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While TV still represents a terrific means of quickly building a high frequency against a massive audience, advances in technology and the rapid fragmentation of the marketplace are making this an increasingly precise medium. Space and Time Media is a dynamic media planning and buying advertising agency specialising in integrated media solutions both on and offline for a wide range of clients.
By understanding your business, customers and targets, we can create a short or long term strategy, which will position your brand where you want it to be, and deliver your goals.
Be it volume-based bargaining, buying from the right source, understanding the market, or just having the right relationships, we take immense professional pride in delivering you the right medium at the right price.
Campaign analysis (pre, during and post) is standard, along with intelligent reporting, written in plain English, together with robust recommendations based upon the results. TV advertising spend accounts for almost half of all advertising expenditure across the world, spanning every media format.
When you plan and buy your TV advertising media with us we can target specific audiences with your brand through regional focus and strategic channel selection.
Your marketing results can be improved and optimised across both online and conventional platforms – from ‘Call us now!’ style Direct Response Television (DRTV) to a tactically-timed breakfast cereal campaign (remember the Weetabix Challenge?) to having your brand as the sponsor for a particular show, we can transmit you across any format you desire.
The Payback Study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) aimed to uncover the payback of TV expenditure.
The old saying for effective story-telling goes … ‘show, don’t tell’, and this is what TV does so effortlessly.
Imagine your brand centre stage beneath the spotlight and with all eyes and ears on its every move.
Watching traditional set-top televisions is still the preferred way for viewers to tune-in. When you advertise your brand on TV, you tap directly into the immersive and emotional viewing experience that is shared by all TV viewers.
We can deliver your campaign to the right audience on the right channel and build your brand fame and loyalty on a massive scale with huge reach.
To bring your brand to life on the big screen, call TV Advertising Media on 0845 421 2988, or complete our online enquiry form – one of our team will call you back for free. Due to the large volume of enquiries we receive, we recommend you use a company email rather than a web provided email address. And this is not a one-off; already in 2014 Guerillascope sits comfortably in the top ten with 35 clients on air. Once your TV advertising campaign has launched, Guerillascope will ensure that its performance is enhanced through a process of campaign optimisation.
AMERIC-AD was founded by experienced members of the Hollywood and New York filming, marketing and advertising communities.
Full-Service Advertising Agency - Services From Asher & Asher - Asher & Asher Consulting, LLC.
No matter what advertising medium you use, it's the ideas, the visuals, and the production values that turn your advertising expenditures into successful, profitable campaigns that stand out.
With expertise in creative and media that will increase your sales, Asher & Asher are proven experts in working with you to craft a marketing and advertising strategy that is cost-effective and successful.
As a full-service advertising agency, Asher & Asher can help you expand your presence via TV, radio, video, web, social media, and print to build the comprehensive marketing solutions you need for success. Whether your market is local, regional, or national, TV advertising is the best brand-building investment you can make. Allocating your advertising dollars to radio guarantees an excellent rate of return, which is why this medium is the second most powerful tool for building your brand.
Engaging video is currently the best way to enliven websites, emails, social media, and presentations for your company.
Having a dynamic website presence not only creates a strong statement for your brand, it focuses attention on your company when your website comes up in Google searches. At Asher & Asher, we merge the creative and business sides of advertising to build a successful, cost effective campaign. The DRTV Centre, the leading direct response television advertising agency, discusses the 10 main areas that often concern advertisers who have never used TV before. TV ads are almost always listed top when people are asked to name their favourite advertisement. TV costs split into two distinct categories: the cost of TV production and the cost of TV space.
We always urge first-time TV advertisers to be cautious and insist that their test budgets for both production and TV space are modest. TV spots can be planned most cost-effectively if advertisers take real care in defining the key target audience.
David Pearson, CEO of The DRTV Centre explains: “TV advertising is still the most powerful advertising medium.
For further information, call David Pearson at The DRTV Centre on 0800 180 4250; or email david(at)drtvcentre(dot)com .

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. With 2015 quickly winding down, we have taken a look at what’s in store for marketers as we move into next year.
