to hold an equally significant return on their investment.
One reason for this can stem from upper managementa€™s misunderstanding that the booth environment is categorically different from almost anything else the staff does on a day-to-day basis, requiring a distinct set of skills, a thorough grounding in their roles, and the tactics to be employed throughout the at-show experience. And, at this point in the conversation, finding their need is far more important than showing them your entire portfolio of solutions. Pero el, trade marketing es mucho mas que eso, ya que supone un nuevo enfoque del fabricante para generar negocio consiguiendo que el canal de distribucion se ponga de su lado y colabore conjuntamente en beneficio mutuo, es decir, haciendo que sus productos sean atractivos para el canal.
Your graphic will never fade, even in direct sunlight, guaranteeing your print will be as vibrant as the day you bought it for the life of your stand. Modular Island Exhibit 2020.06 offers the privacy and security of a conference room, while utlizing the walls as a large graphic area.
Each Waveline Media kit offers support for multimedia, including a monitor mount and supports. In order to offer the best possible service to our clients, we strive to fully support every line of trade show displays we offer. MODdisplays provides detailed descriptions and images of our most popular accessories, along with prices available directly from our website. The clean design and easy set up make these systems a favorite among new exhibitors as well as seasoned trade show marketing professionals, and the large graphic area gives you plenty of room to showcase your brand. Whether you need support for multimedia, lighting, counters, or product shelving, the Waveline system is a fully supported product line with many accessories to choose from. Engagement marketing attempts to connect attendees more directly with a company and its products by encouraging active participation, honest feedback, and real dialogue. Potential customers want to trust human beings, cooperate with human beings, and build rapport with human beings, but those desires can be leveraged to generate positive brand association and brand loyalty. Engaging your customers and encouraging them to interact directly will (hopefully) lead them to have positive experiences with your company, which will leave a much more lasting impression than one way communication.
This system uses lightweight aluminum tubing for the frame of the display and premium dye sub fabric graphics that are crisp and vibrant. When the Professor has evaluated the exercise, the student will receive a message with the score and commentaries. Yet, time and again, companies constrain their efforts by paying too little attention to the one element that is arguably the most critical to their success: their booth staff. For example, turn "Are you familiar with Company A?" into "How are you familiar with Company A?" This immediately transforms the conversation into a give-and-take that will greatly enhance your qualification process. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.

This premium alternative to our Flash banner stand offers chrome-plated metal endcaps and feet and a telescoping pole. With multiple graphic sizes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the Flash Chrome!
With integrated monitor mounts, literature shelves, and counters, this rest of the exhibit will keep your potential customers busy.
The structure is made from lightweight aluminum extrusions, and the graphics are durable and washable. The frame of the display is constructed using aluminum tubing, and pillowcase graphics are used to form a seamless back wall. The parts and accessories section includes monitor mounts, literature holders, product shelves, replacement graphics, and many other products which are compatible with XVline.
We believe that our clients have an extra level of confidence in the purchasing process when they can see from the outset that the exhibit systems we offer are well supported, which allows them to estimate upgrade and replacement costs before making a final decision. Every 10 x 20 Waveline display we offer can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, saving your booth staffers valuable networking time.
The idea is that potential customers can’t communicate with the brands themselves, they must communicate with the people associated with those brands. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow customers to engage directly with real people at your company, which works to build trust and rapport. The entire trade show exhibit weighs less than 20lbs, making it easy to carry for one person and inexpensive to ship. The simplicity and ease of use of this system make it an effective trade show marketing tool, so what are you waiting for?
If the teacher believes the student has not reached the minimum level, he will guide in order to improve the quality of their exercises. With a max height of sixteen feet, this impressive system is sure to attract all the attention you can handle. With large graphics, lighting, a durable shipping case that converts to a counter, and support for multimedia, this booth system has everything you need to succeed at your next conference or convention. Truly modular exhibits should offer a wide variety of options that integrate seamlessly with the basic hardware, allowing our customers ultimate flexibility while ensuring they purchase only the components they need to make their exhibiting experience a success.
Our in-house graphic design team specializes in trade show marketing, with thousands of happy exhibitors every year receiving custom designs and reporting good experiences. Contrasted with other marketing methods such as email marketing, these social media giants allow information to flow in two directions, providing more opportunity for positive experiences on both sides. The durable shipping case (included) converts to a counter thanks to a flexible fabric graphic that can be stretched over it, and a zipper in the back allows room for storage during the show. Each Waveline 10ft S Kit also comes with two LED lights, designed to give your back wall a boost and use minimal electricity during the show.

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