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Our film production teams in Newcastle and London have been creating award winning TV commercials and sponsorship bumpers for more than 20 years.
Operating in both Newcastle and London, our award winning film production team has been producing consistently high-quality national TV commercials since the nineties, working directly with major brands such as Lidl, Harvey’s and Rotary, and as a trusted and discreet UK production partner to numerous major advertising agencies. National TV commercials are a particular speciality of ours, as we can offer extremely cost-efficient and reliable production services at a quality to rival any London-based production company, allowing our clients to funnel more of their spend into airtime, where it can deliver most value to their bottom line.
Our film production team in Newcastle is a major supplier of affordable regional TV advertising to ITV.
What’s more, our in-house digital team are working with interesting and innovative multi-platform advertising formats that create a seamless connected experience between broadcast and online, multiplying audience engagement for a proportionately tiny increase in production spend. Our film production teams in London and Newcastle offer full-service TV commercial production for brands of all sizes, from well-established global names like Lidl and Rotary, to up-coming UK challenger brands such as SuperCasino and Help Link, and even smaller regional advertisers like Browell Smith & Co. Our animation studio in Newcastle created this charming TV commercial for Browell Smith & Co. Whether you’re an agency or a brand, our experienced production team can help you navigate the minefield of advertising regulations, especially in regards to particularly challenging verticals such as Gambling.
We're one of the most celebrated and reliable TV Commercial production companies you'll find anywhere in the UK, with offices in Newcastle and London. Packed with case studies and work samples, see our complete film & corporate video production offering. If you use television for your dealership, you are well aware of the value of having a strong spot to drive traffic to your store. According to NADA data released in March 2011, new car dealers are spending $604 per new vehicle retailed.
The media buy is a big part of the story, but equally important is having a good television commercial. This is the most important part of any commercial and what gets customers out the door to your store.
Include a website address, phone number, and street address and perhaps a brief description of landmarks or major cross streets near your dealership.
One way of making your TV ad dollars go farther is to use 15 second commercials instead of 30 second commercials.
Find out the strategies used by MotorLot's highest performing dealers that get 20+ leads per day. When the students and faculty of Duke University aren’t busy watching basketball they apparently spend their time collecting vintage tv commercials. The United States Library of Congress has microsite devoted to the advertising of that most American of products: Coca-Cola.
If you are truly a fan of classic commercials—or aspire to be—there’s an excellent 3-disc collection on DVD with 337 of them. Howdy Doody, Flash Gordon, Lassie, Ding Dong School, The Roy Rogers Show—episodes from these and 15 other vintage shows are collected on this 3-disc DVD set. A series of books by Jim Heimann that offers a fascinating behind-the-scens look at advising in a particular decade.

SPOTCOOLSTUFF reviews websites that will induce laughter, help you plan a trip or meet other people, that will make or save you money or in some way make you go WOW!.
Online TV may be popular with viewers but the TV networks and content providers are not so impressed with the advertising returns compared to traditional TV.
So TV advertising is expensive and viewers are ad blind, but online advertising is still new, fresh and effective.
The combination of the web and TV advertising gives a 17.1% uplift in brand awareness says the IAB research. A trial by electronic program guide creator Rovi had an amazing 13% Click-Through rate on Connected-TV Advertising during a 3 month period in the US. Advertising was shown on internet-connected televisions and Blu-ray Disc players from Samsung Electronics and Sony. By the end of 2011, Rovi expects about 4.5 million to 5 million connected units to be part of its ad network, and more if the company signs up additional consumer-electronics partners for the advertising network, Siegel said.
Internet TV has been booming recently, thanks to the release of more connected hardware, quicker broadband and social interaction.
The real money is still in TV advertising, but online is certainly becoming a viable alternative, especially as viewers actually seem to take some notice of the medium. When connected TV becomes the standard feature in nations living rooms, then something amazing will happen, there will be a merging of online and standard TV advertising.
The TV Commercial titled Xfinity More was done by Blacklist advertising agency for brand: xfinity in United States.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. When news happens: send photos, videos & tip-offs to 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764), or us. We work both directly with brands, and as a trusted production partner to advertising, marketing and brand agencies all over the world. Since we made our very first TV commercial for SCS in 1991, we’ve been producing award winning regional commercials directly for first-time advertisers and well established brands, and as a trusted supplier for local advertising and marketing agencies. Our film production team in Newcastle have produced numerous high-quality cinema commercials for local advertising and marketing agencies, taking full advantage of the cinematic atmosphere. We’ve been producing regional and national TV commercials for agencies for a long time, and have an exciting roster of directors on-tap who can add the punch you need to knock your clients’ socks off.
This in-depth knowledge and hard-won experience will help you avoid the pitfalls, and keep your production on track.
We've much more to show that we can't put on our website - just give us a call to arrange a meeting or ask us for a quote. If you are not using a professional ad agency to produce your commercials and just going to your local cable company or TV stations, however, you are playing in the major leagues with minor league players. Some advertisers, however, are using 15 second spots to get more frequency without spending more money. When you’re talking about specific vehicles, you must make sure you have that exact vehicle on the screen.

By delivering two ads in 30 minutes or 3 during the course of an hour, you dramatically increase the chance of viewer noticing your ad.
Most of the ads here are from the last few years but there is a special section for older commercials. In addition to viewing vintage Coke ads you can get some of the history behind them and see a timeline of Cola-Colas advertising themes going all the way back to 1886. This is probably the easiest site of all those on this list to have fun browsing around though we wish Retro Junk included ads from the 60s and 50s too. But as viewer habits change, the online advertising option seems to be much more efficient at raising brand awareness, and the perfect model for the advertiser is to spend their budget on connected or smart TV advertising. Recently research by IAB and GfK research showed that online advertising gives advertisers a much better brand awareness than advertising on TV, for a much lower price.
The number of connected or smart TV’s sold is still relatively small compared to standard sets, but sales are growing rapidly. Add the fact that internet TV can be watched anywhere, on smartphones, games consoles and tablets, and you get an attractive advertising medium. Nielsen are launching a service that measures more correctly, online advertising campaigns. Being headquartered in the North of England, with production offices in Newcastle and London, enables us to produce exceptional film and video at a quality that surpasses most London production companies, and at a budget-level that is far more cost-efficient. We produce effective, high-quality TV commercials all over the UK, for regional-level spend. Being cute and clever can help a commercial get noticed, but don’t ever forget, the goal is more sales.
Give customers a specific deadline, less than week away from the commercial airing.Remember, everything depends on your offer! But there’s something about seeing commercials from 30~40~50 years ago that can provide a nostalgic and interesting look into bygone times.
Image advertising can still achieve this message, but without a compelling offer, you are simply wasting money.
If the advertising works, you can expand your TV advertising out into another week of the month. When you have the month saturated, you can jump into advertising in another program on the same station. Your audio should also tell the customer what product you are advertising; quite often the potential customer is in another room listening to your commercial and not paying close attention.

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