Social Media Will Lead the Visual Web.Marketers will shy away from slick professional shoots and stock photography, which no longer resonate with consumers, and rely on consumer-generated content created by brand enthusiasts and brand ambassadors to tell and promote their brand story. Micro Moments and Customization.Mobile devices allow consumers to act on any impulse, and when they do, they demand relevance. We still buy across all the main platforms: ITV, Channel 4, Five TV, SKY, mobile, games consoles, digital, satellite or cable, but with digital up-weighting through video on demand and the likes of SKY Adsmart there’s no reason you can’t use TV Advertising to speak to precisely the right households. Carried out over ten years on 700 brands in seven different market sectors, it found that TV delivers the highest return of any medium with ?4.7 million on ?1 million spent.
You can set the scene and direct the action, deciding how best to present your brand’s story to a captive TV audience of millions. On average we watch around 4 hours of TV per day in the UK, and the tech savvy viewers and those moving away from traditional viewing can be found watching digital and online TV. In terms of the number of clients on TV last year, Guerillascope placed seventh out of all media buying agencies (both independent and subsidised) with 58. The point here is that, since the dawn of the new millennium, the TV advertising market has undergone something of an evolution. We specialise in reducing your TV advertising costs through an analysis-based approach, identifying cost-efficient opportunities for your business whilst optimising performance.
By completing the TV planning form, or by giving our team a call on 0800 357 675, you’re effectively taking the first steps towards launching your business on TV.
Having received your TV advertising brief, a member of the Guerillascope planning and buying team will contact you within 24 hours for a chat.
Our TV analysts and researchers will conduct preliminary market research, evaluating competitor and sector activity and official BARB viewing data to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the marketplace and your sector. Now we begin translating your brief into a tangible TV advertising plan, matching your objectives to our competitor and sector analysis. With a flexible TV advertising plan in place, our team will then book your TV spots, negotiating the best TV advertising costs for your business.
The Asher & Asher creative team wants to amplify your corporate message so that your company is the one people identify with a product or service. Since we routinely save our clients 25% or more on media buys, we can help you properly allocate and stretch your advertising dollars. Recent studies show it to be 2.5 times more effective at increasing sales and can provide you with a competitive advantage.
Value priced as compared to other advertising media, you can target your market and reach the customers that are the best fit for your product or service. A short, well produced video can introduce products, educate about services, and present the personality of your company better than words alone.
When properly integrated with social media and designed to be responsive to any screen size, your website from Asher &a€?Asher will build customer interest, engage site visitors, and even enable e-commerce if you sell a product. Asher & Asher not only captures the "look" of your company, but promotes the type of interaction that pre-sells your products or services to new buyers and develops relationships with current customers to keep them coming back. This could be testimonials from existing customers, for example, or independent product tests.
As a small advertiser it’s probably best to avoid the big name media agencies used by multinational clients. The truth is, digital has become so mainstream and central to marketing, it no longer requires niche treatment. Today’s complex buyer’s journey and the evolving role of the sales function demands that marketing does more than simply help their companies generate new leads.
Many have long predicted the death of email marketing, but the data shows quite the contrary.
Wearable technology will see a user adoption rate of 28 percent by 2016 – even more data for marketers to mine.
Mobile marketing has been on the rise for some time now, but in 2016, it is predicted to hit a new milestone. With the help of technology, marketers can track consumer preferences, and respond with relevant messages during the critical micro moments.
Online video now accounts for50 percent of all mobile traffic, a number that will certainly increase in 2016.
Think of how many social profiles, blogs, websites, landing pages, ad programs, apps and other digital media that brands leverage. This marks us out as not only the top independent agency, but also ahead of the likes of PHD, Carat, Havas, Starcom and OMD. As technology has progressed, so too has the industry, attaching itself to new trends and possibilities to usher in a new era of unprecedented opportunity for advertisers.

We’ll get to know your business inside and out, learning about your target audience, marketing objectives and preferred strategy.
