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Microsoft dang chu?n b? t? ch?c cho s? ki?n H?i ngh? Build 2014 danh cho l?p trinh vien d? noi v? cac k? ho?ch v?i Windows Phone 8.1 c?a minh vao 10h 30 t?i nay. Vi?c tri?n khai Windows len cac dong thi?t b? m?i nay du?c cho la nh?m t?n d?ng cac ph?n c?ng d?n t? Intel, d?c bi?t la t? board m?ch Galileo c?a nha s?n xu?t chip nay. Microsoft cho bi?t h? s? tung ra 1 b? SDK trong mua Xuan va s? tung ra cac b?n update thu?ng xuyen d? kich ho?t cac d?ch v? tich h?p dam may va cung c?p cac cong c? t?t hon cho l?p trinh vien.
Ha N?i: T?ng 20, Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i.
T?ng 17, 19, 20, 21 Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i.
Address: T?ng 20, Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i.
F-Secure 2013 la cong c? ngan ch?n virus, worms, spyware va cac trang web d?c h?i t?n cong may tinh c?a b?n. Khi s? d?ng ph?n m?m nay, b?n khong con ph?i lo l?ng b? virus hay hacker t?n cong n?a ma co th? tho?i mai truy c?p cac trang web theo y mu?n.
At this moment, samples are being collected from Moscow, Russia, Birmingham, England and Riverside, USA. If you’re already have a license for F-Secure Internet Security, you can download Internet Security 2013 here.
AVG Anti-Virus Free da t?ng nh?n gi?i thu?ng VB100% c?a Hi?p h?i c? v?n malware d?c l?p, Virus Bulletin. H? th?ng ch?ng virus c?a AVG s? phat hi?n nh?ng chuong trinh co hanh vi gi?ng v?i virus, khoa l?i va co l?p, ngay c? khi chua co d?nh nghia hay thong bao nao v? s? xu?t hi?n c?a chung.
B?n co th? thao tac b?ng tay d? ra l?nh cho chuong trinh quet virus tren cac t?p tin va e-mail ho?c l?p th?i gian bi?u d? d?nh tru?c th?i gian va thu m?c c?n quet. Qu?n ly, quet email, chat va cac file download du?c d? d?m b?o b?n khong nh?n du?c ph?n m?m gay h?i qua cac du?ng nay. Tinh nang Link Scanner d? d?m b?o m?c d? “s?ch s?” va ki?m tra trang web tru?c khi ghe tham.
V?i ch?c nang quet virus, chuong trinh cung c?p 2 ch? d? quet: Quet toan b? ? c?ng ho?c quet cac phan vung, thu m?c nh?t d?nh. Nh?n d?ng 100% virus - engine quet c?a AVG da nh?n du?c hang lo?t gi?i thu?ng cho cong c? nh?n d?ng xu?t s?c cac virus, bao g?m c? gi?i thu?ng VB100%. S? b?o v? on-access toan di?n: AVG Resident Shield cung c?p s? b?o v? m?nh m? nh?t, quet m?i file da m?, th?c thi hay luu tr?. B?o v? e-mail toan di?n - AVG ki?m tra m?i email da g?i hay da nh?n, cung c?p s? b?o v? toan di?n ch?ng l?i cac nguy co phat sinh t? email. AVG Internet Security la m?t trong nh?ng chuong trinh hoan thi?n nh?t du?c AVG phat tri?n cho d?n hi?n nay.
AVG Internet Security bao g?m LinkScanner® d?c quy?n c?a hang AVG d? ngan c?n b?n vo tinh truy c?p vao cac trang web co h?i. Cac d?c trung d?y d? nang l?c cong c? Internet tren th? tru?ng, Opera bao g?m duy?t web theo th?, c?a s? pop-up, tim ki?m tich h?p ch?c nang nang cao , chung ta bi?t r?ng ngu?i dung co nhu c?u khac nhau,vi v?y b?n co th? tuy ch?nh giao di?n va n?i dung c?a trinh duy?t Opera c?a b?n v?i m?t vai cu nh?p chu?t .
Lu?t web d? dang hon va nhanh hon b?ng cach m? nhi?u trang web trong cung m?t c?a s? ph?n m?m. Opera cho phep b?n ki?m soat xem d? ch?n t?t c? pop-up, hay ch? m? nh?ng cai ma b?n yeu c?u.

