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Firefox is up to date, but your current version of Flash Player can cause security and stability issues.
Adobe Flash Player updates are available for most Flash installations on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Since this piece of software seems to be chronically riddled with security deficiencies, perhaps we should uninstall it altogether.
Das aktuelle Update enthA¤lt laut Playstore-Beschreibung diverse Fehlerbehebungen und es soll auch an der Geschwindigkeit geschraubt worden sein.
Bei uns findest du tA¤glich handverlesene Infos zu Smartphones, Tablets, Apps, Diensten, Deals, Gadgets und ZubehA¶r.
Download Now ( 100% Working Link ) Adobe Flash Player is very famous software in over the world. Support Operating System: Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit). Few days ago I came across the following tweet by a parody account of Chris Rock (Twitter has since then suspended this awesome account though). All I could conclude with the statement was that the guy has not yet updated the Adobe on his computer to the latest version.
Adobe uses the Windows Task Scheduler to run Adobe Flash Player Update Service which executes 24 hours a day and repeats every one hour. Well, it might not look that big a deal, but if you know that an important security patch has been released and you want to update your Adobe Flash Player right away, here’s how you can do it manually.

Before you update Adobe, make sure you have closed all the running instances of your browser.
The Adobe Update Service will get executed and if any update is available for your computer, you will be notified to install it. After installing the updates manually, Adobe will ask you if you would like to switch to manual update mode.
Cool Tip: We came across this self-executing batch file in this article which could update both the programs in one click without the trouble of remembering the version number.
I tried the instructions you gave for updating flash player on a machine that only had Internet Explorer installed. Basically firefox is asking you to update Flash player update as your current version of flash player has security vulnerabilities in the software. Many people in over the world use this software, it software really work fine in our windows operating system. It is now compatible with all browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet explorer and more.
One thing to note here is that every time you run the command, Adobe will update itself but it will just be reinstalling the current version over and over again till a genuine update is available.
It ended up installing the latest version of the flash player plugin version, but still had the old ActiveX version. Best way to do this is to go to the Adobe Flash Player download page and update the software.

So that means, if you have switched on your computer at around 7 in the morning and Adobe has released an update at 8 the same morning, the flash player on your computer will only get updated after midnight unless you are a Chrome user and have triggered any flash events following which, the plugin will be updated automatically.
Also, you may use the method to switch to manual update mode if you don’t prefer silent background Adobe updates. As a guess, instead of using -update plugin, I tried -update activex and that worked, so I’m thinking your instructions might be a typo, as it lists -update plugin as the command for updating both.
The multimedia formats which are supported by Flash Player include MP3, FLV, JPEG, GIF, PNG and RTMP.
The other features which are supported include accelerated graphics rendering, multi thread video decoding and webcam support for Stage Video.
Zum Beitrag im XDA-Forum, in welchem auch die nA¶tige Flash-APK-Datei verlinkt ist, geht es hier entlang. Flash Player 2016 Latest version Offline installer enables greater privacy controls, utilizing protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

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