We’ll pinpoint the TV spots centred on the most cost-efficient TV channels, day-parts, days of the week and programming. Once your TV airtime is booked, Guerillascope will provide a full list of up-to-the-minute scheduling which allows you to track your TV spots.
Guerillascope will work tirelessly to deliver the number of viewers we say we will through the continual monitoring of your campaign, using unique TV analysis software to identify areas of possible improvement and new engagement opportunities. At Asher & Asher, we have years of experience expanding brands using TV and we can channel your advertising dollars into effective, quantifiable campaigns.
Asher & Asher can help you create effective, relevant radio ad campaigns with immediate, tangible results. But advertisers who have never used TV before are understandably daunted by the hurdles they perceive.
Smaller media specialist agencies are often able provide the best value airtime deals for smaller clients.
Mark Ritson, academic brand consultant and Marketing Weekcolumnist frames it this way: “The phrase ‘digital marketing’ has gone the same way as ‘international marketing’ – into obsolescence. They also need to be focused on helping to convert those leads into opportunities and opportunities into revenue. According to Gigaom Research, marketers consistently rank email as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention.
According to eMarketer, global mobile advertising spending will surpass $100 billion, accounting for more than 50% of all digital spend for the first time. Because of consumer preference for video content, marketers will create more content, and more personalized content to better connect with their audience.
Now,increase that number by 20 percent and you’ll have some idea of how many channels in 2016 that brands will have to contend with. In truth, getting your company on TV is nowhere near as complex (or expensive) as you might imagine. So it’s common sense that your message should be simple and concentrate on one persuasive benefit. To help answer these questions, we turned to some of our favorite reads for insight and have included them below for easy reference. Be prepared with mobile-friendly sites and other forms of rich media to increase engagement with your target audience. This means it’s now easier than ever before to reach specific audiences of direct relevance to a product or service, but in order to achieve this a targeted, flexible approach to planning and buying is needed. Every year from now until the foreseeable future, we’ll see the IoT become a bigger tool that marketers can use to engage with customers.
As consumers use more channels and expect brands to be visible, available and engaged on them all, marketers will have to do their best to keep up.
The limitations of large advertising agencies Large network agencies such as OMD, Carat and ZeniphOptimedia are simply unable to adopt such an approach, with time unavailable to spend on smaller businesses requiring greater cost-efficiency and more individually tailored solutions for their TV venture. The UK advertising landscape is monopolised by six worldwide powerhouses: These are Dentsu Aegis, Omnicom, Havas, WPP, Publicis Groupe and Interpublic Group. These conglomerates own and ultimately orchestrate the activity of subsidiaries such GroupM, PHD, Starcom, Carat, All Response Media and Mediacom, controlling multimillion-pound accounts for some of world’s highest profile brands. In order to ensure the continued success of their clients, network agencies operate upon share deals with major sales houses – meaning a certain percentage of spend has to be allocated to the likes of ITV, Sky and Channel 4. Such agencies also book TV advertising spots up to three months in advance of the campaign launch – restricting advertisers to rigid scheduling and limited channel mixes. If you’re a multinational business with millions to spend on brand visibility, then this type of service may be fine, but for smaller companies looking to grow through TV, a different, altogether more personal approach is needed.
Without the pressures of stakeholders and remote, top-level agreements to stifle innovative strategies, independent agencies have the liberty to truly put their clients first; catering for specific requirements with truly bespoke TV plans that pinpoint the channels, day parts and programming best suited for engaging particular audience demographics. It’s not just about boosting your own profit margins, but delivering genuine value to your client with love and care. A smaller, independent TV agency is also more likely to be free from share deals and, in the case of Guerillascope, has the mobility to book late in the market – enabling access to the best TV airtime deals and quick response to last minute changes in scheduling. The crux of the argument here is that independent TV advertising agencies have a key role to play in the 21st century market. They can offer fundamental planning and buying services simply unavailable with larger network agencies. You gain access to smaller yet tighter and driven teams where skills are given more opportunity to develop and flourish, whilst the chance to work with key decision makers is also an advantage independent agencies can offer.

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