Fast Forward s? phat hi?n lien k?t va xu?t s?c trong cac van b?n hu?ng t?i don gi?n hoa nhi?u trang. Luu m?t t?p h?p cac trang m? ra , d? thu h?i ho?c b?t d?u v?i cac trang b?n da m? khi dong Opera l?n cu?i. Opera h? tr? cac c? d?ng c?a chu?t, cho phep b?n th?c hi?n d?ng tac nh?t d?nh v?i chu?t d? truy c?p cac tinh nang thu?ng du?c s? d?ng. Nh?n F12 hi?n th? menu l?a ch?n uu tien nhanh d? d? dang chuy?n d?i cac thi?t l?p ch?ng h?n nhu ch?ng th?c trinh duy?t, c?a s? pop-up va cac cookie. Ghi chu co th? du?c luu gi? cung v?i m?t trang web b?n mu?n tham kh?o sau nay, d? nh?c nh? b?n v? b?t k? thong tin c? th? b?n co th? mu?n xem l?i m?t l?n n?a. Cac tinh nang tho?i cho phep b?n ki?m soat giao di?n b?ng cach noi chuy?n va d? co tai li?u d?c to.
Opera hi?n th? thong tin b?o m?t ben trong thanh d?a ch?, n?m ben c?nh bi?u tu?ng ? khoa cho bi?t m?c d? an ninh hi?n nay tren m?t trang web. Opera co th? du?c c?u hinh d? xoa l?ch s? va cache khi thoat, d? b?o v? s? rieng tu c?a b?n.
Opera cho phep b?n ki?m soat chi ti?t v? cac t?p tin cookie d? ch?p nh?n va t? ch?i, nhu cho phep cai d?t khac nhau .
S? d?ng h?p tho?i xu?t hi?n b?n co th? lam cho Opera nhin g?n nhu b?t k? cach nao b?n mu?n.
V?i Opera b?n co th? phong to cac n?i dung c?a b?t k? trang web t? 20% -1000% b?ng cach s? d?ng zoom th? xu?ng ho?c cac phim + va - . Opera di kem v?i m?t t?p h?p cac phong cach trang s?n, bao g?m c? phong cach ti?p c?n, ma co th? du?c s? d?ng d? ghi de len m?t trang web theo phong cach thi?t l?p hoan toan. Dang ky cac phien b?n c?a Opera h? tr? ch? d? kiosk - m?t ch? d? lock-down, trong do trinh duy?t co th? du?c s? d?ng cho cac thong tin khong c?n giam sat trong moi tru?ng cong c?ng. Opera Link: D?ng b? hoa d? li?u s? l?a ch?n c?a b?n tr?c tuy?n, ho?c gi?a cac may tinh va cac thi?t b? khac nhau. Quick Find: Opera ghi nh? khong ch? cac ch?c danh va d?a ch?, nhung cung la n?i dung th?c t? c?a cac trang web ma b?n truy c?p.
Feed Preview: Xem tru?c m?t ngu?n c?p d? li?u b?ng cach b?m vao bi?u tu?ng th?c an, va b?n s? th?y no trong cach b? tri nhi?u c?t s?ch va hi?u qu?. Tuy nhien H?i ngh? nay s? khong ch? t?p trung vao WP 8.1, ma t?i day, nhi?u kh? nang Microsoft s? con gi?i thi?u m?t k? ho?ch tham v?ng khac c?a h?.
Intel hi?n s? d?ng Galileo nh?m khuy?n khich va t?o di?u ki?n cho vi?c gi?ng d?y trong cac tru?ng d?i h?c. M?t man demo Windows ch?y tren cac dong thi?t b? m?i nay cung s? du?c Microsoft trinh di?n vao ngay mai. It no longer install itself as a plugin to web browsers – this improves performance and at the same time makes our product independent from any specific browser. You also get the backing of experts all over the world working nonstop to make sure you stay protected.
