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Firefox is up to date, but your current version of Flash Player can cause security and stability issues.
Adobe Flash Player updates are available for most Flash installations on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Since this piece of software seems to be chronically riddled with security deficiencies, perhaps we should uninstall it altogether. Aufgrund der Sicherheitslucke in dem Medienplayer kann Schadsoftware mit Microsoft Word-Dokumenten auf Rechnern eingeschleust werden. Ein Belkin-Dock mit Micro-USB-Anschluss, iPad-Cases und ein Apple-Watch-Armband sind heute gunstiger. SSDs von Samsung mit 512 GB und 1 Terabyte Speicherplatz, eine Desktop-Festplatte und mehr listet Amazon heute zum reduzierten Preis. If you read this September 2011 CSIS report, then you saw that 99.8 percent of malware installs through exploit kits are targeting out-of-date software installations. After a successful installation of Adobe Flash Player 11.2, users will be presented with a dialog box to choose an update method. For our initial release, we have set the new background updater to check for updates once an hour until it gets a response from Adobe. Additionally, the user can change their update preferences at any time via the Flash Player Settings Manager, which for Windows users can be accessed via the Control Panel > Flash Player. Organizations with managed environments do have the capability to disable the background updater feature through the Flash Player mms.cfg file.
I do want to note that we are not promising that all Flash Player updates going forward will be completely silent. The new background updater will provide a better experience for our customers, and it will allow us to more rapidly respond to zero-day attacks. Since Flash Player 11 was first released in September 2011, we have continued to maintain Flash Player 10.3 with security updates for users who cannot update to the current version of Flash Player. While we will no longer include testing on Internet Explorer 6 in our certification process and strongly encourage users to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer, we will not block the installation of newer versions of Flash Player 10.3 on systems running Internet Explorer 6 and expect functionality on those systems to remain unchanged.
Das aktuelle Update enthalt laut Playstore-Beschreibung diverse Fehlerbehebungen und es soll auch an der Geschwindigkeit geschraubt worden sein. Bei uns findest du taglich handverlesene Infos zu Smartphones, Tablets, Apps, Diensten, Deals, Gadgets und Zubehor.
Basically firefox is asking you to update Flash player update as your current version of flash player has security vulnerabilities in the software. Wie kurzlich bekannt wurde, hat die Software wieder einmal eine ernstzunehmende Sicherheitslucke, die bereits von Schadsoftware ausgenutzt werden soll.

Das hangt von Deiner Flash-Player-Version und Deinen Einstellungen fur automatische Updates ab.
This point was reiterated recently in volume 11 of the Microsoft Security Intelligent Report. If the response says there is no new update, then it will wait 24 hours before checking again. Also, those users who want to be notified of updates and do not want to be silently updated can continue to use the existing update mechanism.
This model for updating users is similar to the Google Chrome update experience, and Google has had great success with this approach. This social engineering scam is based on computer user’s habits to automatically push the button for frequent Flash Player updates.
Best way to do this is to go to the Adobe Flash Player download page and update the software. Zumindest durfte der Browser eine neue Version vermelden und zur Installation fuhren.Eine manuelle Installation ist naturlich ebenfalls moglich.
This new background updater will allow Windows users to choose an automatic update option for future Flash Player updates. Also, attackers have been taking advantage of users trying to manually search for Flash Player updates by buying ads on search engines pretending to be legitimate Flash Player download sites.
We accomplish this through the Windows Task Scheduler to avoid running a background service on the system. Lastly, the background updater feature is currently Windows-only for Windows XP and newer operating systems.
For instance, any update that changes the default settings of Flash Player will require confirmation from end-users even if they have already agreed to allowing background updates. This way Fake Flash Player Update message helps cyber criminals and scams to install anything on your computer. Improving the update process is probably the single most important challenge we can tackle for our customers at this time. If you are running multiple browsers on your system, the background updater will update every browser.
Such scam can result in very serious computer infection.Fake Flash Player Update can be also spread with popular free programs offered as a bite on similar websites.
This will solve the problem of end-users having to update Flash Player for Internet Explorer separately from Flash Player for their other open-source browsers. However, we could apply a zero-day patch without requiring end-user confirmation, so long as the user has agreed to receiving background updates.

Such infection makes it more difficult to remove Fake Flash Player Update because components that cause malicious popup alerts are already installed and not just run by malicious scripts from websites. Google Chrome users, who have the integrated Flash Player, will still be updated through the Chrome update system. Adobe will also continue to release feature-bearing releases that will trigger an update notification to users that highlight new and exciting features to the Flash Player. If you want to remove Fake Flash Player Update, then read this guide and remove any of such infections including ransomware that suddenly blocks your web browser.If you want to remove Fake Flash Player Update malicious programs automatically and protect your computer against malware and PUP (potentially unwanted programs) similar to Fake Flash Player Update, then use advanced software for Fake Flash Player Update removal. Zum Beitrag im XDA-Forum, in welchem auch die notige Flash-APK-Datei verlinkt ist, geht es hier entlang.
It comes as a popup on the dimmed screen that says “It is recommended you update Flash Player to the latest version to view this page.
You can easily remove such message as compared to Fake Flash Player Update popups that come from malicious components installed on your computer. Otherwise you need to pay attention to EULAs and check boxes placed in setup wizard and download clients related to a free program that you download. This security pack helps to remove malicious programs and legitimate adware like Fake Flash Player Update as well as spyware during next one-year for free. It should be gone if your web browser is not set for restoring open tabs when browser starts. If so, then disconnect Internet before opening your web browser, close all unneeded tabs, then restore the connection, and start your web browser.
Then you need to remove unknown web browser extensions that can be used for displaying Fake Flash Player Update.Use the following guide for manual removal.
After you remove Fake Flash Player Update you need to run full anti-virus scan with an updated version of your antivirus and rescan your system with anti-spyware program like SpyHunter or one that comes with Fake Flash Player Update Removal Tool.
Download SpyHunter and scan your computer for malware, spyware, adware, browser hijackers, redirect viruses, unwanted programs, keyloggers, and tracking cookies. Use free help desk support that guarantees your success in removing even most complicated malware infection. Protect your computer against viruses, cyber criminals, unwanted software and advertising, DNS changes, and malicious surveillance.

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