Our security analysts spend endless hours investigating the digital landscape to guarantee immediate reaction to new and emerging online threats with frequent updates. Our R&D team keeps F-Secure ahead of the curve, offering best technology to face the newest threats. Our flagship product, F-Secure Internet Security 2013 is out now and it gives you the best protection for your and your family’s online life.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. AVG Anti-Virus s? phat hi?n cac chuong trinh ho?t d?ng nhu ki?u virus, khoa chung l?i va d?t vao ch? d? cach ly, ngay c? khi khong c?n ngu?i s? d?ng cung c?p b?n li?t ke “t?t c? cac di?m” va ma ch?nh s?a. Ngoai ra, k?t h?p d?c dao gi?a cac phuong phap phat hi?n virus (phan tich logic, phat hi?n ch?ng lo?i, quet va ki?m tra tich h?p) b?o d?m may tinh c?a b?n du?c b?o v? ? m?c cao nh?t.
AVG co th? th?c hi?n tac v? cach ly virus ? ch? d? n?n nen b?n s? khong b? no gay m?t t?p trung trong khi lam vi?c. V?i tinh nang nay, AVG s? k?p th?i ngan ch?n n?u phat hi?n ra do la trang web l?a d?o ho?c co ch?a ma d?c. S? k?t h?p d?c dao gi?a cac phuong phap nh?n d?ng cung c?p s? b?o v? toan di?n ch?ng l?i virus, sau va trojans.
No bao g?m nhi?u tuy ch?n m?i d? lam cho no tr? thanh m?t trong nh?ng ph?n m?m b?o v? may tinh hi?u qu? nh?t tren th? tru?ng. Opera cung c?p cho b?n s? t? do d? ch?y nhi?u windows va nhi?u tinh nang hon , s? l?a ch?n xu?t s?c cho nh?ng ngu?i dam me web c?m th?y th?t thu v?. Hi?n chua ro ga kh?ng l? ph?n m?m co y d?nh dua Windows len cac dong thi?t b? nhu smartwatch va Google Glass hay khong, b?i cac tin d?n tru?c day cho bi?t Microsoft cung dang phat tri?n 2 dong s?n ph?m nay. You can follow the F-Secure’s real-time sample activity here and see the suspicious samples we’re processing now.
Ngoai ra, no con giup danh gia m?c d? dang tin c?y c?a trang web qua qua trinh tim ki?m t? cac trang web tim ki?m.
S? k?t h?p d?c dao gi?a cac phuong phap nh?n d?ng (phan tich heueristic, nh?n d?ng dong virus, quet va ki?m tra tinh toan v?n) d?m bao may tinh c?a b?n co du?c s? b?o v? t?t nh?t ? nhi?u c?p d? (Resident Shield, Plugin quet email, B? may quet email ca nhan, theo yeu c?u va nh?ng test khac).
Opera di kem v?i cac tinh nang, bao g?m ma hoa 128bit, tang cu?ng an ninh cho cac giao d?ch tr?c tuy?n , t?i v? cac tinh nang tien ti?n h? tr?, qu?n ly cookie va nhi?u hon n?a.
Trang web "Windows on Devices" da du?c hang l?p nen ngay tru?c th?m Build 2014, va no he l? r?ng Microsoft s? "dua Windows t?i 1 lo?t cac thi?t b? kich thu?c nh?" nhu da noi ? tren. Minh cung co key f-secure t?i 2014 nhung ko xai, co c?m giac no r?t binh thu?ng trong dam anh em c?a bit. AVG Professional Single Edition hi?n da co b?n cho workstation don va AVG SoHo Edition (Small office - Home office) cho doanh nghi?p nh? va gia dinh. V?i AVG Internet Security b?n s? an tam v? s? b?o v? ch?ng l?i m?i de d?a tinh vi nh?t, online va offline, da du?c hang tri?u ngu?i tren toan th? gi?i tin dung.
Cac tinh nang khac bao g?m xay d?ng trong qu?n ly download, mail client tich h?p v?i b? l?c thu rac, h? tr? skins, nh?ng hanh d?ng di chuy?n con chu?t killer pop-up, m?t click dang nh?p vao m?t kh?u b?o v? cac trang web va nhi?u hon n?a. Dang ti?c la co v? nhu website nay da b? h? xu?ng, tuy nhien khi m?i du?c ra m?t, website nay he l? v? cac thi?t b? co th? s? du?c trang b? Windows bao g?m robot, g?u robot (talking bear), c?c coffe thong minh. Their constant investigation and dissection of malicious software ensures prompt and effective response to all outbreaks.

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